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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03AB stacked nanosheet based hexagonal boron nitride이재갑; 김진규; 헴브람, et al
2018-11Advanced Materials for Electromagnetic Shielding: Fundamentals, Properties, and Applications구종민; 유승건; 이승환, et al
2020-07Alternating Current Mxene Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes구종민; 김혜림; 유승건, et al
2012-04Characteristics of sulfonated styrenic pentablock copolymer/ionic liquid membranes and their IPMC actuators이장우; 유승건; 이진홍, et al
2013-10Copper Shell Networks in Polymer Composites for Efficient Thermal Conduction유승건; 이장우; 한태희, et al
2017-09Density-tunable lightweight polymer composites with dual-functional ability of efficient EMI shielding and heat dissipation홍순만; 구종민; 이승환, et al
2011-11Enhanced thermal conductivity of aligned carbon fiber/epoxy composites유승건; 구종민; 홍순만
2017-06Enhanced thermal conductivity of epoxy/Cu-plated carbon fiber fabric composites홍순만; 구종민; 유승건, et al
2013-04High thermal conductivity of polymer composites by controlling the orientation of the fillers배남석; 최재령; 유승건, et al
2013-10High-Strain Air-Operable Soft Transducers Produced from Nanostructured Block Copolymer Ionomer/Silicate/Ionic Liquid Nanocomposite Membranes이장우; 유승건; 홍순만, et al
2013-06High-strain air-working soft transducers produced from nanostructured block copolymer ionomer/silicate/ionic liquid nanocomposite membranes이장우; 유승건; 홍순만, et al
2017-05Highly anisotropic Cu oblate ellipsoids incorporated polymer composites with excellent performance for broadband electromagnetic interference shielding홍순만; 구종민; 이승환, et al
2015-02Highly crystalline Fe2GeS4 nanocrystals: green synthesis and their structural and optical characterization박보인; 유승건; 황윤정, et al
2020-03Hollow/porous-walled SnO2 via nanoscale Kirkendall diffusion with irregular particles변지영; 이승용; 조소혜, et al
2012-09Improving the thermal conductivity of carbon fiber/epoxy composites by plating the fiber with copper유승건; 구종민
2015-11Large-area reduced graphene oxide with excellent thermal conductivity and EMI shielding effectivenessPradip Kumar; 샤자드 파이잘; 유승건, et al
2019-09Low percolation 3D Cu and Ag shell network composites for EMI shielding and thermal conduction홍순만; 구종민; 노석진, et al
2011-11Mechanical and physical properties of transparent cellulose films using solution casting method김도균; 유승건; 김일진, et al
2020-06Molecularly engineered copolyimide film for capacitive humidity sensor이성수; 정지윤; 김일진, et al
2017-10Multidirectional Wrinkle Patterns Programmed by Sequential Uniaxial Strain with Conformal yet Nontraceable Masks홍순만; 구종민; 박현철, et al
2013-04Polyethylene/boron nitride composites for radiation shielding신지욱; 홍순만; 구종민, et al
2014-06Polyethylene/boron-containing composites for radiation shielding신지욱; 이장우; 유승건, et al
2010-08Properties of portland cement concrete with the addition of a modified sulfur polymer유승건; 최헌진; 권혁, et al
2014-05RTA-Treated Carbon Fiber/Copper Core/Shell Hybrid for Thermally Conductive Composites유승건; 박보인; 박철민, et al
2015-02Self-assembled block copolymer micelles with silver-carbon nanotube hybrid fillers for high performance thermal conduction최재룡; 유승건; 정해종, et al
2019-06Shape-Adaptable 2D Titanium Carbide (MXene) Heater구종민; 옥벼리; 김혜림, et al
2017-09Shaping micro-clusters via inverse jamming and topographic close-packing of microbombs홍순만; 구종민; 박현철, et al
2011-04Study on properties of recrosslinked foam of decrosslinked polyethylene by supercritical fluids권용진; 조항규; 유승건, et al
2012-04Synergistically enhanced thermal conductivity of epoxy/carbon fiber composites유승건; 박규섭; 이장우, et al
2013-04The effect of crystallinity by chemical crosslinking reaction on thermal conductivity of high-density polyethylene유승건; 권용진; 박철민, et al