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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07Reversible Li-storage in Titanium(III) Oxide Nanosheets박상백; 송희조; 김재찬; 이찬우; Mushtaq Ahmad Dar; 홍성현; 김동완
2012-10Sb:SnO2@TiO2 Heteroepitaxial Branched Nanoarchitectures for Li ion battery electrodes박상백; 서승덕; 이상욱; 서세원; 박경수; 이찬우; 김동완; 홍국선
2009-10Self-supported SnO2 nanowire electrodes for high-power lithium-ion batteries고영대; 강진구; 박재관; 이성준; 김동완
2007-05Sintering Behavior and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Tricalcium Phosphate Polymorphs조인선; 류현승; 김정렬; 김동완; 홍국선
2014-10Sn self-doped α-Fe2O3 nanobranch arrays supported on a transparent, conductive SnO2 trunk to improve photoelectrochemical water oxidation박상백; 김혜진; 이찬우; 송희조; 신성식; 서세원; 박훈기; Sungjun Lee; 김동완; 홍국선
2008-06Stable field emission performance of SiC-nanowire-based cathodes김동완; 최영진; 최경진; 박재관; 박재환; S. M. Pimenov; V. D. Frolov; N. P. Abanshin; B. I. Gorfinkel; N. M. Rossukanyi; A. I. Rukovishnikov
2016-01Stable high-areal-capacity nanoarchitectured germanium anodes on three-dimensional current collectors for Li ion microbatteries이광희; 이선; 이찬우; 최창훈; 김동완
2009-05Structural and optical properties of pseudobinary wurtzite alloy nanowires권석준; 최영진; 최경진; 김동완; 박재관
2010-02Superior rate capabilities of SnS nanosheet electrodes for Li ion batteries강진구; 박재관; 김동완
2014-01Surface-area-tuned, quantum-dot-sensitized heterostructured nanoarchitectures for highly efficient photoelectrodes박상백; 김동회; 이찬우; 서승덕; 김혜진; 한현수; 홍국선; 김동완
2012-04Synthesis and Characterization of Self-Supported MWCNT/SnS2 Nanosheets Electrodes for High-Power Lithium Ion Battery강진구; 김동완; 박재관
2007-09Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of the Misfit-Layered Cobaltite nanomaterials고영대; 박종성; 박재관; 남산; 김동완
2009-08Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Tin (IV) Oxide Nanowires for Secondary Lithium Ion Battery강진구; 고영대; 김동완; 최경진; 최영진; 박재관
2009-04Synthesis and optical properties in ZnSxSe1-x alloy nanowires최영진; 권석준; 최경진; 김동완; 박재관; 남산
2008-08Synthesis of Cu2PO4OH Hierarchical Superstructures with Photocatalytic Activity in Visible Light조인선; 김동욱; 이상욱; 곽채현; 배신태; 노준홍; 윤성훈; 정현석; 김동완; 홍국선
2016-06Synthesis of silicon carbide nanocrystals using waste poly(vinyl butyral) sheet김병국; 박성우; 김재찬; 김동완
2015-01Ta-substituted SnNb2-xTaxO6 photocatalysts for hydrogen evolution under visible light irradiation박상백; 이찬우; 박훈기; 한현수; 서세원; 송희조; 신선; 김동완; 홍국선
2013-01Tailoring nanobranches in three-dimensional hierarchical rutile heterostructures: a case study of TiO2?SnO2박상백; 이상욱; 서세원; 서승덕; 이찬우; 김동회; 김동완; 홍국선
2015-03Tailoring uniform γ-MnO2 nanosheets on highly conductive three-dimensional current collectors for high-performance supercapacitor electrodes박상백; 심현우; 이찬우; 송희조; 박익재; 김재찬; 홍국선; 김동완
2005-10The Electrophoretic Assembly of Rechargeable BatteriesWartena, Ryan C; 김동완; Chiang, Yet-Ming
2014-12Three-dimensional hierarchical Li4Ti5O12 nanoarchitecture by a sacrificial template route박상백; 서승덕; 김혜진; 이찬우; 송희조; 신성식; 박훈기; 홍국선; 김동완
2012-05Three-dimensional hierarchical self-supported multi-walled carbon nanotubes/tin(IV) disulfide nanosheets heterostructure electrodes for high power Li ion batteries강진구; 이광희; 박경수; 김상옥; 이성준; 김동완; 박재관
2006-03Virus Enabled Synthesis and Assembly of Nanowires for Lithium Ion Battery남기태; 김동완; 유필진; Chiang, Chung-Yi; Meethong, Nonglak; Hammond, Paula T; Chiang, Yet-Ming; Belcher, Angela M
2006-05Virus-Enabled Synthesis and Assembly of Nanowires for Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes남기태; 김동완; 유필진; Chiang, Chung-Yi; Meethong, Nonglak; Hammond, Paula T; Chiang, Yet-Ming; Belcher, Angela M
2007-09Visible-band optical sensor based on CdSxSe1-x nanostructures최영진; 박경수; 윤여준; 김동완; 최경진; 남 산; 박재관
2008-11Visible-Light-Induced Photocatalytic Activity in FeNbO4 Nanoparticles조인선; 이상욱; 노준홍; 최근규; 정현석; 김동완; 홍국선
2005-09Voltage-Tunable Dielectric Properties of Pyrochlore Bi-Zn-Nb-Ti-O Solid-Solution Thin Films김진영; 김동완; 정현석; 홍국선
2008-04-17가시광 대역 반도체 나노선 광센서 및 이의 제조 방법김동완; 박경수; 박재관; 박재환; 변재철; 최경진; 최영진
2009-07고성능 리튬이온 이차전지용 나노 전극재료김동완; 강진구; 박재관
2010-01-05나노 복합체 활물질을 구비한 전극, 이의 제조방법, 및 이를 포함하는 전기화학 디바이스강진구; 김대현; 김동완; 박경수; 박재관; 최영진