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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-04A method of improving dielectric constant and adhesion strength of methysilsesquioxyane by using a NH3 plasma treatment심현상; 김용태; 김동준, et al
2003-10A new pulse plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of tungsten nitride diffusion barrier for copper interconnect심현상; 김성일; 전형탁, et al
1998-11Abnormal grain growth of niobium-doped strontium titanate ceramics배철휘; 박재관; 김윤호, et al
2000-12Atomic-layer chemical-vapor-deposition of TiN thin films on Si(100) and Si(111)김영석; 전형탁; 김영도, et al
2001-05Characteristic of tungsten nitride atomic layer deposition심현상; 김용태; 전형탁
2002-01Characteristics of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited W-B-N thin films김동준; 심현상; 김성일, et al
2002-08Characteristics of pulse plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of tungsten nitride diffusion barrier for copper interconnect심현상; 김용태; 전형탁
2002-02Characteristics of W-N diffusion barrier by atomic layer chemical vapor deposition심현상; 김용태; 전형탁
2002-01Comparison of TiN and TiAlN as a diffusion barrier deposited by atomic layer deposition김주영; 김효겸; 김양도, et al
2016-12Correlation of nanostructure changes with the electrical properties of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) as affected by sulfurization temperature이전국; 주현수; 오태경, et al
2009-09Cyclopalladated azido complexes containing C,N-donor (HC~N = 2-(2'-thienyl)pyridine, azobenzene, 3,3'-dimethyl azobenzene, N,N'-dimethylbenzylamine, 2-phenylpyridine) ligands: reactivity towards organic unsaturated compounds and catalytic properties이경은; 전형탁; 한삼용, et al
2000-06Digital deposition of tungsten nitride thin layer by cyclic exposure of WF//6 and NH₃심현상; 김동준; 김용태, et al
2000-01Digital deposition of tungsten nitride thin layer by sequential exposure of tung sten hexafluoride and ammonia심현상; 김동준; 김용태, et al
2006-09Effect of Nanoscale Multilayered Structurization on Hardness and Wear Resistance of Ti-Al-Si-N Coatings조종영; 전형탁; 박종극, et al
2007-11Effect of Nanostructure on the Hardness and Thermal Stability of Ti-Al-B-N Coating조종영; 전형탁; 박종극, et al
2002-06Effects of NH₃ plasma treatment on methyl silsequioxane for copper multi-level interconnect심현상; 김용태; 전형탁
2015-05Fabrication of few-layer MoS2 by sputtering오태경; 민형섭; 전형탁, et al
2015-10Fabrication of MoS2 few-layer by Off-axis sputtering오태경; 민형섭; 이교섭, et al
2000-10Improvement in the characteristics of ammonia plasma treated MSQ(Methyl Silsesquioxane)심현상; 김동준; 김춘근, et al
2003-11Improvement of W-N diffusion barrier on silicon dioxide using pulse plasma atomic layer deposition심현상; 전형탁; 김성일, et al
2006-11Increase of Hardness and Thermal Stability of TiAlN coatings by Nanoscale Multilayered structurization with BN phase박종극; 조종영; 전형탁, et al
2002-11Metalorganic atomic layer deposition of TiN Thim films using TDMAT and NH₃김효경; 김주연; 박진용, et al
1998-06Oxidation behavior at the interface between E-beam coated ZrO//2-7wt.%Y//2O//3 and plasma sprayed CoNiCrAlY최원섭; 김영도; 전형탁, et al
2009-12Structure, hardness and thermal stability of TiAlBN coatings grown by alternating deposition of TiAlN and BN박종극; 조종영; 전형탁, et al
2012-04Synergistic Interaction between Substrate and Seed Particles in Ultrathin Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Film Nucleation on SiO2 with Controlled Surface Termination이학주; 전형탁; 이욱성
2017-04Synthesis of large area MoS2 few layers by RF sputtering process이전국; 주현수; 오태경, et al
1997-08The effect of Ti/Sr ratio on abnormal grain growth of Nb-doped SrTiO3배철휘; 전형탁; 김윤호, et al
1998-10The study of the estimation of fracture toughness in TBCs이재섭; 홍경태; 김영도, et al
2011-01Ultrananocrystalline diamond film deposition by direct-current plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition using hydrogen-rich precursor gas in the absence of the positive column이학주; 전형탁; 이욱성
2011-10Ultrathin ultrananocrystalline diamond film synthesis by direct current plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition이학주; 전형탁; 이욱성