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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09A Method for Predicting Personalized Pelvic Motion based on Body Meta-Features for Gait Rehabilitation Robot신성열; 홍지수; 전창묵, et al
2008-10An Architecture and Motion Description Language for Mobile Manipulation of Service Robots이소희; 전창묵; 김정동, et al
2010-07Autonomous Navigation of KUVE (KIST Unmanned Vehicle Electric)전창묵; 서승범; 이상훈, et al
2010-10Autonomous Urban Navigation and its Application to Patrol전창묵; 권태범; 서승범, et al
2011-06Bezier Curve-Based Path Planning for Autonomous Navigation in Intersection이상훈; 전창묵; 강성철
2011-05Bezier Curve-Based Path Planning for Robust Waypoint Navigation of Unmanned Ground Vehicle이상훈; 전창묵; 권태범, et al
2006-10Development of a Slim haptic glove using McKibben artificial muscles문경원; 류동석; 전창묵, et al
2016-11Effect of Focal Muscle Vibration on Calf Muscle Spasticity: A Proof-of-Concept Study김충현; 전창묵; 서한길, et al
2014-08Evaluating the Differential Electrophysiological Effects of the Focal Vibrator on the Tendon and Muscle Belly in Healthy People이강표; 조영; 범재원, et al
2015-11Gaussian Process Gait Trajectory Learning and Generation of Collision-Free Motion for Assist-As-Needed Rehabilitation홍지수; 전창묵; 김승종
2015-02Gaussian Process Learning and Interpolation of Gait Motion for Rehabilitation Robots전창묵; 김승종; 홍지수, et al
2019-06Gaussian Process Trajectory Learning and Synthesis of Individualized Gait Motions전창묵; 홍지수; 김승종, et al
2015-08Ground Collision-Free Motion for Gait Rehabilitation홍지수; 전창묵; 김승종, et al
2011-04Interest Rate Models on Lie Groups박종우; 전창묵; 한철우, et al
2010-10Manipulability-Based Variable Damping Control in Robotic Manipulation전창묵; Le Dihn-Phong; 김병찬, et al
2008-09Micro Hydraulic System Using Slim Artificial Muscles for a Wearable Haptic Glove류동석; 문경원; 남형도, et al
2014-08Nonlinear dimension reduction of gait motion전창묵; 홍지수; 박종우
2007-04Particle Filtering on the Euclidean Group권정현; 최민석; 전창묵, et al
2007-10Particle filtering on the Euclidean group: framework and applications권정현; 최민석; 박종우, et al
2012-12Proximity sensing and reactive control for safe manipulation전창묵; 서찬수; 강성철
2008-10Reliable Manipulation Using Multi-Modal Information: Handling of Objects and Door-Opening전창묵; 노치원; 이우섭, et al
2010-06Sensor Fusion-Based Line Detection for Unmanned Navigation전창묵; 서승범; 노치원, et al
2009-10Solving Geometrical Uncertainty of Mobile Manipulation by Natural Actor-Critic김병찬; 전창묵; 강성철, et al
2017-10STAMPS: development and verification of swallowing kinematic analysis software전창묵; 이우형; 서한길, et al
2013-08Stimulation Using Focal Muscle Vibration and Its Effect on Hoffmann's Reflex전창묵; 오병모; 범재원, et al
2008-05Toward Dependable Manipulation: Safe and Speedy Arm with Variable Stiffness Joints and Reliable Manipulation Using Multi-Modal Information전창묵; 최준호; 이우섭, et al
2011-06Traffic Sign Recognition Considering the Intensity of Illumination차연화; 전창묵; 권태범, et al
2010-11-16거리 센서를 이용한 연석 탐지 방법 및 이를 이용한 무인 자율 주행 차량강성철; 권태범; 전창묵
2013-06-03다리길이 조정 메커니즘을 갖는 보행 재활 로봇김승종; 김진수; 김창환, et al
2010-07-29레이저 센서와 카메라를 이용한 차선 인식 시스템강성철; 강연식; 노치원, et al