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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-02A microfluidic gel valve device using reversible sol-gel transition of methyl cellulose for biomedical application윤대성; 조윤경; 오광욱, et al
2015-08Active Contour Segmentation using Level Set Function with Enhanced Image from Prior Intensity김선희; 김영준; 이득희, et al
2016-05Automatic Multi-segmentation of Abdominal Organs by Level Set with Weighted Global and Local Forces이득희; 말린다 바니아; 김선희
2013-06Automatic Segmentation Method for Facial Skin on Computed Tomography Image김선희; 최진혁; 김영준, et al
2014-08Automatic Segmentation of Leg Bones by Using Active Contours김선희; 김영준; 박세형, et al
2014-11Characterization and sequence determination of pen inks, red sealing inks, and laser toners by TOF-SIMS and ATR FTIR이지혜; 김선희; 조윤정, et al
2004-06Characterization of DNA immobilization and subsequent hybridization using in situ quartz crystal microbalance, fluorescence spectroscopy, and surface plasmon resonance조윤경; 김선희; 김영아, et al
2013-09Comparison of Quantitative Analysis for CIGS Thin Films by TOFSIMS, Magnetic Sector SIMS, and AES김선희; 장윤정; 윤정현, et al
2013-10Comparison of Quantitative Analysis for Photocoltaic CIGS Thin Films by SIMS Depth Profiling with Element Ions and MCs+ Clusters이연희; 이지혜; 김선희, et al
2015-09Coordination Tuning of Cobalt Phosphates toward efficient water oxidation catalyst김현아; 박지민; 박인철, et al
2015-10Detection of Matrix Elements and Trace Impurities in Cu(In, Ga)Se2 Photovoltaic Absorbers Using Surface Analytical Techniques김민정; 이지혜; 김선희, et al
2011-01Fatty acid components of hardy kiwifruit (Actinidia arguta) as IL-4 production inhibitor박혜민; 손미원; 김동현, et al
2014-04Hydrated Manganese (II) Phosphate (Mn3(PO4)2-3H2O) as a Water Oxidation Catalyst진경석; 박지민; 이주희, et al
2011-10Identification of sequence between overlapping signatures of different pen inks by TOF-SIMS imaging김선희; 이지혜; 임원철, et al
2014-06Improved Quantitative Analysis of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin Film Using MCs+-SIMS Depth Profiling이지혜; 김선희; 이강봉, et al
2012-10Investigation of Elemental Composition for Cu(InGa)Se2 Thin Films by Various Analytical Techniques이지혜; 김선희; 윤정현, et al
2006-08Oxidative decomposition of 1,2-dichlorobenzene over V2O5/TiO2 catalysts주오심; 김선희; 정광덕, et al
2015-05Partially Oxidized Sub-10 nm MnO Nanocrystals with High Activity for Water Oxidation Catalysis진경석; 추아림; 박지민, et al
2014-11Pre-operative Planning Platform for RF Hyperthermia Treatment System: From Patient Modeling to Electrode Positioning Guide박규식; 김선희; 박세형, et al
2014-10Quantitative analyses of photovoltaic CIGS thin films via SIMS depth profiling with elemental ions and MCs+ clusters이지혜; 김선희; 이연희
2014-11Quantitative analysis for CIGS thin films by surface analytical techniques김선희; 장윤정; 윤정현, et al
2013-02Surface Analysis and Depth Profiling of Polymers by TOF-SIMS이연희; 이지혜; 김선희, et al
2013-09Surface Analysis of Diblock Copolymer Films by TOF-SIMS in Combination with AFM이지혜; 김선희; 강희경, et al
2015-07Three-Dimensional Visualization for Surgical Planning of Rotator Cuff Tears서안나; 김선희; 김영준, et al
2012-10TOF-SIMS를 이용한 CIGS 정량분석김선희; 임원철; 이연희
2015-11Virtual Surgery Planning and Surgical Guide Design using Automatic Active Contour Segmentation for Maxillofacial Reconstruction Surgery김영준; 김선희; 김한나, et al
2013-11Volume Measurement of Breast Cancer in Magnetic Resonance Image Using Active Contours Segmentation김선희; 이호영; 강명주, et al
2013-03-25태양전지 광흡수층의 정량분석법김선희; 이강봉; 이연희, et al
2013-02표면분석장비를 이용한 CIGS 정량분석김선희; 윤정현; 장윤정, et al