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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-04Nanocrystalline Fe-Co-Ni-B thin film with high permeability and high frequency characteristics심종식; 김종렬; 한석희; 김희중; 김기현; 야무구치
2014-12Naphthalenones and Isocoumarins from a Costa Rican Fungus Xylariaceae sp. CR1546C김기현; Christine Beemelmanns; Catalina Murillo; Anny Guillen; Loengrin Umana; Giselle Tamayo-Castillo; 김수남; Jon Clardy; Shugeng Cao
2021-11Organic Dye-Derived N, S Co-Doped Porous Carbon Hosts for Effective Lithium Polysulfide Confinement in Lithium?Sulfur Batteries이성수; 김은지; 이태웅; 서현준; 채성욱; 김기현; 박준우; 이승걸; 이진홍
2013-02Photoinduced charge transfer in donor-acceptor (DA) copolymer: fullerene bis-adduct polymer solar cells강태의; 조한희; 김기현; 강현범; 이명희; 이순애; 김봉수; 임찬; 김범준
2021-04Phytochemical analysis of the fruits of Sea Buckthorn: Identification of organic acid derivatives김진철; 이용훈; 장희주; 박근희; 김선희; 김정규; 장태수; 김기현
2016-01Polysaccharides from Korean Citrus hallabong peels inhibitangiogenesis and breast cancer cell migration김수남; 신명숙; 박준언; 김현영; 김기현; 신광순; 강기성
2013-03Prediction of hydrogen permeability in V-Al and V-Ni alloys심재혁; 고원석; 김기현; 이흥순; 이영수; 서진유; 조영환; 이병주
2015-10Protective Effect of Artemisia asiatica Extract and Its Active Compound Eupatilin against Cisplatin-Induced Renal Damage박준연; 이다해; 장혁재; 장대식; 권학철; 김기현; 김수남; 황귀서; 강기성; 엄대운
2021-06Pulveraven A from The fruiting bodeis of Pulveroboletus ravenelii induces apoptosis in breast cancer cell via extrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway김진철; 이다해; 유재식; 류림; 장태수; 강기성; 김기현
2015-06Quantum Dots in an Amphiphilic Polyethyleneimine Derivative Platform for Cellular Labeling, Targeting, Gene Delivery, and Ratiometric Oxygen Sensing박준혁; 이준화; 강정현; 벽영경; 김범주; 윤진세; 복서연; 조소혜; 김기현; 안지원; 김성지
2021-12Simultaneous Determination of Four Marker Compounds in Lobelia chinensis Lour. Extract by HPLC-PDA김수남; 조범근; 박영훈; 김기현; 양민혜
2000-01Soft magnetic properties of as-sputtered Fe-Al-O films김상록; 김기현; 장용익; 김종렬; 한석희; 김희중
2007-12Spin polarization of a non-magnetic high g-factor semiconductor at low magnetic field이진서; 백지현; 주성중; 홍진기; 이긍원; 김기현; 김선웅; 이병찬; 김태석; 신경호
2011-09The effect of man made source processes on the behavior of total gaseous mercury in air: A comparison between four urban monitoring sites in Seoul Korea김기현; 손장호; Hang Thi Nguyen; 정권; 박찬구; 배귀남
2000-12The magnetic properties of Co-Ni-Fe-N soft magnetic thin films김윤명; 최덕; 김기현; 김종렬; 한석희; 김희중
2000-01The magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Fe-Co(Cr)- Hf-N thin films김기현; 김영호; 김종렬; 한석희; 김희중
2003-05The non-templated empty cavity and its selective anion binding despite having similar shapes.김관묵; 김기현; Tae Yi Kang; 박정수; 송릿다; Moo-Jin Jun
2000-01Thickness effect on magnetic properties in nanocrystalline Fe-Hf-N thin films김기현; 김영호; 김종렬; 한석희; 김희중
2002-02Thickness effects on the high-frequency characteristics of as-deposited Co-Ni-Fe and Co-Ni-Fe-N soft magnetic thin films김윤명; 최덕; 김기현; 김종렬; 한석희; 김희중
2021-10tipNrich: A Tip-Based N-Terminal Proteome Enrichment Method이철주; 주신영; 이선정; 최진오; 김석준; 김기현; 김다래; 전은석
2011-05Tunable polarization of spin polarized current by magnetic field주성중; 이진서; 김태엽; 이긍원; 홍진기; 신경호; 김기현
2021-01ulmusakidian, a new coumarin glycoside and antifungal phenolic compounds from the root bark of Ulmus davidiana var. Japonica김진철; Akida Alishir; 유재식; 박민지; 방창현; 김정규; 장태수; 정원희; 김기현
2014-02Ultra high speed curing bipolar plates made of carbon fabric/phenolic composite using acid catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cell김민국; 임준우; 김기현; 이대길
2000-07Vapor-liquid equilibria for the 1,1,1-trifluoroethane (HFC-143a) + 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (HFC-134a) system김창년; 이은호; 박영무; 유재석; 김기현; 임종성; 이병권
2013-02Various synthesis methods of aliovalent-doped ceria and their electrical properties for intermediate temperature solid oxide electrolytes김병국; 장혜정; 김기현; 이내성; 김기범; 송선주; 박준영
2017-03Wound healing effects of deoxyshikonin isolated from Jawoongo: In vitro and in vivo studies김수남; 정유정; 박준언; 곽진호; 강기성; 정은비; 이동수; 이상현; 김기현; 황귀서; 이혜림; 노리꼬야마베
2020-12-24과불화술폰산 이오노머가 그래프트된 그래핀 옥사이드를 포함하는 양이온 교환막 및 이를 이용한 용도고한솔; 김기현; 김미정; 남상용; 최용석
2001-02-20FeCoNiN계 연자성 박막합금 조성물김기현