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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-10A study on methanol crossover characteristics of Pd thin film coated nafion황기호; 조원일; 윤성렬, et al
1999-05A study on the fabrication and electrochemical characterization of amorphous vanadium oxide thin films for thin film micro-battery전은정; 신영화; 남상철, et al
2000-04A study on the LIPON solid electrolyte for thin film lithium rechargeable microbatteries최창훈; 임영창; 전은정, et al
1999-04A study on thin film secondary battery for microelectromechanical system device윤영수; 조원일; 전은정, et al
2001-04Abnormal growth and electrode characteristics of LiCoO₂ thin films deposited by radio frequency magnetron sputtering박호영; 임영창; 남상철, et al
2000-01Anti-corrosion behaviour of rebar in cement mortar by electrochemical chloride extraction남상철; 임영창; 조원일, et al
2010-07Characteristics of a new type of solid-state electrolyte with a LiPON interlayer for Li-ion thin film batteries지승현; 이만종; 안호상, et al
2000-12Characteristics of copper vanadium oxide(Cu0.5V2O5) cathode for thin film microbattery임영창; 남상철; 박호영, et al
2000-10Characteristics of copper-vanadium oxide cathode for thin film microbattery임영창; 박호영; 남상철, et al
2004-06Characteristics of parylene polymer and its applications윤영수; 최선희; 김주선, et al
2004-06Characteristics of Parylene Polymer and Its Applications윤영수; 최선희; 김주선, et al
2008-02Characteristics of Sn/Li2O multilayer composite anode for thin film microbattery이재준; 김수호; 지승현, et al
2000-05Characterization of all solid-state thin film battery with V//2 O//5 thin film cathode by using ex-situ and in-situ process전은정; 신영화; 윤영수, et al
2001-04Characterization of all-solid-state thin-film batteries with V2O5 thin-film cathodes using Ex situ and in situ processes전은정; 신영화; 남상철, et al
2000-05Characterization of Pt-doped V₂ O//5 thin film for cathode of thin film battery by a direct current reactive sputtering method윤영수; 전은정; 남상철, et al
1999-01Charge-discharge performance of electron-beam-deposited tin oxide thin-films electrodes남상철; 김용혁; 조원일, et al
2000-05Charge-discharge performance of Sn/Li ₂O layered structured tin oxide thin-films for negative electrodes윤영수; 남상철; 조원일, et al
1999-02Charge/discharge characteristics of LiCoO2 thin film prepared by electron-beam evaporation with deposition rate and annealing temperatures남상철; 조원일; 조병원, et al
2000-02Charge/discharge characteristics of SnO2 thin film as an anode of thin film secondary battery for microelectromechanical system device남상철; 조원일; 전은정, et al
1998-05Charge/discharge characteristics of SnO₂thin film anode prepared by electron-beam evaporation남상철; 김용혁; 조원일, et al
1999-01Charge/discharge performance of bulk and thin film tin oxide composites negative electrodes남상철; 백지흠; 조원일, et al
2000-01Charge/discharge performance of electron beam deposited tin oxide thin film negative electrodes남상철; 윤영수; 조원일, et al
2000-01Charge/discharge performances of tin oxides thin film negative electrodes남상철; 조원일; 윤영수, et al
1997-10Corrosion of reinforcing steel in simulated pore solution with chloride ion김은겸; 남상철; 조원일, et al
1998-10Corrosion of reinforcing steel in simulated pore solution with chloride ion남상철; 조원일; 조병원, et al
2000-05Cu-doped vanadium oxide (CVO) thin film cathode for microbatteries윤영수; 임영창; 남상철, et al
2005-08Development of Power Sources for Active RFID and Smar Active Label남상철; 박호영; 임영창, et al
1999-01Development of thin film microbattery with vanadium pentoxide cathode material임영창; 남상철; 윤영수, et al
2001-04Effect of RF sputtering power in Lipon solid electrolyte ionic conductivity for thin film lithium rechargeable microbatteries최창훈; 박호영; 남상철, et al
2000-03Electrochemical characteristics of V2O5 based all solid state thin film microbattery by ex-situ sputtering method임영창; 남상철; 전은정, et al