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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-06A Compact Narrowband HTS Microstrip Filter for PCS Applications김홍득; 민병철; 최영환, et al
2013-07A Method for Compensating the Joule-Heating Effects in Current-Induced Domain Wall Motion김덕호; 문경웅; 유상철, et al
2010-07A study on MgO-based MTJs for STT-RAM (Invited)신경호; 민병철
2016-04All-electric spin transistor using perpendicular spins김지훈; 배주형; 민병철, et al
2016-01All-Electrical Measurement of Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction Using Collective Spin-Wave Dynamics이종민; 장차운; 민병철, et al
2014-12Antiferromagnetic exchange interactions among dopant electrons in Si nanowires문창연; 민병철; 이정훈, et al
2009-12Antiferromagnetically Exchang-coupled reference layer in perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions최경민; 신일재; 민병철, et al
2013-12Asymmetric magnetic domain-wall motion by the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction제숭근; 김덕호; 유상철, et al
2016-05Asymmetric magnetic proximity effect in a Pd/Co/Pd trilayer system민병철; 최준우; 송경미, et al
2006-04Cobalt-Al2O3-silicon tunnel contacts for electrical spin injection into silicon민병철; J. C. Lodder; R. Jansen, et al
2009-06CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunnel junctions prepared by In-situ annealing process신일재; 민병철; 홍진표, et al
2009-05Consistent Relationship Between the Tunnel Magnetoresistance of CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB Junctions and X-Ray Diffraction Properties신일재; 민병철; 홍진표, et al
2008-12Consistent relationship between the tunnel magnetoresistance of CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB junctions and x-ray diffraction properties신일재; 민병철; 홍진표, et al
2010-06CPP Transport Properties of Ni/Ru and Co90Fe10/Cu Interfaces김도균; 이연섭; Nguyen, Hoang Yen Th, et al
2009-12CPP transport properties of Ni/Ru and Co90Fe10/Cu interfaces이연섭; 김도균; H.Y.T. Nguyen, et al
2013-03Critical switching current and thermal stability of magnetic tunnel junctions with uncompensated CoFeB/Ru/CoFeB synthetic free layers이태영; 안치의; 민병철, et al
2001-03Cross-coupled band-pass filter using HTS microstrip resonators민병철; 최영환; 김상균, et al
2018-03Current-driven dynamics and inhibition of the skyrmion Hall effect of ferrimagnetic skyrmions in GdFeCo films장준연; 구현철; 민병철, et al
2011-04Current-induced magnetization switching in MgO magnetic tunnel junctions with uncompensated CoFeB/Ru/CoFeB synthetic free layers이태영; 안치의; 민병철, et al
2007-12Detection of a spin accumulation in nondegenerate semiconductorsRon Jansen; 민병철
2014-11Determination of the energy barrier and spin torque efficiency based on telegraph noise윤상준; 유상철; 최석봉, et al
2013-03Distinct Universality Classes of Domain Wall Roughness in Two-Dimensional Pt/Co/Pt Films문경웅; 김덕호; 유상철, et al
2001-08Double-sided YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin films made by off-axis pulsed laser deposition민병철; Y. H. Choi; S. H. Moon, et al
2010-02Effect of Ru diffusion in exchange-baised MgO magnetic tunnel junctions prepared by in-situ annealing신일재; 민병철; 홍진표, et al
2012-07Effect of spin relaxation rate on the interfacial spin depolarization in ferromagnet/oxide/semiconductor contacts전건록; 민병철; 박윤호, et al
2009-11Effects of Ru diffusion in exchange-biased MgO magnetic tunnel junctions prepared by in situ annealing신일재; 민병철; 홍진표, et al
2009-03Electric field control of spins in a silicon two-dimensional electron gasR. JANSEN; 민병철; S.P. DASH, et al
2013-05Electrical investigation of the oblique Hanle effect in ferromagnet/oxide/semiconductor contacts전건록; 민병철; 박윤호, et al
2011-06Electrical spin accumulation with improved bias voltage dependence in a crystalline CoFe/MgO/Si system전건록; 민병철; 신일재, et al
2011-10Electrical spin injection and accumulation in CoFe/MgO/Ge contacts at room temperature전건록; 민병철; 조영훈, et al