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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-056-MV KIST Tandem Ion Accelerator박동희; 이성익; 채근화, et al
1999-11A self-ion assisted beam (SIAB) source based upon Unvala electron beam scheme최원국; 송재훈; 김기한, et al
2014-11Accelerator Mass Spectrometry-Based Signal Generation for Thin Layer Chromatography이관호; 유병용; 김준곤, et al
2000-06Activation energy for the loss of substitutional carbon in Si0.984C0.016 grown by solid phase epitaxyYong Jenong Kim; Tae Joon Kim; Tae-Kyung Kim, et al
1995-01Advantage of rapid thermal annealing over furnace annealing for p-implanted metastable Si/Ge0.12Si0.88D.Y.C. Lie; 송종한; M.-A. Nicolet, et al
2017-11Age-dating of the cremated remains and the ink sticks by the accelerator mass spectrometry(AMS)송종한; 김준곤; 김재열, et al
2001-12Analysis of magnetic multi-layers by RBS and PIXE김태곤; 전기영; 황정남, et al
2011-05Analysis on migration and activation of live macrophages on transparent flat and nanostructured titanium이소영; 최정일; 신상원, et al
1993-05Atomic transport in thermal spike induced ion mixing채근화; 송종한; 정순명, et al
2010-10Blue and infrared cathodoluminescence induced by carbon-irradiation in SrTiO3 single crystal노재훈; 정성훈; 신상원, et al
2001-07Blue and red luminescence from Si ion-irradiated SiO2/Si/SiO2 layers.손정훈; 김태곤; 신상원, et al
2006-02Blue-Shift of an InGaAs-InP Quantum-Well Structure by As and H Ion Irradiation이종한; 최인훈; 신상원, et al
2020-10Bright Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond Inverted Nanocones송종한; 임원철; 한상욱, et al
1998-11BS/channeling studies on the epitaxially grown Pt(111) films on Al//2O//3(0001)이종철; 김신철; 김효배, et al
1997-08BS/channeling studies on the heteroepitaxially grown Y2O3 films on Si substrates by UHV-ICB deposition김효배; 조만호; 황보상우, et al
2019-09Carbon-free Mn-doped LiFePO4 cathode for highly transparent thin-film batteries최지원; 송종한; 정경윤, et al
2001-11Characterization and light-emitting properties of Au/SiOx/p-Si and Au/Ni-implanted-SiOx/p-Si structuresH.S. Bae; W.S. Lee; T.G. Kim, et al
2007-06Characterization of a silver-incorporated calcium phosphate film by RBS and its antimicrobial effectsI-H Han; 이인섭; 송종한, et al
2006-03Co Ion-implanted GaN and its Magnetic Properties김우철; 강희재; 오석근, et al
2006-03Coexistence of the Kondo and the Superconducting Proximity Effects in AuFe/Al LoopsJonghwa Eom; Yun-Sok Shin; Hu-Jong Lee, et al
1997-01Cohesive energy effects on the atomic transport induced by ion beam mixingG.S. Chang; 송종한; S.M. Jung, et al
2015-10Computer simulations for a deceleration and radio frequency quadrupole instrument for accelerator ion beams존일랴드스; 김준곤; 송종한, et al
2002-03Controlling the formation of iuminescent Si nanocrystals in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposited silicon-rich silicon oxide through ion irradiation.T.G. Kim; C.N. Whang; Yohan Sun, et al
2015-10Data manipulation for the radiocarbon age-dating at KIST AMS laboratroy김준곤; 존일랴드스; 송종한
1999-01Defect versus nanocrystal luminescence emitted from room temperature and hot-implanted SiO ₂ layers.J. Y. Jeong; S. Im; M. S. Oh, et al
1998-09Defect vs. Nanocrystal luminescence emitted in Si-implanted SiO2 layers정준용; 임성일; 오민석, et al
2000-10Defect-related luminescence and carrier transport in Ge-implanted SiO₂ layers on n-Si and p-SiWon Seog Lee; Hee Sun Bae; Sungil Im, et al
1995-03Dependence of damage and strain on the temperature of Si irradiation in epitaxial Geㅊ.10Si0.90 films on Si(100)D.Y.C. Lie; 송종한; A. Vantomme, et al
1990-02Dependence of Ion Beam Mixing on the Incident Ion Energy and Film Thickness in the Al/Pd System김현경; 문대원; 김종호, et al
1999-05Design of self-ion assisted beam source (SIAB) based on electron focusing with concentric symmetrical electric field and Cu thin film growth by SIAB송재훈; 김기환; 이충만, et al