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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01Computational approach to the identification of novel Aurora-A inhibitors네아즈; 조용서; 서선희; 한기철; 양은경; 배애님
2017-01Design and synthesis of new 2-anilinoquinolines bearing N-methylpicolinamide moiety as potential antiproliferative agents배애님; 서선희; 금교창; 김은경; 조남철; Ashraf Kareem Awad Mohammed Eldamasy
2016-08Design and synthesis of new 2-anilinoquinolines bearing N-methylpicolinamide moiety as potential antiproliferative agents배애님; 서선희; 금교창; 김은경; 조남철; 아쉬라프 카림
2016-06Design and synthesis of new potent anticancer benzothiazole amides and ureas featuring pyridylamide moiety and possessing dual B-RafV600E and C-Raf kinase inhibitory activities아쉬라프 카림; 이주현; 서선희; 조남철; 배애님; 금교창
2007-01Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of 1,3-dioxoisoindoline-5-carboxamide derivatives as T-type calcium channel blockers김화실; 김윤지; 무니크말레디; 서선희; 임혜원; 태진성; 배애님; 추현아; 조용서
2020-12Design, synthesis, and biological evaluations of novel 3-amino-4-ethynyl indazole derivatives as Bcr-Abl kinase inhibitors with potent cellular antileukemic activity서선희; 금교창; 방은경; Ashraf Kareem Awad Mohammed Eldamasy; 진희원
2015-08Design, synthesis, in-vitro antiproliferative activity and kinase profile of new picolinamide based 2-amido and ureido quinoline derivatives아쉬라프 카림; 서선희; 조남철; 강순방; 배애님; 김기선; 금교창
1996-01Diastereoselective synthesis and antimicrobial activities of quaternary ammonium cephalosporin derivatives이용섭; 석대환; 이재열; 서선희; 우은란; 박호군
2015-06Discovery and biological evaluation of tetrahydrothieno[2,?3-?c]?pyridine derivatives as selective metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 antagonists for the potential treatment of neuropathic pain남민아; 김태훈; 곽진숙; 서선희; 고민경; 임은정; 민선준; 조용서; 금교창; 백두종; 이지연; 배애님
2014-08Efficient synthesis of mibefradil analogues: an insight into in vitro stability이지은; 권태희; 구수진; 이덕형; 김병문; 이재열; 이재균; 서선희; 배애님; 금교창; 조용서; 민선준
2011-01Facile synthesis and biological evaluation of 3,3-diphenylpropanoyl piperazines as T-type calcium channel blockers최연희; 백두종; 서선희; 이재균; 배애님; 조용서; 민선준
2006-10Growth inhibition of human cancer cells in vitro by T-type calcium channel blockers이재열; 박성준; 박성준; 이민주; 임혜원; 서선희; 김기선
2018-08GRP78-targeted in-silico virtual screening of novel anticancer agents배애님; 서선희; 임상민; 임지웅; Ambily Nath Indu Viswanath; 이재열
2005-08Identification of New Quinic Acid Derivatives from Gardeniae Fructus and their Antioxidant Activities김형자; 김은정; 서선희; 진창배; 이용섭
2005-08Identification of Tyrosinase Inhibitors from Glycyrrhiza uralensis김형자; 서선희; 이병곤; 이용섭
2000-04Isolation of virus-cell fusion inhibitory compounds from Eugenia caryophyllata김형자; 이지선; 우은란; 양범석; 서선희; 김민경; 이용섭; 박호군
2007-02Lead discovery and optimization of t-type calcium channel blockers박정환; 최진규; 이은정; 이재균; 임혜원; 서선희; 김윤지; 무니크말레디; 배애님; 강재효; 노은주
2018-11Novel 5,6-disubstituted pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine derivatives as broad spectrum antiproliferative agents: Synthesis, cell based assays, kinase profile and molecular docking study배애님; 서선희; 금교창; 가디 장데부 고라크스나트; 이주현; Ashraf Kareem Awad Mohammed Eldamasy; 정낙철; 홍순선
2016-02Novel Scaffold Identification of mGlu1 Receptor Negative Allosteric Modulators Using a Hierarchical Virtual Screening Approach조용서; 배애님; 서선희; 박기덕; 장재완; 조남철; 민선준; 노경태
2007-01Novel T-type calcium channel blockers: Dioxoquinazoline carboxamide derivatives조미나; 서희정; 김윤지; 서선희; 임혜원; 조용서; 차주환; 고훈영; 추현아; 배애님
2014-10Novel thienopyrimidinones as mGluR1 antagonists김영재; 김지연; 김소라; 기유란; 서선희; 태진성; 고민경; 장현서; 임은정; 송치만; 조윤정; 고혜영; 정유훈; 추일한; 금교창; 민선준; 추현아
2016-08Pharmacophore-based virtual screening, biological evaluation and binding mode analysis of a novel protease-activated receptor 2 antagonist배애님; 서선희; 김윤경; 성지혜; 김도희; 주정민; 조남철; 서승환; 신지선; 이지연; 이경태; 노경태
5Pharmacophore­Based Virtual Screening of Novel Competitive Inhibitors of the Neurodegenerative Disease Target Kynurenine­3­Monooxygenase배애님; 서선희; 임상민; 리자베타 고티나; 김채원
2010-09Pyrazolylmethylcarbamoylmethylpiperazines as calcium channel blockers최경일; 남길수; 최기현; 서선희; 송치만; 정혜진; 김정현; 김혜란
1998-01Screening of oriental herbal medicines for antibacterial activities배오성; 황재옥; 안덕균; 우은란; 서선희; 김형자; 박호군
2020-12Structural Basis for Design of New Purine-Based Inhibitors Targeting the Hydrophobic Binding Pocket of Hsp90서선희; 금교창; 김은경; 방은경; 신상철; 이주현; Ashraf Kareem Awad Mohammed Eldamasy; 김지현; 서영호; 이유리; 유지훈
2011-03Structure based design of heat shock protein 90 inhibitors acting as anticancer agents무니크말레디; 또라트; 서선희; 홍태훈; 조용서; 한지숙; 배애님
1998-01Studies on the antibacterial constituents of Baenongtang황재옥; 안덕균; 우은란; 김형자; 서선희; 박호군
1994-01Synthesis and antibacterial activities of new cephalosporins quaternized with hydroxylated-amine이용섭; 이재열; 정선호; 석대환; 우은란; 서선희; 박호군
2013-03Synthesis and antibacterial activities of new piperidine substituted (5R)-[1,2,3]triazolylmethyl and (5R)-[(4-F-[1,2,3]triazolyl)methyl] oxazolidinones신효님; 서선희; 추현아; 금교창; 최경일; 남길수