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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-10A polot-Scale Study of Multiple Stage of Constructed Wetland Treatment System and Modeling for Nutrient Removal최승일; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 이재성
2009-10A study on Nutrients Removal by Multi-stage of Phytoreator이상화; 최승일; 남연우, et al
2008-12A Study on Spatial Change of Annual Water Quality in Tan-stream through Zone Identification최승일; 잔짓; 이상화, et al
2001-03Adsorption of ferrous iron on the lepidocrocite surface최승일; 홍성호; 안규홍, et al
2010-05Carbon dioxide removal by herbaceous plants이재성; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 최승일
2009-04Comparison of lab-scale constructed wetlands operated during summer or winter periods in conjunction with reaction velocity and microorganisms이상화; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 최승일, et al
2007-11Development of New Membrane Fouling Index for Desalination홍승관; 박찬혁; 김하나, et al
2009-10Effect of climatic parameters on ambient carbon dioxide for coastal or inland water-shed with natural plantation이재성; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 최승일, et al
2008-04Effect of climatic parameters on greenhouse gas concentrations in the presence of natural plantation by means of on-site monitoringJanjit Iamchaturapatr; 최승일; 이상화, et al
2007-03Effect of climatic parameters on variability of CO2 levels by on-site monitoring이재성; 잔짓; 이상화, et al
2011-03Evaluating Annual Water Quality of Anyang-stream Using Spatial Analysis and Self-purification Criteria이재성; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 윤성일, et al
2001-03Evaluation and optimization of an immersed membrane filtration system for liquid-solid separation: effect of hydrodynamic conditions on fouling and critical flux이용훈; 안규홍; 염익태, et al
2007-05Evaluation of Organic Matter Fouling Potential by Membrane Fouling Index박찬혁; 김하나; 홍승관, et al
2007-12Evaluation of Organic Matter Fouling Potential by Membrane Fouling Index박찬혁; 김하나; 홍승관, et al
2010-11Fate of Inorganic and Organic Pollutant in Phytoremediation Process이재성; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 최승일
2010-11Investigation of Water Quality around Urban Stream by Water Test최승일; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 이재성
2008-12Measurement of Water Quality around the Han River by Colorimetric Water Test이재성; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 최승일, et al
2003-08Particle behavior in air agitation submerged membrane filtration.최승일; 김성기; 윤제용, et al
2009-10Phytoaccumulation of organic pesticides and migration factor at plant부얀; 최승일; Janjit Iamchaturapatr, et al
2009-05Phytoremediation of organophosphorus and organochlorine pesticides by Acorus gramineus이재성; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 최승일, et al
2009-04Phytoremediation of PAHs by Acorus gramineus from water in the absence and the presence of surfactants부얀; 최승일; 이상화, et al
2001-02The effect of co-existing ions and surface characteristics of nanomembranes on the removal of nitrate and fluoride최승일; 윤주환; 홍성호, et al
2006-10Variation and Prediction of Membrane Fouling Index under Various Feed Water Characteristics박찬혁; 김하나; 홍승관, et al
2010-05Water quality survey in Jungrang stream by Water Test최승일; Janjit Iamchaturapatr; 이재성
2010-05-04광합성 촉진 장치 및 이를 구비하는 온실이재성; 잔짓 이암차투라파트; 최승일
2009-11-25바이오에너지 생산장치, 이를 구비하는 바이오에너지 생산시스템 및 바이오에너지 생산방법이재성; 잔짓 이암차투라파트; 최승일
2008-10-31수생 식물을 활용한 펠렛형 고체 연료의 제조 방법이재성; 최승일; 잔짓 이암차투라파트
2008-10-31수질 정화용 물상추를 함유하는 가축 사료의 제조 방법이재성; 잔짓 이암차투라파트; 최승일
2010-11-08식물 생육 촉진 장치 및 이를 구비하는 오폐수 처리 시스템이재성; 잔짓 이암차투라파트; 최승일
2009-11-27식생을 이용한 고효율 이산화탄소 저감 시스템이재성; 잔짓 이암차투라파트; 최승일