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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-01A linear analysis on acoustic pressure response of droplet flames in rocket engines.김종수; 손채훈; 정석호
1997-09A numerical analysis on the extinction of hydrogen-oxygen diffusion flames at high pressure손채훈; 김종수; 이수룡; 정석호
1996-09Acoustic response of droplet flames to pressure oscillations.김종수; F. A. Williams; C. H. Sohn; S. H. Chung
1996-01Acoustic-instability boundaries in liquid-propellant rockets: theoretical explanation of empirical correlation.김종수; F. A. Williams
2004-06Activation Energy Asymptotics Revisited (I) - Quasisteady Extinction Conidtion of Diffusion Flames김종수
2004-12Activation Energy Asymptotics Revisited (II) - Diffusion-Flame Structure in the Premixed-Flame Regime김종수
1997-01Air-quality changes of the Seoul metropolitan area from year 1985 to 1995문길주; 심상규; 김영성; 김용표; 김종수; 김신도
2005-03An Experimental Study on the Transition of Momentum Controlling Hydrogen Jet to Buoyant Jet원상희; 정석호; 김종수
2008-03CMC 모델 기반 수치해석을 사용한 순산소 난류확산화염 구조 연구김종수; S.Sreedhara; 허강열; 양원
1994-01Contribution of strained diffusion flames to acoustic pressure response.김종수; Forman A. Williams
1997-09Diffusion-flame instability in the premixed-flame regime이수룡; 김종수
2000-12Edge flame : Why is it so hot in combustion?김종수
2000-08Effects of spatio-temporal resolution of diagnostic wind field on the dispersion of released substance김영성; 김병욱; 오현선; 김진영; 김종수
1995-01Effects of turbulence on linear acoustic instability: spatial inhomogeneity.김종수
1992-02Influences of swirl on the structure and extinction of strained premixed flames. Part II: Strong rates of rotation.김종수; Forman A. Williams; Paul A. Libby
1998-05On closure of activation-energy asymptotics in the premixed-flame regime김종수; 이수룡
1992-01On the displacement effects of laminar flames.김종수; Forman A. Williams; Paul A. Libby
1986-01On the extinction characteristics of the interacting lean-lean premixed flames.김종수; 정석호
1988-01On the extinction of partially premixed diffusion system and the near-stoichiometric structure of premixed flames.김종수; 정석호
1989-01On the structure and extinction dynamics of partially-premixed flames: theory and experiment.김종수; 정석호; C. K. Law; D. L. Zhu; T. X. Li
2023-01Post-Annealing Effects on Optical Properties of GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Dots Grown by Droplet Epitaxy서유량; 강태인; 김종수; 송진동; 이상준; 김희대
1999-01Radiation-induced oscillatory instability in diffusion flames손채훈; 김종수
1995-01Response of counterflow diffusion flames to oscillating strain rates.김종수; H. G. Im; C. K. Law; F. A. Williams
2004-06Simulation of a Diffusion Flame in Turbulent Mixing Layer by the Flame Hole Dynamics Model with Level-Set Method김준홍; 정석호; 안국영; 김종수
1993-12Structures of flow and mixture-fraction fields for counterflow diffusion flames with small stoichiometric mixture fractions.김종수; Forman A. Williams
1990-01Theory of counterflow mixing of fuel with hot reaction products.김종수; F. A. Williams
1994-01Turbulence-induced noise effects on high-frequency combustion instabilities.김종수; P. Clavin; F. A. Williams
2003-03Turing, turing instability, computational biology and combustion.김종수
2008-11기후변화와 탄소격리 기술김종수
2002-05대향류 확산화염에서 확산-전도 불안정의 비선형 거동에 대한 수치해석이수룡; 김종수