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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-09Heparin conjugated polylactide as a blood compatible materialKyoung Soo Jee; Hyung Dal Park; Ki Dong Park; 김영하; Jung-Woog Shin
1999-04Heparin grafted tissue patches for bioprosthesis박기동; 이원규; 김광택; 김형묵; 김영하
1995-03Heparin immobilization on or into organic-inorganic hybrid polymeric network prepared by sol-gel method.김영하; 김철희; 박기동; 김은경; 진인주
1995-04Heparin immobilization onto sol-gel derived organic-inorganic hybrid network.김영하; 박기동; 김철희; 김은경; 진인주
1995-06Heparin-like anticoagulant activity of sulphonated poly(ethylene oxide) and sulphonated poly(ethylene oxide)-grafted polyurethane.김영하; 한동근; 이남영; 박기동; 조한익; 민병구
1987-01Heparinized antithrombogenic polymers.김영하; 한동근
2000-09Heparinized bovine pericardium as a novel cardiovascular bioprosthesis이원규; 박기동; 한동근; 서활; 박종철; 김영하
2003-10High molecular weight poly(L-lactide) and its microsphere synthesized in supercritical chlorodifluoromethane백지원; 김수현; 박수영; 이윤우; 김영하
2000-09High strength polylactide by solid-state processing김수현; 임정렬; 임순호; 김영하
2005-07Histological Behavior of HDPE Scaffolds Fabricated by the "Press-and-Baking" method권재현; 김상수; 김병수; 성원준; 이수홍; 임진익; 정영미; 김상헌; 김수현; 김영하
1992-01Hydrogels for drug delivery system: colon-specific delivery.김영하; 박기동; 정서영
1996-06Hydrolysis degradation of star-shaped poly-L-lactide.김수현; 김영하
2001-08Immobilization of poly(ethylene glycol) or its sulfonate onto polymer surfaces by ozone oxidation고영근; 김영하; 박기동; 이희정; 이원규; 박형달; 김수현; 이길선; 안동준
2002-08Improved blood compatibility and decreased VSMC proliferation of surface-modified metal grafted with sulfonated PEG or heparin이희정; 홍종규; 구현철; 이원규; 박기동; 김수현; 유영미; 김영하
2001-01Improved calcification resistance and biocompatibility of tissue patch grafted with sulfonated PEO or heparin after glutaraldehyde fixation이원규; 박기동; 김영하; 서활; 박종철; 이종은; 선경; 백만종; 김형묵; 김수현
2001-07Improvement of flexural strengths of poly(L-lactic acid) by solid-state extrusion임정렬; 임순호; 김수현; 김영하
2003-01Improvement of flexural strengths of poly(L-lactic acid) by solid-state extrusion, 2a : Extrusion through rectangular die임정렬; 김수현; 임순호; 김영하
2009-09Improvement of hemostasis and mechanical property by fibrin glue/alginate interpenetrating network박철호; 박귀덕; 박기동; 김재진; 김영하; 한동근
2009-09In situ chondrogenic differentiation of human adipose tissue-derived stem cells in a TGF-β1 loaded fibrin-poly(lactide-caprolactone) nanoparticulate complex정영미; 정용일; 김상희; 태기융; 김영하; 이종원; 김상헌; 김수현
2005-06In situ fabrication of self-transformable and hydrophilic poly(ethylene glycol) derivative-modified polysulfone membranes김용완; 안웅식; 김재진; 김영하
2003-09In vitro biocompatibility assessment of sulfonated polyrotaxane-immobilized polyurethane surfaces박형달; 이원규; Tooru Ooya; 박기동; 김영하; Nobuhiko Yui
1998-06In vitro evaluation of PEG modified polyurethanes in cellular toxicity이종은; 박종철; 박기동; 김영하; 서활 *
1995-01In vitro studies of immobilized heparin and sulfonated polyurethane using epifluorescent video microscopy.김영하; 박기동; Chisato Nojiri; Shigeru Kuroda; Noboru Saito; Kazuhuko Hagiwara; Kazuhisa Senshu; Takayuki Kido; Tomoko Sugiyama; Toshihiko Kijima; Kiyotaka Sakai; Tetsuzo Akutsu
2006-11In vitro와 동물실험을 통한 생분해성 고분자 PLCL의 바이오 혈관 개발에 대한 연구정은나; 김상헌; 김수현; 김영하
2006-12In Vivo Biocompatibility of Sulfonated PEO-Grafted Polyurethanes for Polymer Heart Valve and Vascular Graft한동근; 박귀덕; 박기동; 안광덕; 김영하
2004-08In vivo biocompatibilty and degradation behavior of elastic poly(L-lactide-co- -caprolactone) scaffolds정성인; 김병수; 강선웅; 권재현; 이영무; 김수현; 김영하
1993-06In vivo biostability and calcification-resistance of surface-modified PU-PEO-SO//3.한동근; 박기동; 정서영; 김영하; 김은영; 민병구
1994-01In vivo blood compatibility of PU-PEO-SO//3 as coating material for blood sac of left ventricular assist device(LVAD).한동근; 김종원; 유규하; 최진욱; 이규백; 김영하; 민병구
1993-01In vivo canine studies of a sinkhole valve and vascular graft coated with biocompatible Pu-PEO-SO//3.김영하; 박기동; 김철상; 정서영; 이규백; 김형묵; 한동근; 민병구
2003-12In vivo conjunctival reconstruction using modified PLGA grafts for decreased scar formation and contraction이상영; 오정환; 김재찬; 김영하; 김수현; 최정우