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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-10Identification Scheme for the Affine Sensor Model강동훈; 김진욱; 김종필; 고희동
2009-05Inertial Orientation Tracking for the Mixed Reality Applications강동훈; 김진욱; 안상철; 고희동
2005-07Integration of Physics Based Simulation with Haptic Interfaces for VR Applications김진욱; Irawati Sylvia; 고희동; 김형곤; Makato Sato
2014-07Kinematic and dynamic modeling of spherical joints using exponential coordinates김진욱; Sung-Hee Lee; Frank C Park
2002-08Kinematic sensitivity analysis of the 3-UPU parallel mechanism한찬희; 김진욱; 김종원; Frank Chongwoo Park
2008-04Motion Tracking with Velocity Update and Distortion Correction from Planar Laser Scan Data홍승표; 고희동; 김진욱
2020-04Multiple Classification of Gait Using Time-Frequency Representations and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks김진욱; 문경률; 정다운; 박미나; 뉴옌 마우 덩
2002-09NAVER: design and implementation of XML-based VR framework on a PC cluster박창훈; 고희동; 안희갑; 김진욱
2009-07Orientation Responsive Touch Interaction김진욱; 안종길; 고희동
2021-11Personal Identification Using Gait Spectrograms and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks김진욱; 문경률; 아샤드 무함마드 지샨; 정다운; 뉴옌 마우 덩
2014-12Pose-Aware Smoothing Filter for Depth Images김진욱; 홍승표
2019-10PotSAC: A Robust Axis Estimator for Axially Symmetric Pot Fragments김진욱; 홍제형; 김영민; 위광철
2016-05Primary and secondary gait deviations of stroke survivors and their association with gait performance김진욱; 문경률; 김형식; 정순철; 최미현; 김선용; 탁계래; 임대운; 전성국
2016Primary and secondary gait deviations of stroke survivors and their association with gait performance김진욱; 문경률; 전성국; 김형식; 정순철; 최미현; 김선용; 김우람; 탁계래; 임대운
2005-08Research on Digital Heritage Exchange (DHX)권용무; 고희동; 김진욱
2006-01Research on Tangible Virtual Museum권용무; 김진욱; 고희동
2009-11Space Foosball: Coupling Tangible Interfaces with a Real-time Game Physics Engine방현우; 허윤실; 김영준; 김진욱
2021-10Structure-From-Sherds: Incremental 3D Reassembly of Axially Symmetric Pots From Unordered and Mixed Fragment Collections김진욱; 아샤드 무함마드 지샨; 유성종; 홍제형; 김영민
2008-07TangibleWeb : filling the gap between virtual and real worlds김진욱; 권용무; 김형곤; 고희동
2016-10The Foot Feature Measurement System and Its Application to Postural Stability of Healthy Subjects김진욱; 문경률; 전성국; 오형안; 강윤중; 홍정기
2016-11The foot feature measurement system and its application to postural stability of healthy subjects김진욱; 문경률; 전성국; 오형안; 강윤중; 홍정기
2019-11The Relationship Between Foot Feature Parameters and Postural Stability in Healthy Subjects김진욱; 문경률; 전성국; 홍정기
2003-11The study of usability evaluation methodology for the VR contents : Emphasis on the VR application contents "Heritage alive!"이현진; 안상철; 김진욱; 강동훈; 고희동
2011-04Track and Move or Move and Track?: Bi-Directional Interplay between Tracking and Ride Simulator박안진; 정유진; 전성국; 강동훈; 김진욱
2010-12Upper Body Motion Tracking With Inertial Sensors정유진; 강동훈; 김진욱
2003-08Usability evaluation of virtually prototyped refrigerator grips using a haptic device.박재희; 이인석; 고희동; 김진욱
2012-08User-guided volumetric approximation using swept sphere volumes for physically based animation배명수; 김진욱; 김영준
2008-03VARU Framework: Enabling Rapid Prototyping of VR, AR and Ubiquitous Applications실비아; 안상철; 김진욱; 고희동
2010-05VICP: Velocity Updating Iterative Closest Point Algorithm홍승표; 고희동; 김진욱
2021-11Vision-Based Gait Events Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks김진욱; 문경률; 콘키 스라반 쿠마르; 박미나; 뉴옌 마우 덩; 앙크자야 잠스란도르