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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-06(111) twins in BaTiO3 thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering김영환; 한택상; 정수진, et al
2000-01A comparative study of characteristics of VOx and Y1-xPrxBa2Cu3O7- δ for uncooled IR detector박철우; 김민철; 강호관, et al
2001-07A comparative study of the characteristics of VOx and Y//1//-//xPr//xBa//2Cu//3O//7//-// δ for an uncooled IR detector.박철우; 문성욱; 김영환, et al
1997-09A comparative study of the surface resistances and microwave penetration depths of YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin films with various thicknesses이상영; J. Y. Cho; B. J. Soh, et al
1995-01A comparative study on the microwave penetration depth of various Y//1Ba//2Cu//3O//7//-// δ thin films using a non-contact method.한택상; 최상삼; 이상영, et al
1997-08A single flux quantum circuit based on high-Tc bicrystal Josephson junction operating at 71K김영환; 강준희; Jong-Min Lee, et al
1999-08A single-flux-quantum shift register based on high-Tc superconducting step-edge Josephson junction성건용; C. H. Choi; 서정대, et al
1999-08A single-flux-quantum shift register based on high-Tc superconducting step-edge Josephson junction성건용; C. H. Choi; 서정대, et al
1998-12Angular dependence of the Hall conductivity in YBa ₂ Cu ₃ O//x films with columnar defects김동호; 박종혁; 김영환, et al
1994-01Anomalous photoresponse of YBa//2Cu//3O//7//-//x step-edge junction.박종혁; 김영환; D. H. Kim, et al
1994-01BaTiO3/Si3N4 적층구조를 이용한 백색 발광 EL 표시소자에 관한 연구송만호; 한택상; 이윤희, et al
1997-07Building SFQ circuits with high-Tc superconductors김영환; C. H. Kim; 한택상, et al
1995-10CaF2:Mn 박막 EL 소자의 제작 및 전기광학적 특성 조사곽민기; 박연수; 김형극, et al
1989-09Ceramic protective coating for YBa2Cu3O7-x superconductors염상섭; 최상삼; 한택상, et al
1995-01Characteristics of amorphous/polycrystalline BaTiO//3 double layer thin films with high performance prepared new stacking method and its application to AC TFEL device.한택상; 오명환; 송만호, et al
1995-01Characteristics of ferroelectric layered BaTiO3 thin film structures prepared by a new stacking method송만호; 윤기현; 한택상, et al
1998-01Characteristics of ZnS:Mn thin film electroluminescent device using layered BaTiO3 thin film structures송만호; 이윤희; 한택상, et al
1999-11Comparison of microstructures of pulsed laser deposited YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin films using solid-state sintered and modified melt-textured grown targets김창훈; 홍국선; 김인태, et al
1990-01Composition control and annealing effect on the growth of YBaCuO superconducting thin films by RF magnectron sputtering.염상섭; 최상삼; 한택상, et al
1989-01Composition control and annealing effects on the growth of YBaCuO superconducting thin films by RF magnetron sputtering.한택상; 최상삼; 김영환, et al
1999-06Construction and measurements of HTS DC SQUID electronic gradiometer to be used in NDE systems.김진영; 강준희; 이은홍, et al
1995-09Decrease of the number of the isolated emission center Mn**2**+ in an aged ZnS:Mn electroluminescent device.한택상; 오명환; D. H. Kim, et al
2000-08Demonstration of rapid single-flux-quantum RS flip-flop using YBCO/Co-YBCO/YBCO ramp-edge Josephson junction with and without ground plane김준호; 성건용; 박종혁, et al
1996-09Determining the absolute value of penetration depth of large area films이주영; 김영환; 한택상, et al
1998-08Digital and analog measurements of HTS SFQ circuits김영환; 강준희; Jong Min Lee, et al
1999-06Digital and analog measurements of HTS SFQ RS flip-flops and shift register circuits김영환; 강준희; 성건용, et al
1996-06Effect of an interlayer on the emission characteristics of a white-light-emitting electroluminescent device with a Pr and Ce doubly doped ZnS phosphor layer.이윤희; 주병권; 오명환, et al
2000-11Effect of columnar defects in YBa2Cu3O7-x ramp-edge Josephson junctions김동호; C.W. Lee; T.W. Lee, et al
1997-06Effect of heavy-ion irradiation on transport properties of YBa2Cu3Ox films김동호; 심승엽; 박종혁, et al
1995-01Effect of multilayered SrS-SrS:Ce-SrS phosphor prepared by multi-source deposition method on the thi film electroluminescent devices한택상; 오명환; D. H. Kim, et al