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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994-12Effect of mechanical deformation on in vitro calcification of segmented polyurethane.김영하; 서수원; 한동근; 민병구
2003-02Effect of molecular orientation on biodegradability of poly(glycolide-co-ε-caprolactone)조도광; 박준원; 김수현; 김영하; 임승순
2001-11Effect of organic matrix on calcification of biocomposite materials김용완; 김재진; 김영하; 정상귀; 최총송
2001-05Effect of poly(ethylene glycol) graft polymerization of poly(methyl methacrylate) on cell adhesion : in vitro and in vivo study김미금; 박인석; 박형달; 위원량; 이진학; 박기동; 김수현; 김영하
2000-01Effect of Poly(Ethylene Glycol)(PEG) graft polymerization onto Polymethylmethacrylate(PMMA) on cultured Keratocyte adhesion김미금; 박인숙; 박형달; 위원량; 이진학; 박기동; 김영하
1992-05Effect of shear rates on protein adsorption in the total artificial heart.김영하; 김종원; 한동근; 류규하; 신인선; 이규백; 민병구
1992-01Effect of the microdomain surfaces of hydrophilic PU-hydrophobic PS IPN's on platelet activity.한동근; 김영하; 김성철; 신용철
2002-05Effects of organic matrix proteins on the interfacial structure at the bone-bicompatible nacre interface in vitro김용완; 김재진; 김영하; 노재영
2004-05Effects of Pressure and Temperature on the Kinetics of L-Lactide Polymerization in Supercritical Chlorodifluoromethane백지원; 김수현; 박수영; 이윤우; 김영하
2003-07Elastic biodegradable poly(glycolide-co-caprolactone) scaffold for tissue engineering이수홍; 김병수; 김수현; 최성원; 정성인; 권일근; 강선웅; Janeta Nikolovski; David J. Mooney; 한양규; 김영하
2000-05End group modified polylactide김수현; 이수홍; 한양규; 김영하
2000-07Enhanced blood compatibility and calcification resistance of biomaterials modified by grafting김영하
2003-08Enhanced blood compatibility of polymers grafted by sulfonated PEO via a negative cilia concept김영하; 한동근; 박기동; 김수현
1993-04Enhanced blood compatibility of the PU/PS IPN with phase separated structure.한동근; 김영하; 신용철; 김성철
2008-05Enhanced Mechanical Strength and Cytocompatibility by Gelatin in Electrospun Poly(L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone)/Gelatin Fibers이종만; 태기융; 김수현; 김상헌; 김영하
2006-09Enhanced production of ECM in vascular grafts by mechano-active tissue engineering임진익; 김상헌; 김수현; 김영하
2011-01Enhanced regeneration of the ligament-bone interface using a poly(L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) scaffold with local delivery of cells/BMP-2 using a heparin-based hydrogel이종만; 최원일; 태기융; 김영하; 김성수; 김세은; 김상헌; 정영미; 김수현
1992-08Enhancement of blood compatibility of albumin-immobilized polyurethane류규하; 한동근; 김영하; 민병구
2000-08Epithelial cell and human stromal fibroblast culture on surface modified poly(L-lactide-co-glycolide)(PLGA) scaffold for corneal regeneration이상영; 권일근; 이수홍; 박기동; 김수현; 김영하; 최정우
2002-06Evaluation of biocompatibility of extracorporeal circuit: development of a quantification technique using in-vivo injection of Tc99m radioactive platelets이성호; 선경; 최재걸; 손호성; 정재승; 안상수; 오혜정; 이환성; 이혜원; 김광택; 정윤섭; 김영하; 김형묵
1989-01Evaluation of blood compatibility of PEO grafted and heparin immobilized polyurethanes.김영하; 한동근; 정서영
2005-10Fabrication of a new macroporous scaffold for vascular tissue engineering김상헌; 정민섭; 권재현; 정은나; 정영미; 김수현; 김영하
2006-11Fabrication of a new tubular fibrous PLCL scaffold for vascular tissue engineering김상헌; 권재현; 정민섭; 정은나; 정영미; 김수현; 김영하
1996-04Fibers in medicine and surgery.김영하; 김수현; 안광덕
2002-10Fibroblast adhesion and proliferation on poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels crosslinked by hydrolyzable polyrotaxaneJunji Watanabe; Tooru Ooya; Kou-Hei Nitta; 박기동; 김영하; Nobuhiko Yui
2001-11Fibroblast culture on surface-modified poly(glycolide-co- ε -caprolactone) scaffold for soft tissue regeneration권일근; 박기동; 최성원; 이수홍; 배은희; 나재석; 김수현; 김영하
1999-02Graft copolymerization of polyethylene glycol methacrylate onto polyethylene film and its blood compatibility권오현; 노영창; 박기동; 김영하
2004-09Heparin conjugated polylactide as a blood compatible materialKyoung Soo Jee; Hyung Dal Park; Ki Dong Park; 김영하; Jung-Woog Shin
1999-04Heparin grafted tissue patches for bioprosthesis박기동; 이원규; 김광택; 김형묵; 김영하
1995-03Heparin immobilization on or into organic-inorganic hybrid polymeric network prepared by sol-gel method.김영하; 김철희; 박기동; 김은경; 진인주