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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06A facile control in free-carbon domain with divinylbenzene for the high-rate-performing Sb/SiOC composite anode material in sodium-ion batteries김창삼; 정훈기; 김형우, et al
2015-06A green recycling process designed for LiFePO4 cathode materials for Li-ion batteries신은정; 김수; 노재교, et al
2017-11A nano-LiNbO3 coating layer and diffusion-induced surface control towards high-performance 5 V spinel cathodes for rechargeable batteries장원영; 최원창; 정훈기, et al
2003-06A study of the photoluminescence of ZnO thin films deposited by radical beam assisted molecular beam epitaxy서효원; 변동진; 최원국
2005-01A study on effect of heat treatment on electrochemical characteristics of silicon-coated graphite이명로; 변동진; 전법주, et al
2004-04A study on growth and characterization of magentic semiconductor GaMnAs using LT-MBE박진범; 고동완; 박용주, et al
2003-07A study on the effect of catalysts to SIC nanowire growth by APCVD using hexamethyldisilane.양재웅; 노대호; 변동진, et al
2018-11A Study on the polyvinylalcohol gel type electrolyte for zinc-polyaniline secondary battery이중기; 왕만상; 심가영, et al
2013-11Active material and electrode design of silicon anode material김정섭; 변동진; 이중기
2009-05ALD법으로 성장시킨 ZnO 박막의 RTA 처리에 따른 전기적 특성변화장삼석; 김범준; 박지훈, et al
2014-07Amorphous carbon-coated prickle-like silicon of micro and nano hybrid anode materials for lithium-ion batteries김정섭; 마틴 할림; 변동진, et al
2005-05Ar and H2 gas effects of SiO2 nanowires growth김나리; 김재수; 변동진, et al
2008-04Asymmetry between charge and discharge during high rate cycling in LiFePO4 - In Situ X-ray diffraction study신호철; 정경윤; 민원식, et al
1996-11Atomic force microscopy study of GaN-buffer layers on SiC(0001) by MOCVD임동섭; 변동진; 김긍호, et al
2009-05Blue Luminescent Center in Undoped ZnO Thin Films Grown by Plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy김종빈; 노영수; 변동진, et al
2014-12Bundle-type silicon nanorod anodes produced by electroless etching using silver ions and their electrochemical characteristics in lithium ion cells김정섭; 정훈기; 최원창, et al
2004-12Caracterization of SiC nanowire Grown by APCVD using single precursor노대호; 김재수; 변동진, et al
2005-07Characteristics of copper films on PET substrate deposited by cyclic operation of RF-magneteron-sputtering coupled with continous operation of ECR-CVD명종윤; 전법주; 변동진, et al
2003-09Characteristics of copper/C films on PET substrate prepared by ECR-MOCVD at room temperature.이중기; 전법주; 현진, et al
2002-10Characteristics of Cu/C films on polymer substrate by ECR chemical vapor deposition이중기; 전법주; 조병원, et al
2002-10Characteristics of Cu/C films on polymer substrate by ECR chemical vapor deposition이중기; 전법주; 조병원, et al
2003-01Characteristics of Cu/C films on polymer substrate prepared by room temperature ECR-MOCVD coupled with periodic DC bias.이중기; 고형덕; 현진, et al
2012-11Characteristics of fluorine-doped tin oxide (SnO2:F) thin films deposited on PET for transparent heater김아영; 박지훈; 최원창, et al
2008-06Characteristics of Fluorine-doped tin oxide film on the H2/Ar plasma treated SUS 316 for bipolar plates of fuel cell prepared by ECR-MOCVD at low temperature박지훈; 김상옥; 변동진, et al
2007-10Characteristics of large area ITO/PET fabricated by vacuum web coater김지환; 박동희; 김종빈, et al
2005-11Characteristics of SiC film using Tetramethylsilane김나리; 김재수; 노대호, et al
2007-07Characteristics of Zinc oxide thin films on PET substrate prepared by Electron Cyclotron Resonance-metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition박지훈; 변동진; 이중기
2007-01Characteristics of Zince Oxide Thin Films on Poly Ethylene Terephthalate (PET) substrate prepared by ECR-CVD박지훈; 변동진; 이중기
2005-01Characterization of SiC nanowires grown by APCVD using single precursors노대호; 김재수; 변동진, et al