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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-042-dimensional simulation of acid rain erosion in a limestone column서명조; 김성철; 윤도영, et al
2002-07A behaviour-based approach to reactive navigation for autonomous robot.윤도영; 오상록; 박귀태, et al
2002-10A new behavior coordination method for autonomous robot윤도영; 오상록; 박귀태, et al
2002-04A novel behavior-based approach to reactive navigation method윤도영; 오상록; 박귀태, et al
2002-07A self-designing method of behaviors in behavior-based robotics윤도영; 오상록; 박귀태
1991-01Antifertility effect of anti-idiotype antibody specific to antiprogesterone monoclonal antibody in mice윤도영; 남경수; 이희구, et al
1989-01Antifertility effect of progesterone antibodies in mice.최명자; 윤도영; 김재화, et al
2001-04Behavior-based autonomous flight control for a micro aerial vehicle윤도영; 오상록; 유범재, et al
1998-04Comparison of complex terrain dispersion models김영성; 오현선; 윤도영, et al
2001-11Development of one-step fluorescence polarization immunoassay of progesteroneLong Thanh Su; 김영옥; 홍지연, et al
1998-03Experimental studies on dissolution characteristics of a heavy metal(As) in mining waste한춘; 서명조; 윤도영, et al
1998-06Experimental studies on the neutralizing acidic soils with limestones서명조; 이진영; 한춘, et al
1997-01Fluorescence polarization immunoassay of progesterone최명자; 최정은; 윤도영, et al
1995-01Immunobiochemical Analysis of the Binding Pocket of Monoclonal Anti-progesterone Antibodies윤도영; 김재화; 임종성, et al
1993-11Influence of the conjugation site on the specificity of monoclonal-antibodies to progesterone and on the performance of direct enzyme immunoassay윤도영; 최명자; 최인성, et al
2002-02Intelligent robotic systems오상록; 윤도영
1992-01Isolation and characterization of creatine kinase from bovine and human tissues권두한; 윤도영; 이홍수, et al
1999-04Offsite consequence analysis for accidental release scenarios of toxic substances in the Yochon area김영성; 윤도영; 장영수, et al
2004-04On a goal-directed reactive navigation method for a mobile robot오용환; 윤도영; 오상록, et al
1989-01Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies specific to human chorionic gonadotropin and its subunits.최명자; 최상훈; 강혜영, et al
1991-01Production purification and characterization of monoclonal antibodes specific to progesterone윤도영; 최상훈; 최명자, et al
1992-02Solid-phase immunoassay using a flow cytometer: quantitative and qualitative determination of protein antigens and a hapten김길현; 한미영; 윤도영, et al
2001-05Structural and micromechanical characteristics of low-dielectric organosilicate thin films modified by NH₃ plasma treatment차국헌; 주상현; 김수한, et al
1998-10Study of acid rain erosion in a limestone column서명조; 김성철; 윤도영, et al
1999-11Usage Characteristics of publicly-available accidental release models정수희; 윤도영; 김영성
1995-01Use of progesterone-3-(o-carboxymethyl oxime)-horseradish peroxidase in a sensitive microtiterplate EIA and its application to a visual membrane EIA of progesterone.최명자; 윤도영; 송은영, et al
1998-06-10간암세포타겟팅용비바이러스성유전자전달체를이용한유전자전달방법강윤희; 박순희; 윤도영, et al
2001-12감성 로봇용 지능제어기술오상록; 윤도영
1998-06-08신규한비바이러스성유전자전달체및그제조방법강병태; 김연수; 박순희, et al
1998-06-12인간인터루킨-18에대한단일클론항체,이를생산하는하이브리도마세포주및그제조방법김광동; 박순희; 오은숙, et al