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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-04Crystallization of BST Thin Film by Excimer Laser Annealing Method for Embedded Capacitors강민규; 도영호; 오승민, et al
2013-01Electrical Characteristics of Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 Thin-Film Chip Capacitors for Embedded Passive Components레자 파우리즈키 라하유; 강민규; 도영호, et al
2013-07Energy harvester using PZT nanotubes fabricated by template-assisted method정우석; 도영호; 강민규, et al
2010-07Excimer laser annealing of sol-gel derived PZT thin films도영호; 강민규; 오승민, et al
2011-10Fabrication of 1 μm Thickness Lead Zirconium Titanate Films Using Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) Added Sol-gel Method오승민; 강민규; 도영호, et al
2012-09Fabrication of flexible device based on PAN-PZT thin films by laser lift-off process도영호; 강민규; 김진상, et al
2011-11Ferroelectric and resistive switching properties of flexible device by laser lift-off process도영호; 강민규; 오승민, et al
2011-11Flexible device based on PZT for energy harvester and touch sensor applications도영호; 강민규; 오승민, et al
2012-02Hydrothermal fabrication of well-aligned PZT nanorod arrays이원희; 도영호; 강민규, et al
2012-12Large in-plane permittivity of Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 thin films crystallized using excimer laser annealing at 300℃강민규; Kwang-Hwan Cho; 도영호, et al
2010-10Low temperature processing of PZT thin films with Excimer laser annealing도영호; 강민규; 오승민, et al
2011-05Low-temperature crystallization and electrical properties of BST thin films using excimer laser annealing강민규; 조광환; 오승민, et al
2012-01Low-Temperature Crystallization of Sol-Gel Derived PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 Thin Films with a Vanadium Additive강민규; 오승민; 조광환, et al
2011-11Nanoscale Patterning of Vertically Aligned Lead Zirconate Titanate Nanorod Arrays Using Laser Interference Lithography이원희; 도영호; 주병권, et al
2013-08Oxygen Vacancy Effects of Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in SrTiO3/KNbO3 Hetero Structure최우성; 강민규; 도영호, et al
2012-04Piezoelectric characteristics of excimer laser crystallized PZT thin film on flexible substrate강민규; 도영호; 레자 파우리즈키 라하유, et al
2012-03Piezoelectric characteristics of PZT thin films on polymer substrate강민규; 도영호; 오승민, et al
2011-11Piezoelectric energy harvesting of flexible device based on PZT ribbons by laser lift-off process도영호; 강민규; 오승민, et al
2010-10Piezoelectric Response Analysis of PZT Thin Films by Scanning Laser Vibrometer강민규; 오승민; 도영호, et al
2010-11Preparation of ferroelectric PZT thin films by laser transfer processing도영호; 강민규; 오승민, et al
2012-04Preparation on transparent flexible piezoelectric energy harvester based on PZT도영호; 강민규; 송현철, et al
2013-10Preparation on transparent flexible piezoelectric energy harvester based on PZT films by laser lift-off process도영호; 정우석; 강민규, et al
2012-04Synthesis of PZT nanorods using hydrothermal method for energy harvesting이원희; 도영호; 강민규, et al
2011-03Transition of metallic and insulating Ti sub-oxides in bipolar resistive switching TiOx/TiOy frameworks due to oxygen vacancy driftsYoon Cheol Bae; Ah Rahm Lee; June Sik Kwak, et al
2011-11Vertically Aligned Lead Zirconate Titanate Nanorod using Hydrothermal Method이원희; 도영호; 주병권, et al
2011-02-01강유전체 박막의 형성방법 및 평면 구조 소자의 제조방법강민규; 강종윤; 김진상, et al
2011-05-11산화물 박막 소자의 제조방법강종윤; 김진상; 도영호, et al
2012-06-13압전 복합체를 이용한 플렉서블 압전 에너지 하베스팅 소자의 제조 방법 및 이로부터 제조된 플렉서블 압전 에너지 하베스팅 소자강종윤; 김진상; 도영호, et al