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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-04A study on powder mixing for high fracture toughness and wear resistance of WC-Co-Cr coatings sprayed by HVOF이창우; 한준현; 윤주일, et al
1997-04A study on the microstructures and mechanical properties of Ag-bearing 7050 aluminum alloy곽서희; 권숙인; 정영훈, et al
1996-01Advantages of Ruo//x bottom electrode in the dielectric and leakage characteristics of (Ba, Sr)TiO//3 capacitor.김용태; 이창우
2004-07Analysis of Spin-polarized transport in th two-dimensional electron gas of spin field effect transistor김용태; 이갑용; 이창우
1994-01Analyzing surface microstructure of 7050Al alloy modified by N**+ion implantation.이창우; 권숙인; 한전건
1998-10Anisotropy of yield strength in Al-Li systems alloy조권구; 정영훈; 이창우, et al
2021-07Channel Thickness-dependent Ambient Effects on the Operation of Multi Layer MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors이동수; 전대영; 박민, et al
1994-07Characteristics of amorphous tungsten nitride diffusion barrier for metal-organic chemical vapor deposited Cu metallization.김용태; 이창우; 박상규, et al
2005-07Characteristics of Cu/PPALD (pulse-plasma atomic layer deposited) WN/methyl silsequioxane/Si for multi-level Cu interconnection이창우; 김용태
1995-01Characteristics of excimer-laser-crystallized polysilicon films by line beam scanning method.김동환; 전영민; 주홍, et al
1993-01Characteristics of plasma deposited tungsten nitride thin films.김용태; 이창우; 민석기
1992-01Characteristics of plasma deposited tungsten schottky contacts to GaAs.김용태; 민석기; 이창우, et al
1997-04Characteristics of SrBi//2Ta//2O//9/CeO//2/Pt/Si structure for non-volatile memory device이호녕; 김용태; 이창우, et al
2005-10Characteristics of W-C-N thin film as a new diffusion barrier for Cu interconnection이창우; 김용태; 박지호, et al
2006-10Characterization of a micro generator using a fabricated electroplated coil이동호; 김성일; 김영환, et al
2007-06Characterization of micro power generator using a gold electroplated coil and magnet at low frequency이동호; 이창우; 김성일, et al
1997-08Comparison in electrical properties SrBi//2Ta//2O//9/CeO//2/Si and SrBi//2Ta//2O//9/Si structures신동석; 김용태; 이호녕, et al
1994-01Comparison of amorphous and polycrystalline tungsten nitride diffusion barrier for MOCVD-Cu metallization.김용태; 권철순; 김동준, et al
1995-08Comparison of high temperature thermal stabilities of Ru and RuO//2 schottky contacts to GaAs.김용태; 이창우; 곽성관
2001-10Controlled growth of tungsten nanowires as cold electron source최창훈; 장윤택; 주병권, et al
2007-07Controlling the Different Size of Nanoscale Holes김성일; 강길범; 김용태, et al
1995-01Dielectric properties of PbTiO//3 thin film capacitors deposited on tungsten nitride/tungsten bilayers.김용태; 이창우
2002-05Direct nano-wiring carbon nanotube using growth barrier: a possible mechanism of selective lateral growth이윤희; 장윤택; 최창훈, et al
2001-02Direct nano-wiring of carbon nanotube using growth barrier이윤희; 장윤택; 최창훈, et al
2002-07Effect of hydrogen annealing on electrical properties of Bi-layered perovskite thin films김춘근; 김익수; 최훈상, et al
1998-08Effect of insulator on memory window of metal ferroelectric insulator semiconductor field effect transistor (MEFISFET)-non destructive devices김용태; 이창우; 신동석, et al
2001-06Effects of Bi content on electrical properties of Pt/SrBi//2Nb//2O//9/Si ferroelectric gate structure김용태; 김성일; 최훈상, et al
2005-09Effects of excess bismuth on the electrical properties of Bi3.15Nd0.85Ti3O12 thin films김익수; 심선일; 김용태, et al
1999-01Effects of grain shape and texture on the yield strength anisotropy of Al-Li alloy sheet조권구; 정영훈; 이창우, et al