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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993-102- 유로 카트리지 밸브를 이용한 유압용 유량센서의 개발 .홍예선; 이정오
2001-04A 7 DOF wearabe robotic arm using pneumatic actuators정연구; 이용선; 김경환, et al
2000-04A biomimetic compliance control of robot hand by considering structures of human finger김병호; 이병주; 서일홍, et al
1998-10A design of a compact network-based controller mounted on a humanoid robot조영조; 유범재; 오상록, et al
1999-01A real-time collision-free trajectory planning and control for a car-like mobile robot이수영; 이석한; 홍예선
1996-12A robust controller for robot manipulators with electrohydraulic actuators이수영; 홍예선; 이종원
2001-10A self-propelling endoscopic system임영모; 이진희; 박지상, et al
1997-04A study on an adaptive gait for a quadruped walking robot under external forces강동오; 이연정; 이승하, et al
1996-01A study on an adaptive gait for a quadruped walking robot under external forces.강동오; 이연정; 이승하, et al
2000-05A study on humanoid robot hand system and real-time grasp motion control임미섭; 오상록; 손재범, et al
1999-01A study on improvement of the two-axes' simultaneous operation characteristics of a knuckle-type hydraulic vehicle crane전종익; 홍예선
1996-01A study on the position control and simulation of pneumatic servo system.최서호; 홍예선; 이정오
2000-07Actuating mechanism of smart capsule for human intestine임형준; 민현진; 김수현, et al
1998-01Angular momentum based dynamic instant gait stability measure for quadruped walking robot.구태완; 홍예선; 윤용산
1992-03Anwendung servopneumatischer antriebe an einer dreidimensionalen beruehrungslosen abtatstmaschine.홍예선
1984-09Berechnung von proportionalmagneten mit dem verfahren der finiten elemente.홍예선
1998-08Component design and control strategies for dextrous robot hands with servopneumatic finger jointsH. Murrenhoff*; 홍예선; A. Czinki
1992-01Computer integrated mould manufacturing.강무진; 박세형; 홍예선
1997-08Design & performance test of a foot for a jointed leg type quadrupedal walking robot홍예선; 이수영; 류시복, et al
1998-01Design and experiment of a flapper nozzle-type 3/2-way proportional valve for position control of a miniature pneumatic rotator황태주; 홍예선
1998-12Design and experiment of a miniature 4/3-way proportional valve for a servo-pneumatic robot hand류시복; 홍예선
1996-01Design and experimental test of a new robot foor for a quadrupedal jointed-leg type walking robot.홍예선; 류시복; 이종원
2000-10Design of a parallel-type gripper powered by pneumatic actuators이병주; 라홍렬; 이재훈, et al
1996-01Design of a robot foor with a remote-centered joint for walking on the uneven surface.이수영; 홍예선; 류시복, et al
1994-01Development of an active suspension system for passenger cars (I) : Construction of prototype car.황요하; 홍예선; 김동윤, et al
1994-01Development of an active suspension system for passenger cars (II) : Prototype car test result.황요하; 홍예선; 이종민, et al
1993-08Development of computer aided ispection system with CMM for integrated mold manufacturing.홍예선; 김영호; 박희재, et al
2001-06Development of strain sensor for measuring buoyancy김병규; 김태송; 강기윤, et al
1997-01Einstiufiges proportionales Druckminderventil fuer niederfrequente, aktive Radaufhaengungssysteme이동음; 홍예선
1990-03Entwicklung einer servolenkung mit elektrohydraulischer steuerung der betaetigungskraft.홍예선; S. H. Cho