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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988-07(100) 실리콘 기판위에 MOCVD 법으로 성장된 GaAs 에피층의 결정구조 특성 .김용; 김무성; 김현수, et al
2020-10Anti-cancer potential of persimmon (Diospyros kaki) leaves via the PDGFR-Rac-JNK pathway정상훈; 김진철; 김현수, et al
2004-01Anti-Oxidant Activities of Acanthopanax senticosus Stems and Their Lignan Components이상현; 손동욱; 류지영, et al
2020-06Cellular Auxetic Structures for Mechanical Metamaterials: A Review강종윤; 송현철; 곽준영, et al
2014-05Compound Ag nanocluster-graphene electrodes as transparent and current spreading electrodes for improved light output power in near-ultraviolet light emitting diodes서태훈; 김성준; 김명종, et al
1990-03Deep electron traps in GaAs layers grown on (100)Si substrates by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition.김은규; 조훈영; 김용, et al
1990-03Deep traps in GaAs layers grown on (100)Si substrates by Mo(VI).김용; 조훈영; 김은규, et al
2012-02Dependable Humanoid Navigation System Based on Bipedal Locomotion강연식; 김현수; 유수현, et al
2018-04Development of a cultivation method for stable production of ginseng berries using plant factory유지혜; 박재억; 김혜빈, et al
1999-01Development of life prediction program for high pressure turbine rotor for power generation김현수; 김영진; 서명원, et al
1991-05Effects of electron deep traps on generation lifetime in denuded zone n-type(III) Cz-Si wafer.김은규; 김현수; 민석기
2012-05Electrical and microstructural characteristics of multilayer stacking with graphene and InSbTe김현수; 김용태; 성만영
2009-05Electrical properties of Ti/Al ohmic contacts to sulfur-passivated N-face n-type GaN for vertical-structure light-emitting diodes전세연; 성태연; 김현수, et al
1992-06Excimer laser illumination 에 따른 실리콘반도체 특성변화 .김은규; 조훈영; 민석기, et al
1991-01Fabrication of HEMT employing delta-doping layer grown by MOCVD.김성일; 민석기; 김용, et al
1988-09Heteroepitaxy of GaAs on silicon substrated by MOCVD.김용; 김무성; 김현수, et al
1991-05Hydrogenation effect on electrical and optical properties of GaAs epilayers grown on Si substrates by MOCVD.김용; 김은규; 조훈영, et al
2011-07Hyperfine FePt patterned media for terabit data storage노진서; 김현수; 천동원, et al
1988-08In/Ga alloy source 를 이용하여 VPE 법으로 성장한 In// χ Ga//1//-// χ As( χ 김용; 한철원; 김현수, et al
2012-07Influence of Magnetic Field Near the Substrate on Characteristics of ITO Film Deposited by RF Sputtering Method김현수; 장호원; 강종윤, et al
2016-10Internal structure analysis using non-destructive testing for dispersion of fillers in polymer nanocomposites김성륜; 김현수
1992-08Laser beam process 에 의해 GaAs 에 형성된 결함상태 연구 .김은규; 조훈영; 민석기, et al
1989-10MOCVD 방법으로 성장시킨 GaAs/Si 의 깊은 준위에 관한 연구 .김용; 김은규; 조훈영, et al
1991-02MOCVD 법으로 Si 기판위에 성장된 GaAs 에피층의 수소화 효과 .김용; 김무성; 김은규, et al
2011-12Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in FePt Patterned Media Employing a CrV Seed Layer김현수; 노진서; 노종욱, et al
2019-12Pharmacogenomic analysis of patient-derived tumor cells in gynecologic cancers안형준; 사 제이슨; 황재령, et al
2020-12Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Design Principles for Materials and Structures: Material Figure­ of­ Merit and Self ­Resonance Tuning강종윤; 송현철; 이동규, et al
2020-10Polarization-controlled PVDF-based hybrid nanogenerator for an effective vibrational energy harvesting from human foot송현철; 김현수; Dong Woo Lee, et al
1991-01Rapid thermal annealing dependence of deep electron traps in GaAs-on-Si grown by MOCVD.김은규; 조훈영; 김용, et al
1991-04RTA 에 의한 Si 내의 thermal donors 와 깊은 준위의 거동 .김은규; 조훈영; 김춘근, et al