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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-10Bacteria-Mediated Synthesis of Free-Standing Cobalt Oxide Rods심현우; 고영대; 김동완; 이창수; 박재관
2007-09Bandgap modulation in single-crystalline ZnSxSe1-x alloy nanowires최영진; 윤여준; 안명원; 김동완; 최경진; 남산; 박재관
2015-03Biomineralized Multifunctional Magnetite/Carbon Microspheres for Applications in Li Ion Batteries and Water Treatment박상백; 심현우; 송희조; 김재찬; Eunjin Jang; 홍국선; T. Doohun Kim; 김동완
2019-09“Brain-Coral-Like” Mesoporous Hollow CoS2@N-Doped Graphitic Carbon Nanoshells as Efficient Sulfur Reservoirs for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries박상백; 서승덕; 박동주; 김동완
2013-03Composition Control of a Light Absorbing Layer of CuInSe2 Thin Film Solar Cells Prepared by Electrodeposition박영일; 김동완; 서경원; 정증현; 김홍곤
2005-02Crystal growth in the low-temperature deposition of polycrystalline silicon thin film신승도; 김동완; 김동익; 김도연
2006-10Degradation Mechanism of Dielectric Loss in Barium Niobate under a Reducing Atmosphere김동완; 김병국; 제해준; 박재관; 김정렬; 홍국선
2006-11Direct Aseembly of BaTiO3-Poly(methyl methacrylate) Nanocomposite Films김동완; 이두희; 김병국; 제해준; 박재관
2005-10Effects of CuO and V2O5 Addition on Sintering Behavior and Microwave Dielectric Properties of (1-x)Ca2P2O7-xTiO2조인선; 강상구; 김동완; 홍국선
2007-01Effects of CuO and V2O5 Addition on Sintering Behavior and Microwave Dielectric Properties of (1-x)Ca2P2O7-xTiO2조인선; 강상구; 김동완; 홍국선
2020-04Efficient waste polyvinyl(butyral) and cellulose composite enabled carbon nanofibers for oxygen reduction reaction and water remediation박상백; 박종철; 김재찬; 김동완
2010-01Electrochemical impedance spectroscopic characterization on nano-sized Ca3Co3FeO9 electrode with enhanced capacity retention고영대; 강진구; 박재관; 김동완
2007-01Electrochemical Performance of Calcium Cobaltite Nano-Plates김동완; 고영대; 박종성; 제해준; 손지원; 김주선
2009-07Electrochemical performance of calcium cobaltite nano-plates김동완; 고영대; 박종성; 제해준; 손지원; 김주선
2007-05Electron field emission from semiconducting nanowiresS.M. Pimenov; V. D. Frolov; A. V. Kudryashov; M. M. Lamanov; N. P. Abanshin; B. I. Gorfinkel; 김동완; 최영진; 박재환; 박재관
2008-04Electron field emission from semiconducting nanowiresS. M. Pimenov; V. D. Frolov; A. V. Kudryashov; M. M. Lamanov; N. P. Abanshin; B. I. Gorfinkel; 김동완; 최영진; 박재환; 박재관
2005-11Electrophoretic Assembly of Rechargeable BatteriesWartena, Ryan C; 김동완; Chiang, Yet-Ming
2021-02Electrospun-cellulose derived free-standing carbon nanofibers as lightweight, ultrathin, and stackable interlayers for lithium-sulfur batteries박상백; 박동주; 김동완
2009-07Enhanced cycling performance of an Fe0/Fe3O4 nanocomposite electrode for lithium-ion batteries이광희; 박재관; 성윤모; 정경윤; 조원일; 김동완
2010-01Enhanced dielectric constant of polymer-matrix composites using nano-BaTiO3 agglomerates이동호; 이종흔; 김동완; 김병국; 제해준
2015-04Enhanced Lithium Ion Battery Performance of 3-D Ge/Cu Nanowire-frameworks Electrodes이광희; 이세운; 박재관; 김동완
2016-07Enhanced lithium storage in reduced graphene oxide-supported M-phase vanadium(IV) dioxide nanoparticles김병국; 박상백; 송희주; 최민구; 김재찬; 이찬우; 홍성현; 김동완
2008-12Enhanced Rate Capabilities of Nanobrookite with Electronically Conducting MWCNT Networks이두희; 김동완; 박재관
2008-01Enhancement of field emission properties of ZnO nanowires by post-annealing in H2 ambient박경수; 최영진; 김동완; 성윤모; 박재관; 최경진
2009-07Enhancement of field-emission properties in ZnO nanowire array by post-annealing in H2 ambient박경수; 최영진; 안명원; 김동완; 성윤모; 박재관; 최경진
2007-09Evolution of the morphology of the ZnS nanostructures최영진; 권석준; 김동완; 최경진; 남 산; 박재관
2017-02Fabrication of highly porous carbon as sulfur hosts using waste green tea bag powder for lithium-sulfur batteries김병국; 서승덕; 최창훈; 김동완
2006-09Fabrication of Homogeneous BaTiO3/PMMA Nanocomposites with High Dielectric Constant by Electrodeposition이성명; 이두희; 김동완; 최헌진; 김병국
2007-02Field emission characteristics of SiC nanowires synthesized by chemical vapor deposition최영진; 김동완; 최경진; 박재환; 박재관