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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06A study on the source profile development for diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles강병욱; 조민식; 이승복; 배귀남; 임철수; 나광삼; 이학성
1998-09Air pollutant levels at Ulsan, an industrial area, Korea김용표; 나광삼; 문길주
1997-01Ambient concentrations of volatile organic compounds in Seoul김용표; 김진영; 김영성; 나광삼; 심상규; 문길주
2000-09Characteristics of aromatic hydrocarbons measured in an as-built building나광삼; 배귀남; 김용표
1998-10Comparison of sampling and analysis methods for volatile organic compounds inambient air나광삼; 김용표; 문길주; 백성옥; 황승만; 김성렬; Kochy Fung; 이강봉; 박현미
1999-01Comparison of the concentrations of ambient volatile organic compounds at an Ulsan industrial site in 1997 and 1998나광삼; 김용표; 문길주
1998-04Concentrations of C2∼C9 volatile organic compounds in ambient air in Seoul나광삼; 김용표; 김영성
1998-08Concentrations of water-soluble particulate, gaseous ions and volatile organic compounds in the ambient air of Ulsan나광삼; 김용표; 진현철; 문길주
2002-09Determination of non-methane hydrocarbon emission factors from vehicles in a tunnel in Seoul in May 2000나광삼; 문길주; 김용표
1997-11Development of filter system for cabin air with activated carbon이승복; 김종수; 나광삼; 진현철; 김영성
2003-02Diurnal characteristics of volatile organic compounds in the Seoul atmosphere나광삼; 김용표; 문길주
1999-01Measurement of aromatic compounds at Dukjuk Island on the Yellow Sea.나광삼; 배귀남; 김용표; 이승복; 진현철; 윤용석; 문길주; 이강봉; 박현미
1995-01MEK 의 흡·탈착 특성에 관한 연구 .나병기; 정연수; 송형근; 나광삼; 문일; 김진수
2000-10Non-methane hydrocarbon composition in the Seoul Sangdo tunnel나광삼; 김용표; 김영성; 문길주
1999-04Recovery of MEK with polymer adsorbent이화웅; 나광삼; 문일; 송형근; 나병기
2002-04Seasonal variation of the C2-C9 hydrocarbons concentrations and compositions emitted from motor vehicles in Seoul tunnel나광삼; 김용표; 문길주
2000-09Shipboard measurement data of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere over the yellow sea in 1999김용표; 이승복; 나광삼; 진현철; 윤용석; 배귀남; 문길주
2001-07Shipboard measurement of marine aerosols over the yellow sea배귀남; 이승복; 송기범; 나광삼; 문길주
2005-09Source contribution to aromatic VOC concentration and ozone formation potential in the atmosphere of Seoul나광삼; 문길주; 김용표
1996-01고분자 흡착제상에서 재생방법에 따른 MEK 탈착특성 연구 .나병기; 정연수; 송형근; 나광삼; 문일