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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11Nanodisc-Based Bioelectronic Nose Using Olfactory Receptor Produced in Escherichia coli for the Assessment of the Death-Associated Odor Cadaverine송현석; 양희홍; 김대산; 김종수; 문동석; 이민주; 홍승훈; 박태현
2010-06Non-catalytic partial oxidation of methane for producing syngas나익환; 채태영; 김종수; 양원
2001-04Nonlinear acoustic-pressure responses of oxygen droplet flames burning in gaseous hydrogen김홍집; 손채훈; 정석호; 김종수
2000-03Nonlinear dynamic characteristics of flame stripes formed in strained diffusion flames by diffusional-thermal instability이수룡; 김종수
1999-12Nonlinear evolution of diffusion flame oscillations triggered by radiative heat loss김종수; 손채훈; K. Maruta
2000-10Nonlinear evolution of diffusion flame oscillations triggered by radiative heat loss손채훈; 김종수; 정석호; K Maruta
2000-05Nonlinear evolution of flame stripes by diffusional-thermal instability in strained diffusion flames이수룡; 김종수
2010-06Novel method for mesa formation utilizing thermally annealed surface QDs하승규; 송진동; 임주영; 이은혜; 파브리스 도나티니; 사미르 보누아흐; 레시 당; 장필립 푸아제; 김종수; 최원준; 한일기; 이정일
2005-05Numerical Analysis for Characteristics of Hydrogen Diffusion류승관; 정석호; 김종수
2006-04Numerical Simulations of Oxygen-Firing Natural Gas Flames Using the Conditional Moment Closure Model양원; S. Sreedhara; 허강렬; 김종수
2002-05Numerical simulations on nonlinear behaviors of diffusional-thermal instabilities in counterflow diffusion flames이수룡; 김종수
1998-05On closure of activation-energy asymptotics in the premixed-flame regime김종수; 이수룡
2005-07On Oscillatory Fast-Time Instability of Diffusion Flames김종수; Vladimir Gubernov
2002-04On the bifurcation structure of flame stripes formed in strained diffusion flames by diffusional-thermal instability이수룡; 김종수
1992-01On the displacement effects of laminar flames.김종수; Forman A. Williams; Paul A. Libby
1986-01On the extinction characteristics of the interacting lean-lean premixed flames.김종수; 정석호
1988-01On the extinction of partially premixed diffusion system and the near-stoichiometric structure of premixed flames.김종수; 정석호
2005-05On the fast-time cellular instabilities of Linan's diffusion-flame regime김종수; Vladimir Gubernov
2006-10On the fast-time oscillatory instabilities of Linan's diffusion-flame regimeVladimir Gubernov; 김종수
1998-09On the onset condition of fast-time instability in Linan's premixed-flame regime김종수
2005-09On the Origin of Oscillatory Instabilities in Diffusion Flames김종수
1989-01On the structure and extinction dynamics of partially-premixed flames: theory and experiment.김종수; 정석호; C. K. Law; D. L. Zhu; T. X. Li
2002-06On the sublimit solution branches of the stripe patterns formed in counterflow diffusion flames by diffusional-thermal instability이수룡; 김종수
2011-05Optical Characterization of the Excitonic States in Low-density Droplet GaAs Quantum Dots for Single Photon Sources하승규; 송진동; 김수연; 이정일; Samir Bounouar; Le Si Dang; 김종수
2011-10Physical and chemical characterization of carbon from power plant emission김종수; 이지이; 김진영; 심상규; 진현철
2013-04Physico-Chemical Characterization of Black Carbon Emitted from Coal-fired Power Plant, Charcoal Kiln and Diesel Vehicle새살도; 김진영; 심상규; 진현철; 김종수
2015-12Physicochemical and optical properties of combustion generated particles from a coal-fired power plant, automobiles, ship engines and charcoal kilns김화진; 김진영; 김종수; 진현철
2002-12Premixed flame propagation with periodic flame speed variation김종수; 이수룡
2002-04Propagation of premixed flames in quiescent media with periodic laminar flame speed variations이수룡; 김종수
2009-05Prospects of Combustion Theory in the Post-Zel'dovich Era김종수