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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-12Effect of diesel exhaust on the photochemical reactions of ambient air이승복; 배귀남; 문길주; 최만수
2008-03Effect of light intensity on the ozone formation and the aerosol number concentration of ambient air in Seoul배귀남; 박주연; 김민철; 이승복; 문길주; 김용표
2006-03Effect of light intensity on the photooxidation of toluene-NOx-air mixture최지은; 배귀남; 주옥정; 이승복; 문길주; 윤순창
2003-02Effect of particle clogging in orifices on the particle collection efficiency of a micro-orifice impactor.지준호; 배귀남; 황정호
2002-08Effect of particle loading on the collection performance of an electret cabin air filter for submicron particles지준호; 강석훈; 황정호; 배귀남
2003-10Effect of performance of areosol charge neutralizers on the measurement of highly charged particles using a SMPS.지준호; 배귀남; 황정호
2006-06Effect of relative humidity on the growth of atmospheric aerosols in winter이승복; 배귀남; 김민철; 이영미; 문길주
2000-02Effect of secondary flows on the particle collection efficiency in single stage electrostatic precipitator이재복; 배귀남; 황정호
1995-01Evaluation of Korean thermal sensation in office buildings during the summer season배귀남; 이철희; 이춘식
1999-01Generation and size control of particle beams at low pressures using aerodynamic lenses배귀남
2014-09Indoor air pollution of a high-rise apartment caused by combustion sources in winter김종범; 이광재; 류성희; 이재영; 우성호; 이승복; 김경환; 윤성택; 배귀남
1999-06Investigation of particle generation in a hard disk drive during the start/stop period박희성; 유용철; 배귀남; 황정호
2000-10Investigation of the performance characteristics of an in-situ particle monitor at low pressures using aerodynamic lenses배귀남
2003-10Nano particle charging characteristics of aerosol charge neutralizers.지준호; 배귀남; 황정호
2013-04Observation of nanoaerosol release from a hand dryer배귀남; 박승호; 이승복
2014-06On-road air pollution characteristics around a day-care center in urban area우성호; 이승복; 김경환; 이광재; 류성희; 김종범; 배귀남
2006-06Ozone and NOx formation from the spark discharge aerosol generator using air as a carrier gas지준호; 오현철; 김상수; 배귀남
1996-01Particle behaviorin vacuum systems :배귀남; Patrick D. Kinney; David Y. H. Pui.; Benjamin Y. H. Liu
1996-01Particle path and performance evaluation of differential mobility analyzer.안강호; 김남효; 이종호; 배귀남
1998-11Performance characteristics of in-situ particle monitors at sub-atmospheric pressures배귀남
2016-12Performance of saw-plate-type electrostatic precipitator for removal of fine particles in subway tunnels우상희; 오재호; 김종범; 육세진; 배귀남
1994-01Performance test of air filter media.배귀남; 안강호
2015-03Prediction of trajectories of particles generated underneath a subway train running in an underground tunnel이경란; 김원근; 육세진; 우상희; 김종범; 배귀남; 박형구; 윤화현
2000-07Reentrainment of carbon soot particles in a corona discharge reactor이재복; 황정호; 배귀남
2012-06Secondary Aerosol Pollution by a Home Insecticide under Ozone ExposureThai Phuong Vu; 김선화; 이승복; 심상규; 배귀남; 손종렬
2011-03Secondary nanoparticle formation by a reaction of ozone and volatile organic compounds emitted from a commercial dishwashing liquidThai Phuong Vu; Sun­Hwa Kim; Seung­Bok Lee; 배귀남
2000-09Shipboard measurement data of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere over the yellow sea in 1999김용표; 이승복; 나광삼; 진현철; 윤용석; 배귀남; 문길주
2008-08SMPS와 TR-DMPS를 이용한 도로변 초미세 입자 모니터링 결과의 비교우대광; 이승복; 배귀남; 김태성
1990-01Study on the unsteady contaminated particle transportation in the flow field for the super clean room.배귀남; 오명도; 임학규
2004-10The secondary products by ozone-initiated reaction with terpenes emitted from natural paint정상근; 라모레나; 이우진; 배귀남; 문길주; 김신도