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200307Enhancement of natural convection and pool boiling heat transfer via ultrasonic vibration김호영; 김이구; 강병하
200310Redox behavior of Cu-ferrite for CO₂ decomposition신현창; 김종원; 김철성; 주오심; 정광덕
200304Electrokinetically flow-induced streaming potential through the charged microchannel of asymmetric membrane pores.이태석; 전명석
200307Effect of Cl/H input ratio on the growth rate of MoSi₂ coatings formed by chemical vapor deposition of Si on Mo substrates from SiCl₄H₂ precursor gases윤진국; 김긍호; 변지영; 이종권; 윤호상; 홍경태
200304Water/scCO₂ microemulsion and electroplating process in macroemulsion박지영; 이창하; 이윤우; 임종성
200307The effec of plasma treatment of poly(lactic-co-glycolic)(PLGA) scaffold on adhesion and bioactivity of cultured chondrocytes정지락; 심형곤; 박재구; 주영민; 한동근; 이종원; 안상태
200305Magnetostrictive properties of polymer-bonded Fe-Co based alloy composites나석민; 서수정; 신광호; 이영숙; 임상호
200304Synthesis of dibenzofulvene and its use in anionic copolymerization with carbazole derivatives김광웅; 최규진; 박준형; 이선배; 김지희; 김정안; 이명수
200305Synthesis and biological evaluations of pyrazolo[3.4-d]pyrimidines as cyclin-dependent kinase 2 inhibitors.김동찬; 이여란; 양범석; 신계정; 김동진; 정봉영; 유경호
200306Effect of phase stability on the microstructure development of α-SiAlON ceramics김주선; 이해원; I-Wei Chen