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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-08Bioreducible Crosslinked Polyelectrolyte Complexes for MMP-2 siRNA Delivery into Human Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells이도경; 김동규; 목혜정; 정지훈; 최동훈; 김선화
2011-10Coprismycins A and B, neuroprotective phenylpyridines from the dung beetle-associated bacterium, Streptomyces sp.김성환; 고현석; 방혜선; 박선희; 김동규; 권학철; 김선여; 신종헌; 오동찬
2013-05CXCL14 enhances proliferation and migration of NCI-H460 human lung cancer cells overexpressing the glycoproteins containing heparan sulfate or sialic acid박초롱; 유동주; 김동규; 문미진; 이철주; 오승현; 안규리; 성재영; 황종익
2005-12Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile-Based Carbon Nanofibers and Their Hydrogen Storages김동규; 박선호; 김병철; 진병두; 조성무; 김동영
2015Enhanced Cytoplasmic Delivery of RAGE siRNA Using Bioreducible Polyethylenimine-based Nanocarriers for Myocardial Gene Therapy양민정; 구숙희; 김동규; Won Jong Kim; Hyejung Mok; 김선화; 권익찬
2016-02Evaluation of electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of multilayer films including conductive, dielectric, and magnetic composite layers through a numerical analysis of a coaxial air line김상우; 김동규; 신임혁; 주병권
2017-05Fracture threshold of radius of curvature of a silver nanowires electrode for highly flexible devices김상우; 안재평; 김동규
2003-10Functionalization of Poly(diallylamine)김동규; 진정일; 안광덕
2007-01Graphite nanofibers prepared from catalytic graphitization of electrospun poly(vinylidene fluoride) nanofibers and their hydrogen storage capacity홍성은; 김동규; 조성무; 김동영; 진병두; 이도원
2017-05Heat-radiating and flexible silver nanowire/ Graphene oxide film for transparent flexible devices김상우; 김동규
2017-05High strength and transparent micro capillary ceramics via insert ceramic injection molding technology김상우; 김동규; 최가혜; 박정식; 김기복
2016-10High-efficiency flexible transparent heater with silver nanowire low sheet resistance김상우; 김동규; Choi Duck Gyun
2018-09Highly Bendable and Durable Transparent Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Film Prepared by Wet Sintering of Silver Nanowires김상우; 김동규; 최종한; 최덕균
2016-07Highly flexible Ag nanowire embedded transparent electrode with welded junctions using vapor pressure김상우; 김동규; Im Hyuk Shin; Choi Duck Gyun
2017-07Highly flexible silver nanowire transparent electrode with enhanced networking김상우; 김동규
2017-09In vivo stem cell tracking with imageable nanoparticles that bind bioorthogonal chemical receptors on the stem cell surface권익찬; 김광명; 전상민; 임승호; 이상민; 윤화인; 나진희; 구희범; 한상수; 강선웅; 박순정; 문성환; 박재형; 조용우; 김병수; 김상균; 이태관; 김동규; 이슬기; Martin G. Pomper
2016-04Measurement of corticosterone levels in rat plasma after uptake of multi-component decoction from natural herb for the anti-stress effect정병화; 이현범; 오현아; 김동규; 김동학
2017-08MicroRNA-mediated non-viral direct conversion of embryonic fibroblasts to cardiomyocytes: comparison of commercial and synthetic non-viral vectors권익찬; 김광명; 김선화; 김효석; 김동규; 구숙희
2017-06Polyethylenimine-Dermatan Sulfate Complex, a Bioactive Biomaterial with Unique Toxicity to CD146-Positive Cancer Cells권익찬; 김선화; 김병길; 김동규; 곽기정; 이지영; 여윤
2004-04Polymeric Imidazolium Salts as Ionic Liquid Electrolyte for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC)김동규; 송미연; 김동영; 진정일; 안광덕
2017-10Programmed Cell Death Protein Ligand-1 Silencing with Polyethylenimine-Dermatan Sulfate Complex for Dual Inhibition of Melanoma Growth권익찬; 김선화; 김인산; 김동규; 남기훈; 왕선영; 곽기정; 여윤
2015-11RAGE siRNA-mediated gene silencing provides cardioprotection against ventricular arrhythmias in acute ischemia and reperfusion박혜림; 구숙희; 박해원; 홍주은; 김동규; 최범락; 박휘남; 이문형; 목혜정; 정지훈; 최동훈; 김선화; 정보영
2010-12Regulation of IκB kinase by GβL through recruitment of the protein phosphatases유동주; 김유림; 박초롱; 김동규; 염정훈; 이철주; 안규리; 성재영; 황종익
2017-02Silica overcoating of Ag nanowire flexible film for EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) shielding김상우; 김동규
2016-12Simultaneous regulation of apoptotic gene silencing and angiogenic gene expression for myocardial infarction therapy: Single-carrier delivery of SHP-1 siRNA and VEGF-expressing pDNA권익찬; 김선화; 김동규; 구숙희; 김효석; 정지훈; 이민형; 최동훈
2020-01Stacking fault energy analyses of additively manufactured stainless steel 316L and CrCoNi medium entropy alloy using in situ neutron diffraction서진유; 우완측; 정재석; 김동규; 이철민; 최시훈; 이수열; S. Harjo; T. Kawasaki
2017-12Synergistic antitumor effects of combination treatment with metronomic doxorubicin and VEGF-targeting RNAi nanoparticles권익찬; 김광명; 김선화; 조성덕; 곽기정; 김효석; 김동규; 김명구
2016-04Thermal conductivity of Ag nanowire electrode for wearable heating devices김상우; 김동규; 신임혁; 최덕균
2020-11-24Ti 산화물의 티타나이징을 이용하여 제조한 Ti 저차 산화물 및 이의 제조방법김동규; 변지영; 최광덕
2003-07-14(알콕시폴리옥시알킬렌글리콜)알킬 불포화카르복실산디에스테르 화합물의 제조방법김동규; 김훈식; 박건유; 안병성; 오상정