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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-02Olefin Recovery from Hydrocarbon Mixtures by Reversible Chemical Separation손승준; 최대기; 김훈식; 최현우; 남기문; 김승욱
2014-01One pot catalytic NO2 reduction, ring hydrogenation, and N-alkylation from nitroarenes to generate alicyclic amines using Ru/C-NaNO2오승건; Vivek Mishra; 조진규; 김백진; 김훈식; 서영웅; 이현주; 박호석; 김용진
2008-03One-pot synthesis of ethylene trithiocarbonate from ethylene carbonate김훈식; 누엔딘퀀; 정민석; 김홍곤; 이현주; 고난희; 이재성
2010-11Orthopalladated complexes as phase-transfer catalysts for asymmetric alkylation of achiral Schiff base esters김대현; 임진규; 김대원; 이현주; 김홍곤; 김훈식; 정민석; Deb Kumar Mukherjee
1999-08Oxidative carbonylation of amines by selenium compounds김용진; 이현주; 김훈식; 박건유; 진종식
1997-10Oxidative carbonylation of amines by SeO ₂ : Effect of akali metal salt김용진; 이현주; 김훈식; 진종식
1999-01Oxidative carbonylation of aromatic amines by selenium compounds.김훈식; 김용진; 이현주; 이상득; 진종식
2010-08Palladium Nanoparticles Suspended in an Ionic Liquid as Reusable Catalyst for Alkyne Semihydrogenation이진규; 김대원; 정민석; 이현주; 조병원; 김훈식; DebKumar Mukherjee
1997-05Palladium-catalyzed hydrodechlorinatoin of CF3CF2Cl전상구; 이현주; 서인석; 안병성; 김훈식
2006-05Performance of facilitated transport membranes containing SPEEK-AgNO3 for olefin/paraffin separation김지연; 최대기; 이현주; 김훈식; 정형욱
2005-08Performance of Facilitated Transport Membranes Containing SPEEK-AgNO3 in Separating Isoprene/n-pentane Mixtures최현우; 안의섭; 장성철; 김훈식; 이창하; 최대기
2005-05Phosphine-bound zinc halide complexes for the coupling reaction of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide김훈식; 배진용; 이제승; 권오성; Palgunadi Jelliarko; 이상득; 이상훈
2005-09Physical and electrochemical properties of 1-(2-hydroxyethyl)-3-methyl imidazolium and N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-N-methyl morpholinium ionic liquids연선화; 김기섭; 최석정; 이흔; 김훈식; 김홍곤
2003-05Physical properties and cleaning performance of alternative cleaning agents with low ozone depletion potential박진희; 차안정; 배재흠; 김훈식; 김홍곤
2001-10Poly(4-vinylpyridine)-supported zinc halide catalysts for the coupling reactions of carbon dioxide and epoxides김훈식; 김재준; 권혁남; 정문조; 이병권; 장호겸
2009-10Poly(vinylidenefluoride)-Hexafluoropropylene-Methyl N-methylpyrrolidinium-N-acetate Trifluoromethanesulfonylimide-Lithium Trifluoromethanesulfonylimide Gel Electrolytes김기섭; 이슬비; 이현주; 김훈식; 이영우; 곽광수
2006-03Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Fuel Cells이제승; 뉴엔딘콴; 이상득; 김홍곤; 이현주; 김훈식
2000-07Polymer electrolytes: novel facilitated transport membranes for olefin/paraffin separation홍성욱; 원종옥; 김훈식; 강용수
2008-07Polymer gel electrolyte for Lithium batteries basing on cellulose triacetateDinh Quan Nguyen; 이제승; 오지희; 김훈식; 김홍곤; 이현주
2007-12Polymer-supported Zinc Tetrahalide Catalysts for the Coupling Reactions of CO2 and Epoxides이보라; Nan Hee Ko; 안병성; Minserk Cheong; 김훈식; 이제승
1998-01Preparation of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane by catalytic fluorination of 1,1,1-trifluoro-2-chloroethane over CrF3/MgF2-AlF3이현주; 김훈식; 김홍곤; 정우식; 서인석
1997-09Preparation of 1,1,1-trifluoroethane by catalytic fluorination of 1,1,1-trichloroethane and 1-fluoro-1,1-dichloroethane김홍곤; 김훈식; 이병권; 권영수; 박건유
2001-06Preparation of hexafluoropropylene epoxide using phase transfer catalysis이태환; 김홍곤; 김훈식; 이희우
2001-04Preparation of hexafluoropropylene oxide using transition metal halide under phase transfer catalysis이태환; 이희우; 김훈식; 김홍곤
2000-04Preparation of HFE-152a (CHF2OCH3) from HCFC-22 (CHF2Cl), alkali metal carbonate and methanol이현주; 김홍곤; 이상득; 김훈식
2007-07Preparation of methoxy and ethoxy nonafluorobutanes황선희; 김주련; 이상득; 이현주; 김훈식; 김홍곤
1999-12Preparation of the palladium(II) dimethylamide Pd(2,6-(Ph2 PCH2)2 C6h3)(NMe2) at low temperatures and it's ligand exchange with the dicyclohexylamide류상열; 김홍곤; 김훈식; 백순흠
2004-10Production and characterization of an attrition-milled alumina powder문동주; 강동민; 류종우; 이상득; 김훈식; 안병성; 홍석인
2003-05Proton-conducting polymer membranes for direct methanol fuel cells원종옥; 강용수; 하흥용; 오인환; 김훈식
1986-01Reaction of Os3(CO)10(μ3-S) with trimethylamine N-oxide dihydrate :김훈식; Richard D. Adams; James E. Babin