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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-03An Al-doped ZnO electrode grown by highly efficient cylindrical rotating magnetron sputtering for low cost organic photovoltaics박준혁; 안경준; 박강일, et al
2001-03An analysis of structural characteristics in amorphous vanadium oxide (V2O5) cathode film for thin film batteies after cycling by high-resolution electron microscopy (HREM)김한기; 성태연; 전은정, et al
2012-03Anatase TiO2 and ITO co-sputtered films for an indium-saving multicomponent electrode in organic solar cells임종욱; 나석인; 김한기
2005-03Characteristics of RuO2-SnO2 nanocrystalline-embedded amorphous electrode for thin film microsupercapacitors김한기; 최선희; 윤영수, et al
2003-06Charge-discharge induced phase transformation of RuO ₂ electrode for thin film supercapacitor김한기; Tae-Yeon Seong; Sung-Man Lee, et al
2002-09Correlation between the microstructures and the cycling performance of RuO ₂ electrodes for thin-film microsupercapacitors김한기; 성태연; 임재홍, et al
2001-09Cyclibility dependence on microstructure of ruthenium oxide electrode for thin film micro-supercapacitor김한기; 임재홍; 성태연, et al
2002-05Deposition and structural porperties of hydrous solid electrolyte thin films for micro cell based on MEMS process.정주현; 전영아; 김한기, et al
2002-10Effect of platinum co-sputtering on characteristics of amorphous vanadium oxide films김한기; 성태연; 윤영수
2001-08Effect of RuO2 thin film microstructure on characteristics of thin film micro-supecapacitor김한기; 성태연; 임재홍, et al
2011-02Effects of deposition temperature on characteristics of Ga-doped ZnO film prepared by highly efficient cylindrical rotating magnetron sputtering for organic solar cells박준혁; 안경준; 나석인, et al
2001-04Effects of excess oxygen on the properties of sputtered RuO₂ thin film supercapacitor임재홍; 최두진; 김한기, et al
2001-03Electrical and structural properties of Ti/Au ohmic contacts on n-ZnO김한기; 한상현; 성태연, et al
2000-08Electrical and structural properties of Ti/Au ohmic contacts on n-ZnO:Al김한기; 한상현; 성태연, et al
2009-03Electrical, optical, and structural properties of InZnSnO electrode films grown by unbalanced radio frequency magnetron sputtering박호균; 정진아; 박용석, et al
2001-12Electrochemical and structural properties of radio frequency sputtered cobalt oxide electrodes for thin-film supercapacitors김한기; 성태연; 임재홍, et al
2001-05Fabrication and analysis of thin film micro-supercapacitor using a cobalt oxide thin film electrodes김한기; 임재홍; 전은정, et al
2001-05Fabrication and analysis of thin film supercapacitor using a cobalt oxide thin film electrode김한기; 임재홍; 전은정, et al
2002-05Fabrication and characterization of an all solid state thin film battery using rapid thermal annealed LiNiCoO₂ cathode film김한기; 성태연; 윤영수
2001-05Fabrication and characterization of electrochemical capacitor using a ruthenium oxide thin film electrodes임재홍; 최두진; 김한기, et al
2002-08Fabrication of a thin film battery using a rapid-thermal-annealed LiNiO ₂ cathode김한기; 성태연; 윤영수
2003-04Growth and properties of completely amorphous vanadium oxide cathode thin film with Pt co-sputtering method김한기; Tae-Yeon Seong; S. M. Lee, et al
2008-06Highly flexible and transparent InZnSnOx/Ag/InZnSnOx multilayer electrode for flexible organic light emitting diodes최광혁; 남호준; 정진아, et al
2010-03Highly flexible indium zinc oxide electrode grown on PET substrate by cost efficient roll-to-roll sputtering process박용석; 김한기; 정순욱, et al
2011-08Indium-free, acid-resistant anatase Nb-doped TiO2 electrodes activated by rapid-thermal annealing for cost-effective organic photovoltaics박준혁; 강성준; 나석인, et al
2005-05Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etching of ZrO2: H solid electrolyte film in BCl3-based plasmas김한기; Bae J.W; Adesida, I, et al
2010-10Ink-jet printed transparent electrode using nano-size indium tin oxide particles for organic photovoltaics정진아; 이진호; 김홍두, et al
2012-03Inkjet printing of transparent InZnSnO conducting electrodes from nano-particle ink for printable organic photovoltaics김지훈; 나석인; 김한기
2002-04Investigation of Ru ohmic contacts to n-ZnO thin film for optoelectronics devices김한기; 김경국; 박성주, et al
2000-09Low-resistance Ti/Au ohmic contacts to Al-doped ZnO layers김한기; 한상현; 성태연, et al