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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990-10Control characteristics of a load commutated CSI-induction motor system.송중호; 윤태웅; 김권호; 김광배
1992-05Control loop study of a load commutated CSI-FED induction motor송중호; 윤태웅; 김권호; 김광배; 윤명중
1992-01Control of stator voltage-controlled current source induction motor drive.송중호; 김광배; 윤명중
1999-07DC ripple-voltage suppression in three phase BUCK DIODE rectifiers with unity power factor이동윤; 송중호; 최주엽; 최익; 김광배; 현동석
1994-01Design and implementation of robust adaptive controller for direct drive manipulator.김응석; 임미섭; 김권호; 김광배
1998-01Design of line controller for continuous manufacturing process automation in steel industry조영조; 이준수; 최익; 오상록; 김광배; 임준홍
1994-01Development of a multi-robot assembly workcell with multi-sensors integration capability오상록; 조영조; 김응석; 김광배; 이준수; 임미섭
1996-07Development of an human-like robot : supervisory control and sensor system오상록; 조영조; 유범재; 김광배; 이종원
1992-07Development of high precision multi-arm robot system consisting of two robot arms and multi-sensors임미섭; 조영조; 이준수; 박정민; 김광배
1994-08Development of multi-robot assembly workcell with multi-sensors integration capability오상록; 조영조; 김응석; 김광배; 이준수; 임미섭
2001-07Direct torque control of induction motor driven by 3-level inverter이교범; 송중호; 최익; 김광배; 유지윤
1993-01Electrical instability of induction motor driven by CSI with output capacitors.송중호; 김광배; 윤명중
1994-07Experimental study on Iterative learning control algorithms for a direct drive robot arm오상록; 임미섭; 안현식; 김광배
1994-07Experimental study on Robust adaptive controller for direct drive manipulator강경완; 양해원; 김응석; 임미섭; 김광배
1990-12Fault tolerant control using a redundarnt adaptive controller조영조; 김광배; 변증남
1993-07Function block diagram approach for manufacturing process control programming.조영조; 오상록; 박정민; 최익; 김광배; 임준홍
1999-07Fuzzy controller design for nonlinear sysems using optimal pole-placement schemes이남수; 주영훈; 김광배
1999-07Harmonic current reference generation of single-phase active filter for the converter-fed locomotives성기석; 송중호; 최익; 최주엽; 김광배; 김권호; 임묘택
1994-07Implementation of a non-linear iterative learning controller with motor dynamics for a direct drive robot manipulator임미섭; 김응석; 오상록; 이준수; 안현식; 김광배
1994-07Implementation of petri net-based scheduler for flexible manufacturing cell조영조; 김응석; 박정도; 박정민; 최익; 김광배; 문영현; 유범재
1996-01Implementation of robust adaptive controller with switching action for direct drive manipulators.김응석; 임미섭; 김권호; 김광배
1996-08Improvement of characteristics of 2 phase hybrid step motors by microstepping drive권순학; 김권호; 송중호; 최익; 김광배
1996-01Integrated communication and control system for cranes박정민; 유범재; 김광배; 조영조; 김응석; 김문철; 허우정; 신경봉; 류혜영; 안병규
1996-03Neuro-control for nonlinear stochastic systems.최주엽; 김권호; 최익; 김광배
1996-08On-line efficiency optimization control of a slip angular frequency controlled induction motor drive using neural networks.최주엽; 최익; 김광배; J. W. Kim; Soon H. Kwon
1993-11Real-time simulation for continuous processing of a electrolytic tinning line김응석; 이준수; 안현식; 조영조; 오상록; 최익; 김광배; 양해원
1999-11Reduction of crest factor of electronic ballast for fluorescent lamp using pulse frequency modulation control송주호; 이동윤; 송중호; 최주엽; 최익; 김광배
1993-07Sensorless automatic gauge control for a reverse rolling mill김응석; 김광배; 오상록; 임미섭; 조영조
2000-10Sensorless vector control of induction motor using a novel reduced-order extended luengerger observer송주호; 이교범; 송중호; 최익; 김광배
1999-03Speed control of two-mass system using neural network estimator이교범; 송중호; 최익; 김광배; 이광원