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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-08A study on the electrode characteristics of the fluorinated AB2 type hydrogen storage alloys박호영; 이병호; 조원일, et al
1996-01A study on the electrode characteristics of the Zr-Ti-V-Mn-Ni type metal hydride alloys.이병호; 박호영; 손태원, et al
2000-04A study on the LIPON solid electrolyte for thin film lithium rechargeable microbatteries최창훈; 임영창; 전은정, et al
2001-04Abnormal growth and electrode characteristics of LiCoO₂ thin films deposited by radio frequency magnetron sputtering박호영; 임영창; 남상철, et al
2000-12Characteristics of copper vanadium oxide(Cu0.5V2O5) cathode for thin film microbattery임영창; 남상철; 박호영, et al
2000-10Characteristics of copper-vanadium oxide cathode for thin film microbattery임영창; 박호영; 남상철, et al
2003-10Characteristics of LiCoO₂ thin film deposited by RF magnetron sputtering method with substrate bias이영재; 김광범; 박호영, et al
2002-04Characterization and synthesis of nano LiCoO₂ cathode materials for high performance secondary battery윤영수; 박호영; 조원일, et al
2005-08Development of Power Sources for Active RFID and Smar Active Label남상철; 박호영; 임영창, et al
2001-01Effect of fluorination on the lanthanum-doped AB₂-type metal hydride electrodes박호영; 조원일; 조병원, et al
2001-04Effect of RF sputtering power in Lipon solid electrolyte ionic conductivity for thin film lithium rechargeable microbatteries최창훈; 박호영; 남상철, et al
2012-10Efficient Separation and Quantitative Analysis of Coronary Artery Disease Biomarkers박호영; 최종훈; 이관희
2012-04Efficient Separation of Coronary Artery Disease Biomarkers via Colloidal Crystallization of Magnetic Nanoparticles박호영; 김태호; 황민태, et al
2001-09Electrode characteristics of the Cr and La doped AB ₂ -type hydrogen storage alloys박호영; 장일; 조원일, et al
2014-11Engineered collagen hydrogels for the sustained release of biomolecules and imaging agents: promoting the growth of human gingival cellsJonghoon Choi; 박호영; Taeho Kim, et al
2013-07Harnessing immunomagnetic separation and quantum dot-based quantification capacities for the enumeration of absolute levels of biomarker박호영; 황민태; 이종욱, et al
2006-11Holey fiber manufacturing method with improved bending characteristics김길환; 조형수; 한영근, et al
2013-11Immunomagnetic nanoparticle-based assays for detection of biomarkers박호영; 황민태; 이관희
2003-11LiCoO2 Thin FIlm Deposited by Bias Sputtering Method I. Electrochemical Characteristics이영재; 박호영; 조병원, et al
2013-09Quantification of cardiovascular disease biomarkers via functionalized magnetic beads and on-demand detachable quantum dots박호영; 이종욱; 황민태, et al
2005-04Structural and Electrochemical Properties of LiCoO2 Thin Films Grown by Physical Vapor Deposition조원일; 오시형; 박호영, et al
2001-09The effect of Cu-doping in V//2O//5 thin film cathode for microbattery남상철; 임영창; 박호영, et al
2001-10The fabrication processes for thin film battery using LiCoO₂ cathode박호영; 이성래; 이재명, et al
2001-04Thin film meicrobattery for driving micro system devices임영창; 박호영; 남상철, et al
2001-04Thin film microbattery for driving micro system devices임영창; 박호영; 남상철, et al
2001-06-12금속이 피복된 집전체, 이를 이용한 전극 및 이들 전극을포함하는 리튬전지김운석; 김형선; 박호영, et al
2002-12-09다층구조의 리튬 전극, 그 제조 방법 및 그를 이용한리튬전지김운석; 김형선; 남상철, et al
2002-09-30리튬-금속 복합전극, 그 제조방법 및 리튬전지김운석; 김형선; 남상철, et al
2001-06-09리튬금속산화물 또는 리튬금속복합화합물 양극과 집전체음극으로 구성된 리튬일차전지김운석; 김형선; 박호영, et al
2013-11-29바이오마커 진단 방법 및 바이오마커 진단 키트김유찬; 박호영; 석현광, et al