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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06A selective way to create defects by the thermal treatment of fluorinated double walled carbon nanotubesHiroyuki Muramatsu; Kazunori Fujisawa; Yong-il Ko, et al
2015-02Amino acids derived nitrogen-doped carbon materials for electrochemical capacitive energy storage정한빈; 김화정; 이양진, et al
2014-03An environmentally friendly approach to functionalizing carbon nanotubes for fabricating a strong biocomposite FilmSantosh Kumar Yadav; 정용채; 양철민, et al
2015-05Anomalous cyclic voltammetric response from pores smaller than ion size by voltage-induced force양철민; Hwan Jung Jung; Yong Jung Kim
2012-06Capacitance Behavior of Supercapacitor Electrodes of Heat-Treated Single-Wall Carbon Nanohorns정환중; 박동원; 양철민
2013-04Carbon hybrid fillers composed of carbon nanotubes directly grown on graphene nanoplatelets for effective thermal conductivity in epoxy composites유란; 박지순; 임윤수, et al
2013-10Carbon Materials for Supercapacitor Electrodes양철민
2013-04Defect healing of reduced graphene oxide via intramolecular cross-dehydrogenative coupling박옥경; 최용문; 황준연, et al
2014-02Defect-Assisted Heavily and Substitutionally Boron-Doped Thin Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Using High-Temperature Thermal Diffusion김융암; Shunta Aoki; Kazunori Fujisawa, et al
2013-10Development Trends of Nanocarbon-Based Polymer Composites양철민
2012-03Edge-Enriched, Porous Carbon-Based, High Energy Density Supercapacitors for Hybrid Electric Vehicles김용중; 양철민; 박기철, et al
2014-11Effect of Cooling Condition on Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis of Graphene on Copper CatalystDong Soo Choi; Keun Soo Kim; Hyeongkeun Kim, et al
2015-02Effect of the Size and Position of Ion-Accessible Nanoholes on the Specific Capacitance of Single-Walled Carbon Nanohorns for Supercapacitor Applications양철민; Yong-Jung Kim; Jin Miyawaki, et al
2013-05Effective Surface Area Control of Single-Wall Carbon Nanohorns for Supercapacitor Application정환중; 김용중; 정용채, et al
2015-03Electro-conductively deposited carbon fibers for power controllable heating elementsChang Hyo Kim; Moo Sung Kim; Yoong Ahm Kim, et al
2014-11Electrochemical role of oxygen containing functional groups on activated carbon electrodeTomohiro Tojo; Kengo Sakurai; Hiroyuki Muramatsu, et al
2014-11Enhanced in-plane thermal conductivity of flexible fewwalled carbon nanotubes (FWCNTs) sheet for thermal management이윤선; 이승용; 위재형, et al
2013-04Fabrication of Transparent, Tough, and Conductive Polyurethane Nanocomposites by Incorporating a Small Amount of High-Quality Graphene정용채; 양철민; Morinobu Endo
2014-10Flexible electrochromic films based on CVD-graphene electrodesDong Soo Choi; Seung Ho Han; Hyeongkeun Kim, et al
2016-11Flexible Transparent Conducting Films Composed of Photochemically Oxidized Thin Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes양철민; 정용채; 김재우, et al
9999-09Hierarchical Microcellular Microporous Carbon from Polyamic Acid Cryogel and its Electrochemical Capacitance고문주; 양철민; 최용문, et al
2016-02Hierarchical Microcellular Microporous Carbon from Polyamic Acid Cryogel and its Electrochemical Capacitance최용문; Singh, Kiran Pal; Park, Jong Deok, et al
2015-01Influence of the transfer and chemical treatment of monolayer graphene grown for flexible transparent electrodesYena Kim; Hyeongkeun Kim; Tae Young Kim, et al
2014-08Mechanical and electrical properties of carbon nanotube-grafted polyimide nanocomposites유남호; 임준; 구본철, et al
2013-12Micromechanics modeling of functinally graded materials containing multiple heteogeneities유재상; 양철민; 정용채
2013-11Micromechanics modeling of functionally graded materials containing multiple heterogeneities유재상; 양철민; 정용채
2013-11Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposite Systems정용채; 양철민; 유재상
2013-07Morphological dependence of hydrothermally synthesized ZnO nanowires on synthesis temperature and molar concentrationKoang Ouk Choi; Sang Hyun Yoon; Won-Seok Kim, et al
2013-10Performance-determining factors in flexible transparent conducting single-wall carbon nanotube film송영일; 이정우; 김태유, et al
2012-10Pore Structure Characterization of Poly(vinylidene chloride)-Derived Nanoporous Carbons정환중; 김용중; 이대호, et al