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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993-01Magnetic aftereffect in nanocrystalline Fe//8//8Zr//7B//4Cu//1 alloy.김광윤; 강일구; 노태환; Y. H. Lee; T. Kang
1994-05Magnetic properties behaviors in Fe88Zr7B4Cu1 nanocrystalline alloy prepared by different postanneal cooling rates김광윤; 강일구; 노태환; T. Kang; J. S. Lee
2006-09Magnetic Properties of Amorphous FeCrSiBC Alloy Powder Cores Using Phosphate-coated Powders장대호; 김광윤; 노태환
2005-10Magnetic Properties of Fe-6.0 wt%Si Alloy Dust Cores Prepared with Phosphate-coated Powders장대호; 노태환; 김광윤; 최광보
1995-10Magnetic properties of Fe-Al-B-Zr-Cu alloys with fine nanocrystalline structure.김광윤; K. J. Kim; 강일구; 노태환; J. Y. Park
1993-11Magnetic properties of Fe//7//3//.//5Cu//1Nb//3(Si//xB//1//-//x)//2//2//.//5 (x=0.4-0.8) alloy ribbons quenched from different melt temperatures.피우갑; 임상호; 노태환; 김희중; 강일구
1991-04Magnetic properties of Fe73.5Cu1Nb3(SixB1-x)22.5 (x=0.5-0.8) alloys with ultrafine grain structures노태환; 피우갑; 김희중; 강일구
2003-05Magnetic properties of FeCuNbSiB nanocrystalline alloy powder cores using ball-milled powder김구현; 노태환; 최광보; 김광윤
1995-10Magnetic properties of melt-spun Fe86-xAl4B10Zrx amorphous alloys김광윤; J. Y. Park; K. J. Kim; 이중선; 노태환
1991-06Magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Fe76-xCu1MoxSi14B9(x=2, 3) alloys피우갑; 노태환; 김희중; 강일구
1997-01Magnetic properties of ultrathin FeAlNbBCu nanocrystalline alloys subjected to magnetic field annealing박진영; 김광윤; 서수정; 노태환
1994-11Magnetostriction of melt-spun Dy-Fe-B alloys.김상록; 임상호; 노태환; 강일구; 이성래
1994-01Microstructural change upon annealing Fe-Zr-B alloys with different boron contents김광윤; 강일구; 노태환; T. Kang
1997-09Mossbauer studies of nanocrystalline Fe83B9Nb7Cu1 alloy by flash annealing김철성; 김성백; 이희민; 엄영랑; 김광윤; 노태환; 옥항남
1994-05Relationship between ac and dc magnetic properties of a Co-based amorphous alloy.임상호; 노태환; 강일구; Y. S. Choi
1996-01Relationship between ac and dc magnetic properties of an iron-based amorphous alloy for high frequency applications.최용석; 노태환; 임상호
1990-05Relationship between crystallization process and magnetic properties of Fe-(Cu-Nb)-Si-B amorphous alloys.노태환; 이명복; 김희중; 강일구
1994-11Soft magnetic properties of Fe-B-M-Cu(M=Hf,Zr,Nb) alloys with nanocrystalline and amorphous hybrid structure.김광윤; 강일구; 노태환; Y. C. Yoo; J. S. Lee
1990-04Soft magnetic property of Fe-Cu-M-(Si, B)(M = V, Nb, Mo, Ta, W) alloys노태환; 피우갑; 이명복; 김희중; 강일구
1996-01Spin wave excitation on amorphous Co80+xTM12B8-x alloys김광윤; 노태환; Seong-Cho Yu; Seung-Man Han
1994-01Spin wave stiffiness constants of amorphous Fe-Zr-B-Nb alloys.김광윤; M. S. Kim; 노태환; K. S. Kim; S. C. Yu
1995-11Temperature dependence of the magnetization of glassy and nanocrystalline Fe//8//2MnB//1//0Cu//1(M=Zr,Hg,Nb) alloys with high permeability in high frequency range.김광윤; 노태환; V. Strom; J. S. Lee; S. C. Yu; K. S. Kim; K. V. Rao
1995-01The AC magnetic characteristics of an iron-based amorphous alloy for high frequencies.임상호; 강일구; 노태환; Y. S. Choi; D. H. Kim
1995-01The effects of annealing on the dc magnetic properties of an iron-based amorphous alloy강일구; 노태환; Y. S. Choi; D. H. Kim
1995-10The effects of annealing on the dc magnetic properties of an iron-based amorphous alloy.임상호; 노태환; 강일구; Y. S. Choi; D. H. Kim
1993-01The effects of carbon on the magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Fe-based alloys.임상호; 피우갑; 노태환; 김희중; 강일구
2001-08The effects of heat-treatment on magnetic properties for gas-atomized MPP dust cores김구현; 노태환; 김광윤; 정인범; 최광보
1997-09The effects of magnetic field annealing on magnetic properties in ultrathin Fe-based nanocrystalline alloys박진영; 김광윤; 서수정; 노태환
1997-01The magnetic properties of Fe-based amorphous ribbons coated with various oxides using the sol-gel process임상호; 노태환; 배영제; 채희권; 최용석
1997-01The magnetic properties of ultrathin Fe-based nanocrystalline alloy obtained by flash annealing박진영; 김광윤; 서수정; 노태환