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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-09Quantum discord protection from amplitude damping decoherence윤지원; 홍강희; 임향택; 이종찬; 권오성; 한상욱; 김용수; 문성욱; 김윤호
2021-08Quantum teleportation is a reversal of quantum measurement이승우; 임동길; 김윤호; 나현철; 김명식
2001-10Relaxation and freezing in Pb-based relaxor ferroelectrics박재환; 김윤호; 박재관
2000-01Removal of heavy metal ions by using natural zeolite comixed with montmorillonite문정호; 김윤호; 김영만; 김천한; 곽현태
1997-01Sintering and microwave dielectric properties of BaO-TiO//2-WO//3 ceramics with chemical-route derived B2O3 and borosilicate liquid phase김윤호
1997-01Sintering of BaO-TiO//2-WO//3 microwave ceramics with chemical route-derived B//2O//3 and borosilicate liquid phase.Alexander Golovchansky; 김효태; 김윤호
2015-05Strange quantum discord in two-photon interference최유준; 윤지원; 홍강희; 임향택; 권오성; 한상욱; 문성욱; 김윤호
1990-01Studies of the Mullite-Cordierite Composites as a Substrate Material김경용; 김윤호; 정형진; 김석수; 김병호
2010-01Study on variation of electrical internal resistance for thermoelectric generator module with operating temperature김윤호; 김명기; 김서영; 리광훈; 엄석기
1996-01The design of dielectric ceramic antenna for GPS.김현철; 노용래; 김인태; 김윤호
1996-01The effect of grain size on dielectric behavior of BaTiO//3 based X7R materials.박융; 김윤호; H. G. Kim
1996-01The effect of stress on the dielectric-temperature characteristics of core-shell grain structure.박융; 김윤호; 김호기
1997-08The effect of Ti/Sr ratio on abnormal grain growth of Nb-doped SrTiO3배철휘; 전형탁; 김윤호; 박재관
1996-01The phase transition & microwave dielectric properties of tin modified Zr titanate by melting.박융; 김윤호; H. G. Kim
2019-10The true liquid crystal phases of 2D polymeric carbon nitride and macroscopic assembled fibers정현수; 송지윤; 강희주; 원존창; 김윤호; 전영시
2002-11Theoretical study of the Ti + (NO,O ₂ ) → TiO + (N,O) reactionsKyoung Hoon Kim; Yoon Sup Lee; Jung-Ho Moon; 김윤호; Gwang-Hi Jeung
2013-10Time-bin entangled photon pairs from spontaneous parametric down-conversion pumped by a cw multi-mode diode laser권오성; 박광균; 라영식; 김용수; 김윤호
2001-10Titanium incorporation in Zn ₂ TiO ₄ spinel ceramics.김효태; 김윤호; Matjaz Valant; Danilo Suvorov
2002-04Variations in electrical properties of Nb-doped SrTiO₃ with cation nonstoichiometryJung-Ho Moon; Seong-Ho Kim; Keun-Il Park; 김윤호; Keon Kim
1997-01Warpage behavior and its control in LC composite layered devices김윤호
2010-02Weak Value Measurement with an Incoherent Measuring Device조영욱; 임향택; 라영식; 김윤호
1997-01Zinc titanates dielectric ceramics prepared by sol-gel processA. V. Golovchansky; 김효태; 김윤호
1998-02Zinc titanates dielectric ceramics prepared by sol-gel processAlexander Golovchansky*; 김효태; 김윤호
1998-06-25강유전체 유전이력곡선 측정 장치 및 방법김병국; 김윤호; 김인태; 박재관; 박재환
1998-07-28고유전율온도안정형적층세라믹캐패시터및그제조방법김성호; 김윤호; 김인태; 김효태; 노영호
2002-10-21고이득 마이크로스트립 안테나김윤호; 박재환; 이병제; 이학용; 정병운
1998-07-28고주파용 유전체 세라믹스 조성물김윤호; 김인태; 김효태; 박재관; 박재환
2000-09-19마이크로파용 고유전율 유전체 세라믹 조성물김병국; 김윤호; 박재관; 박재환; 우창수; 조운조
1999-01-14마이크로파용 유전체 세라믹 조성물김영웅; 김윤호; 김인태; 김효태; 박재관