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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02Fabrication of highly porous carbon as sulfur hosts using waste green tea bag powder for lithium-sulfur batteries김병국; 서승덕; 최창훈; 김동완
2006-09Fabrication of Homogeneous BaTiO3/PMMA Nanocomposites with High Dielectric Constant by Electrodeposition이성명; 이두희; 김동완; 최헌진; 김병국
2007-02Field emission characteristics of SiC nanowires synthesized by chemical vapor deposition최영진; 김동완; 최경진; 박재환; 박재관
2007-09Formation of Lithium-Driven Active/Inactive Nanocomposite Electrodes Based on Ca3Co4O9 Nanoplates김동완; 고영대; 박재관; 김병국
2008-12Gas sensing properties of defect-controlled ZnO-nanowire gas sensor안명원; 박경수; 허정훈; 박재관; 김동완; 최경진; 이종흔; 홍성현
2010-04Gas-sensing properties of defect-controlled ZnO-nanowires gas sensor안명원; 박경수; 허정훈; 박재관; 김동완; 최경진
2005-12Glass-free LTCC Microwave Dielectric CeramicsBian, Jian-Jiang; 김동완; 홍국선
2014-10Growth of anatase and rutile TiO2@Sb:SnO2 heterostructures and their application in photoelectrochemical water splitting박상백; 이찬우; 조인선; 김상현; 박종훈; 김혜진; 김동완; 이상욱; 홍국선
2007-11Growth of SnO2-In2O3 Hetero Nanostructures권석준; 황인성; 김동완; 최영진; 박재관
2013-05Heteroepitaxial Growth of ZnO Nanosheet Bands on ZnCo2O4 Submicron Rods toward High-Performance Li Ion Battery Electrodes박상백; 이찬우; 서승덕; 김동욱; 진경석; 김동완; 홍국선
2016-07Heteroepitaxy-Induced Rutile VO2 with Abundantly Exposed (002) Facets for High Lithium Electroactivity박상백; 이찬우; 김재찬; 송희조; 심현우; 이상욱; 김동완
2014-06Hierarchical assembly of TiO2-SrTiO3 heterostructures on conductive SnO2 backbone nanobelts for enhanced photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic performance박상백; 김상현; 김혜진; 이찬우; 송희조; 서세원; 박훈기; 김동완; 홍국선
2008-12High Electrochemical Performances of Tin Sulfide Nanosheet Electrodes Directly Grown on Current Collectors강진구; 김동완; 최경진; 박재관
2010-04High Performance Self-supported SnO2 Nanowires for Lithium Ion Battery Electrode강진구; 고영대; 김동완; 박재관
2009-04High rate capabilities induced by multi-phasic nanodomains in iron-substituted calcium cobaltite electrodes고영대; 강진구; 최경진; 박재관; 안재평; 정경윤; 남경완; 윤원섭; 김동완
2015-02High-areal-capacity lithium storage of the Kirkendall effect-driven hollow hierarchical NiSx nanoarchitecture박상백; 이찬우; 서승덕; 박훈기; 송희조; 김동완; 홍국선
2016-03High-power and long-life supercapacitive performance of hierarchical, 3-D urchin-like W18O49 nanostructure electrodes박상백; 심현우; 이찬우; 송희주; 김재찬; 김동완
2020-09High-power lithium-ion capacitor using orthorhombic Nb2O5 nanotubes enabled by cellulose-based electrospun scaffolds박상백; 박종철; 김동완
2007-10Highly Conductive Coaxial SnO2-In2O3 Heterostructured Nanowires for Li Ion Battery Electrodes김동완; 황인성; 권석준; 강해용; 박경수; 최영진; 최경진; 박재관
2015-07Highly stable sodium storage in 3-D gradational Sb-NiSb-Ni heterostructures박상백; 이찬우; 김재찬; 송희조; 김동완
2020-11In Situ Conversion of Metal-Organic Frameworks into VO2-V3S4 Heterocatalyst Embedded Layered Porous Carbon as an “All-in-One” Host for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries류승호; 박상백; 서승덕; 김동완
2006-06Influence of Strain on the Dielectric Properties of Bi-Zn-Ti-Nb-O Solid Solution Thin Films김진영; 김동완; 정현석; 홍국선
2006-06Investigation of the Relations Between Structure and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Divalent Metal Tungstate Compounds윤성훈; 김동완; 조서용; 홍국선
2009-04Investigation on the Microstructure and Microwave Dielectric Properties of LaNbO4 sintered at Low Temperature이항원; 박정현; 김동완; 박재관; 남산
2007-08Laterally grown SnO2 nanowires and their NO2 gas sensing characteristics박재환; 임동건; 최영진; 김동완; 최경진; 박재관
2010-11Li electroactivity of iron (II) tungstate nanorods심현우; 조인선; 홍국선; 조원일; 김동완
2016-10Li-electroactivity of thermally-reduced V2O3 nanoparticles박상백; 송희조; 최민구; 김재찬; 이찬우; 홍성현; 김동완
2015-10Li2MnSiO4 nanorods-embedded carbon nanofibers for lithium-ion battery electrodes박상백; 송희조; 김재찬; 최민구; 최창훈; Mushtaq Ahmad Dar; 이찬우; 김동완
2006-12Low Temperature Sintering and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ba3Ti5Nb6O28 with B2O3 and CuO Additions김정렬; 김동완; 윤성훈; 홍국선
2007-03Low temperature Sintering and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ba3Ti5Nb6O28 with ZnO-B2O3 Glass Additions for LTCC Applications김정렬; 김동완; 조인선; 김병수; 안재설; 홍국선