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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Multi-functional ziwtterionic compounds as additives for lithium battery electrolytesN.D. Quan; LEE, HYUN JOO; 김훈식
2002-04Nano-structures and applications of polymer electrolyte membranes강용수; 김훈식; 원종옥; 최상욱; 김종학; 민병렬; 고연조; 조원호
2015-02-16Nitrile 그룹을 갖는 3차 아민계 SO2 흡수제이현주; 이상득; 임승록; 이제승; 김훈식; 홍성윤
-Nonimidazolium ionic liquid-based extractants for the removal of alkynes from isoprene김진형; 정민석; Ahn, Byoung Sung; 김훈식
-Novel functionalized ionic liquids and their physicochemical propertiesN.D. Quan; LEE, HYUN JOO; Kim Chang Soo; Hwang Jung Min; 김훈식
1986-01Novel ligand transformations in cluster complexes :김훈식; Richard D. Adams; James E. Babin
-Novel Preparation Method for Alkyl Polyfluoroalkyl Imidazolium Ionic liquidsLEE, HYUN JOO; Kim, Dong Sub; Ahn, Byoung Sung; Kim, Hong Gon; 김훈식
1987-01Novel transformations of carbene ligands at multinuclear metal sites :김훈식; Richard D. Adams; James E. Babin
-Olefin Recovery from Hydrocarbon Mixtures by Reversible Chemical Separation손승준; Choi, Dae Ki; 김훈식; CHOI HYUN WOO; 남기문; 김승욱
-Performance of facilitated transport membranes containing SPEEK-AgNO3 for olefin/paraffin separationKIM JI YEON; Choi, Dae Ki; LEE, HYUN JOO; 김훈식; 정형욱
-Polymer gel electrolyte for Lithium batteries basing on cellulose triacetateDinh Quan Nguyen; 이제승; Oh Ji Hee; 김훈식; Kim, Hong Gon; LEE, HYUN JOO
-Production and characterization of an attrition-milled alumina powderMoon, Dong Ju; Kang, Dong Min; RYU JONG WOO; Lee, Sang Deuk; 김훈식; Ahn, Byoung Sung; Hong Suk-In
1986-01Reaction of Os3(CO)10(μ3-S) with trimethylamine N-oxide dihydrate :김훈식; Richard D. Adams; James E. Babin
-Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization and Hydrogenation of Ethyl-substituted TetracyclododeceneSugyeong Woo; Huyen Thanh Vo; Lee,Seul-bee; 김훈식; LEE, HYUN JOO
-Ru-catalyzed hydrogenation of aromatic diaminesKwon Oh Joon; Lee Bang Sook; 김훈식; LEE, HYUN JOO
-Selective synthesis of hydrofluoroether from hydroalkoxylation of fluoro olefin with alcoholLEE, HYUN JOO; Kim, Hong Gon; Kim Chang Soo; 정민석; 김훈식
-Separation of isoprene from C5 mixtures using facilitated transport membranesKim, Ji-yeon; CHOI HYUN WOO; An Eui Sub; JANG, SEONG CHEOL; Choi, Dae Ki; 김훈식; 정현욱
-Separation of olefin/paraffin mixtur using Zwitterion-Ag complexesPark, Sang Joon; Ahn, Byoung Sung; Choi, Dae Ki; 김훈식
-Silver based Facilitated Transport Membranes for Separation of Olefin/ParaffinCHOI HYUN WOO; Choi, Dae Ki; 김훈식; 손승준; 이창하; Kim, Dong Bum
-Spectroscopic Characterization and Preparation of the Reactive Solid Polymer Membranes for Diene Separation김성현; 김용진; 손승준; Choi, Dae Ki; 황운성; Ahn, Byoung Sung; 김훈식
2007-03SPEEK-Ag 촉진 수송 분리막을 이용한 C2, C3 계 올레핀/파라핀 분리김지연; 이현주; 김훈식; 정현욱; 최대기
2008-02SPEEK-Ag+ 촉진 수송막을 이용한 Propylene/Propane의 분리최대기; 최도영; 방준하; 김훈식; 이정인; 장성철
2004-11SPEEK-AgNO3로 이루어진 촉진 수송 분리 막을 사용한 isoprene/n-pentane 혼합물 분리최현우; 김훈식; 이창하; 김동범; 최대기
1988-01Studies on the bonding of polynuclear heteroaromatic nitrogen ligands to (pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)rhodium dication: the role of nitrogen versus π -complexation on the regloselective hydrogenatio김훈식; Richard H. Fish; James E. Babin; Richard D. Adams
1988-01Syntheses of the ruthenium(VI) alkyl complexes [Ru(N)R//4//-//xCl//x]**- (R = ME, CH//2SiMe//3) and the X-ray crystal structure of [N-n-Bu//4][Ru(N)Me//4].김훈식; Particla A. Shapley; Scott R. Wilson
1987-01Synthesis and characterization of cluster complexes containing iminium ion ligands :김훈식; Richard D. Adams; James E. Babin
-Synthesis of glucose from ionic celluloseHuyen Thanh Vo; LEE, HYUN JOO; Kim Chang Soo; 김훈식
1984-01Synthesis of sulfidoosmlum carbonyl cluster compounds by the photochemical decomposition of HOs//3(CO)//1//0( μ -SPh) and its subsequent reactions with selected small molecules :김훈식; Richard D. Adams; Istvan T. Horvath
1988-01The structure, bonding and transformation behaviour of iminium, aminocarbene and aminocarbyne ligands in triosmium cluster complexes.김훈식; Richard D. Adams; James E. Babin