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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02A 110dB-CMRR 100dB-PSRR Multi-Channel Neural-Recording Amplifier System Using Differentially Regulated Rejection Ratio Enhancement in 0.18 mu m CMOSLee, Sehwan; George, Arup K.; Lee, Taeju; Lee, Junghyup; Han, Sungmin; Kim, Ji-Hoon; Je, Minkyu; Chu, Jun-Uk
-A 110dB-CMRR 100dB-PSRR multi-channel neural-recording amplifier system using differentially regulated rejection ratio enhancement in 0.18 μm CMOSSehwan Lee; Arup K. George; Taeju Lee; Jun-Uk Chu; Han sungmin; Ji-Hoon Kim; MinKyu Je; Junghyup Lee
2023-11A 113.3-dB Dynamic Range 600 Frames/s SPAD X-Ray Detector With Seamless Global Shutter and Time-Encoded Extrapolation CounterPark, Byungchoul; Choi, Hyun-Seung; Jeong, Jinwoong; Kim, Taewoo; Lee, Myung-Jae; Chae, Youngcheol
1994-01A 13C NMR determination for monomer composition in Ep copolymers, EPB and EPDM terpolymers이강봉; An, S.-U.; Rhee, J.-S.; Kweon, J.; Choi, Y.-S.
2010-01-15A 16-site Neural Probe Integrated with A Waveguide for Optical StimulationCHO, IL JOO
-A 16-view 3 dimensional imaging systemSON JUNG YOUNG; 김경태; CHOI YONG JIN; BAHN JI EUN
2000A 16-view TV system based on spatial joining of viewing zonesSon, JY; Smirnov, VV; Kim, KT; Chun, YS; Kim, SS
2012-09A 2-dof gravity compensator with bevel gearsCho, Changhyun; Lee, Woosub; Lee, Jinyi; Kang, Sungchul
2001-02-09A 2.1 angstrom resolution structure of an uncleaved alpha(1)-antitrypsin shows variability of the reactive center and other loopsKim, SJ; Woo, JR; Seo, EJ; Yu, MH; Ryu, SE
2002-07-10A 20-angstrom-thick interwoven sheet consisting of nanotubesJung, OS; Kim, YJ; Kim, KM; Lee, YA
2023-08A 22-pJ/spike 73-Mspikes/s 130k-compartment neural array transceiver with conductance-based synaptic and membrane dynamicsPark, Jongkil; Ha, Sohmyung; Yu, Theodore; Neftci, Emre; Cauwenberghs, Gert
2021-02-14A 256x128 3D-Stacked (45nm) SPAD FLASH LiDAR with 7-Level Coincidence Detection and Progressive Gating for 100m Range and 10klux Background LightPreethi Padmanabhan; Chao Zhang; Marco Cazzaniga; Baris Efe; Augusto R. Ximenes; Myung-Jae Lee; Edoardo Charbon
2018-02-11A 256x256 45/65nm 3D-Stacked SPAD-Based Direct TOF Image Sensor for LiDAR Applications With Optical Polar Modulation for up to 18.6dB Interference SuppressionLee, Myung Jae
2020-12-28A 2D material-based floating gate device with linear synaptic weight updatePark, Eunpyo; Kim, Minkyung; Kim, Tae Soo; Kim, In Soo; Park, Jongkil; Kim, Jaewook; Jeong, YeonJoo; Lee, Suyoun; Kim, Inho; Park, Jong-Keuk; Kim, Gyu Tae; Chang, Jiwon; Kang, Kibum; Kwak, Joon Young
-A 3-D co-culture system of peripheral motor neurons and Schwann cells demonstrates the myelination process in vitroHyung Su Jin; Nara Choi; Jong-Chul Park; KIM, JINSEOK; Suh, Jun-Kyo
2022-02A 3.1-5.2GHz, Energy-Efficient Single Antenna, Cancellation-Free, Bitwise Time-Division Duplex Transceiver for High Channel Count Optogenetic Neural InterfaceLin, Yu-Ju; Song, Hyunsoo; Oh, Sungjin; Voroslakos, Mihaly; Kim, Kanghwan; Chen, Xing; Wentzloff, David D.; Buzsaki, Gyorgy; Park, Sung-Yun; Yoon, Euisik
-A 32-Channel Focused Ultrasound Stimulator Using Phased Array MEMS Transducers for Accurate Targeting in Neuro-Muscular Rehabilitation SystemOh Sung Jin; KIM HYUNG MIN; Inchan Youn
2017-03A 32-Channel Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Stimulator Using Phased Array Miniature Transducers for Enhanced Targeting Accuracy in Neuromuscular Rehabilitation SystemOh, Sungjin; Kim, Hyungmin; Youn, Inchan
-A 32×32 Integrated CMUT Array for Volumetric Ultrasound ImagingAnshuman Bhuyan; Chienliu Chang; Jung Woo Choe; Lee, Byung Chul; Amin Nikoozadeh; Omer Oralkan; Butrus T. Khuri-Yakub
2000-12A 360Hz DC ripple-voltage suppression scheme in three-phase soft-switched buck converter최주엽; 고종진; 송중호; 최익; 정승기