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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-07A behaviour-based approach to reactive navigation for autonomous robot.윤도영; 오상록; 박귀태, et al
2011-12A Cooperative Search Strategy(CSS) for Moving Targets in Dynamic Environment권민혁; 강연식; 임헌영, et al
2002-10A new behavior coordination method for autonomous robot윤도영; 오상록; 박귀태, et al
1996-01A new real-time optimal direct digital PWM technique황재호; 최익; 권순학, et al
2002-04A novel behavior-based approach to reactive navigation method윤도영; 오상록; 박귀태, et al
1998-03A novel optimized PWM method based on the selection of pulse position최익; 권순학; 송중호, et al
2011-05A Path & Velocity Profile Planning Based on A* Algorithm for Dynamic Environment권민혁; 강연식; 김창환, et al
2001-10A robust sensorless vector control system for induction motors허성회; 최익; 박귀태
2002-07A self-designing method of behaviors in behavior-based robotics윤도영; 오상록; 박귀태
2001-10A sensorless vector controller for induction motors using an adaptive fuzzy logic허성회; 박장현; 최익, et al
2003-10A simple control method for opening a door with mobile manipulator강주현; 황창순; 박귀태
2008-07Augmented Reality Based Vision System for Network Based Mobile Robot이호동; 김동원; 박민철, et al
2001-04Behavior-based autonomous flight control for a micro aerial vehicle윤도영; 오상록; 유범재, et al
1998-10Contact stability conditions of force reflecting teleoperation system with virtual environment김상균; 장석호; 이종원, et al
1998-09Contact stability conditions of force reflecting teleoperation system with virtual environment김상균; 장석호; 이종원, et al
2004-05Deformable Templates for Recognizing the Shape of the Zebra Fish Egg Cell이호동; 장민수; 이석주, et al
2010-10Design of Network Framework for Network-Based Humanoid이호동; 김주형; 박귀태
2011-04Development of Stereoscopic Microscope System with 3D Display이호동; 최영선; 박귀태, et al
2003-10Flexible microassembly system based on hybrid manipulation scheme김병규; 강현재; 김덕호, et al
2011-10Generation of Wide FOV Depth-map from Microscopic Hologram Images최영선; 이호동; 박민철, et al
2005-05Hardware Implementation for Real-Time Speech Processing with Multiple Microphones최종석; 석청규; 김문상, et al
2006-06Head Detection and Tracking for the Car Occupant's Pose Recognition이정엄; 김용국; 김상준, et al
2010-10Hierarchical Optimal Time Path Planning Method for a Autonomous Mobile Robot using A* Algorithm권민혁; 임헌영; 강연식, et al
2007-09Human Machine Interface with Augmented Reality for the Network Based Mobile Robot이호동; 이현구; 김주형, et al
2003-05Humanoid active audition system using the fuzzy logic system김현돈; 최종석; 이창훈, et al
2003-12Hybrid Microassembly with Sensory Feedback for Photonics Applications김병규; 김덕호; 박귀태, et al
2012-10Image Quality Assessment of Color Digital Holography최영선; 문성철; 이광훈, et al
2012-06Implementation of Network Framework for Development and Integration of Network-based Humanoid Robot System김주형; 이호동; 박귀태, et al
2002-12Multiple magnification images based micropositioning for 3D micro assembly이석주; 김경환; 김덕호, et al
2001-10Multiple vision based micromanipulation system for 3D-shaped micro parts assembly이석주; 김경환; 김덕호, et al