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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01A Bendable Li-Ion Battery with a Nano-Hairy Electrode: Direct Integration Scheme on the Polymer Substrate정민석; 서종현; 문명운, et al
2015-08Anomalous Stagewise Lithiation of Gold-Coated Silicon Nanowires: A Combined In Situ Characterization and First-Principles StudyChia-Yun Chou; 서종현; Yu-Hao Tsai, et al
2009-04Applications of nanomanipulator in nanowires윤상원; 서종현; 안재평, et al
2010-11Atomistic deformation mechanism of perfect crystal Au nanowires서종현; 유영동; 윤상원, et al
2011-11Effect of stacking fault energy on the twin deformation of single crystalline metallic nanowire서종현; 유영동; 윤상원, et al
2014-06Effects of Magnesium Catalyst on the Nitridation of Aluminum Melt in the Synthesis of Aluminum Nitride Powder김효진; 김성훈; 인성민, et al
2013-03Effects of Surface Chemical Structure on the Mechanical Properties of Si1-xGex Nanowires마진원; W.J. Lee; W.J. Lee, et al
2009-05Electrical properties and microstructural characterization of single ZnO nanowire sensor manufactured by FIB윤상원; 서종현; 김규현, et al
2012-08Euler Buckling Behavior and Electrical Contact Resistance of Higly Flexible Single Crystalline Au Nanowire서종현; 조이길; 성태연, et al
2012-05Fabrication of Si core/C shell nanofibers and their electrochemical performances as a lithium-ion battery anode이병선; 손성범; 박규민, et al
2008-11Fabrication of the Advanced Nano Probe for Electrical Applications Using Individual Nanowire서종현; 윤상원; 안재평, et al
2013-07Face-Centered-Cubic Lithium Crystals Formed in Mesopores of Carbon Nanofiber Electrodes이병순; 서종현; 손승범, et al
2009-06Fracture mechanism of Au nanowire under tensile서종현; 윤상원; 이건배, et al
2012-02Hardness and Nitrogen Bonding Structure of AlxTi1-xN/CrN Multilayer Hard Coating서종현; 윤상원; 채근화, et al
2011-02In-Situ observation of ultra-strong but ductile deformation behavior of single crystalline metallic nanowires서종현; 유영동; 윤상원, et al
2009-12In-situ TEM investigation on nucleation and growth behavior of p-doped Si thin films김규현; 서종현; 윤상원, et al
2011-11Investigating the size effect of ultra strong and ductile single crystalline metallic nanowires using in situ tensile test최인석; 서종현; 성태연, et al
2013-09Origin of size dependency in coherent-twin-propagation-mediated tensile deformation of noble metal nanowires서종현; Park Harold S; 유영동, et al
2011-10Plastic deformation of defect free metallic nanowires안재평; 서종현; 윤상원, et al
2012-04Relationship of resistance and contact force using flexible Au nanowire SPM probe서종현; 이건배; 성태연, et al
2011-05Study of relationship between electrical property and structure of Ga doped ZnO윤상원; 서종현; 성태연, et al
2011-08Superplastic Deformation of Defect-Free Au Nanowires via Coherent Twin propagation서종현; 유영동; 박나영, et al
2012-02The effects of nitrogen bonding on hardness of AlN/CrN multilayer hard coatings윤상원; 서종현; 채근화, et al
2011-11Twin deformation mechanism of defect-free Au nanowires안재평; 서종현; 윤상원, et al
2015-06Ultrafast chemical lithiation of single crystalline silicon nanowires: in situ characterization and first principles modeling서종현; Chia-Yun Chou; Yu-Hao Tsai, et al
2011-11높은 탄성력의 금 나노선을 이용한 SPM 프로브 제조 및 접촉 힘에 따른 저항의 변화서종현; 이건배; 성태연, et al