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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11An elastic carbon layer on echeveria-inspired SnO2 anode for long-cycle and high-rate lithium ion batteries김아영; 김정섭; 차이룰 후다야, et al
2012-02Effect of Hydrogen Plasma Pretreatment on the Growth of Silicon Nanowires and Their Employment as the Anode Material of Lithium Secondary Batteries김정섭; Dongjin Byun; 이중기
2013-11Effect of oxygen plasma treatment on the electrochemical properties of Prussian blue electrodes for transparent electrochromic devices김아영; 박지훈; Dongjin Byun, et al
2006-12Electrochemical characteristics of copper silicide-coated graphite as an anode material of lithium secondary batteriesIn-Chul Kim; Dongjin Byun; Sangwha Lee, et al
2005-06Electrochemical characteristics of silicon films prepared by PECVD for the anode of Li-ion secondary batteriesHeung-Taek Shim; Bup-Ju Jeon; Dongjin Byun, et al
2005-06Electrochemical characteristics of silicon-coated graphites prepared by PECVD for the anode materials of lithium rechargeable batteriesIn-Chul Kim; Dongjin Byun; Bup-Ju Jeon, et al
2005-07Electrochemical characteristics of silicon-graphite nano-composite anode for lithium ion rechargeable batteriesHyung-Jin Kwon; In-Chul Kim; Dongjin Byun, et al
2006-12Electrochemical characteristics of silicon-metals coated graphites for anode materials of lithium secondary batteriesIn-Chul Kim; Dongjin Byun; 이중기
2006-04Hydrogenated amorphous carbon nano-coated lithium metal electrode for the anode of lithium secondary batteriesHeung-Taek Shim; Dongjin Byun; 이중기
2001-11Implantation of N-ion on sapphire substrate for GaN epilayer박용주; Yong Suk Cho; Eui Kwan Koh, et al
2001-11Improved crystalline quality of GaN by substrate ion beam pre-treatmentDongjin Byun; Yong Suk Cho; Jaekyun Kim, et al
2016-08One-Step Catalytic Synthesis of CuO/Cu2O in a Graphitized Porous C Matrix Derived from the Cu-Based Metal?Organic Framework for Liand Na-Ion Batteries이중기; 최원창; 우재영, et al
2016-02Oxidation-resistant hybrid metal oxides/metal nanodots/silver nanowires for high performance flexible transparent heaters김아영; 김민규; 차이룰 후다야, et al
2016-03Porous Zn2GeO4 nanowires with uniform carbon-buffer layer for lithium-ion battery anodes with long cycle life이중기; 안재평; Young Woon Byeon, et al
2006-02The effect of direct current bias on the characteristics of Cu/C:H composite thin films on poly ethylene terephthalate film prepared by electron cyclotron resonance-metal organic chemical vapor depositionBup Ju Jeon; Hyungduk Ko; Jin Hyun, et al
2002-08The postannealing effects of GaN epilayer grown on N-ion implanted sapphire substrateJunggeun Jhin; Jaekyun Kim; Mingu Kang, et al
2015-04Three-dimensional silicon/carbon coreeshell electrode as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries김정섭; Wilhelm Pfleging; Robert Kohler, et al