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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09A finite outlet volume correction to the time lag method: The case of hydrogen permeation through V-alloy and Pd membranes서진유; 심재혁; 이영수
2014-12A semi-empirical methodology to predict hydrogen permeability in amorphous alloy membranes이병문; 심재혁; 서진유; 이병주
2001-08A study on the characterisitics of high temperature deformation of silicon steel to increase the reliability of continuous casting process옥명렬; 서진유; 심재혁; 홍경태; 이주동; 임창희
2000-12Acicular ferrite microstructure in titanium bearing low carbon steels서진유; 변정수; 심재혁; 오영주; 조영환; 심재동; 이동녕
2021-05Activation of Ti-Fe-Cr alloys containing identical AB2 fractions조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 이영수; 홍지현; 무함마드 파이살; 이상인; 김하영; 김한진; 정지윤; 김도향
2021-10An investigation of the microstructural effects on the mechanical and electrochemical properties of a friction stir processed equiatomic CrMnFeCoNi high entropy alloy서진유; 조민구; Sam Yaw Anaman; Solomon Ansah; 조훈휘; 강민정; 이종숙; 홍성태; 한흥남
2001-11Analyses of the deformation history during equal channel angular pressing석현광; 서진유; 이호인; 이재철
1999-09Analysis of deformation behavior in equal-channel angular pressing김희수; 서진유; 박종우
2007-03Analysis on the phase transition behavior of Cu base bulk metallic glass by electrical resistivity measurement지영수; 정성재; 옥명렬; 홍경태; 서진유; 변재원; 윤진국; 이경환; 이경섭
2017-11Annealing effect on plastic flow in nanocrystalline CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy: A nanomechanical analysis서진유; 이동현; 이정아; 조아개; Zhaoping Lu; 김주영; Upadrasta Ramamurty; Megumi Kawasaki; Terence G. Langdon; 장재일
2013-11Atomistic simulation of hydrogen diffusion at tilt grain boundaries in vanadium심재혁; 고원석; 서진유; 이영수; 이병주
2016-09CALPHAD-based alloy design for advanced automotive steels - Part I: Development of bearing steels with enhanced strength and optimized microstructure정우상; 서진유; 심재혁; 박지혜; 김명연; 차성철; 홍승현; 김익수
2009-11Changes in structure and mechanical properties in amorphous hydrogen purification/separation membranes에릭플러리; 최윤길; 서진유; 김유찬
2014-08Chemical heterogeneity-induced plasticity in Ti-Fe-Bi ultrafine eutectic alloys이찬호; 홍성환; 김정태; 박혜진; 송기안; 박진만; 서진유; 서영호; 퀴안; 김기범
2014-05Combinatorial Influence of Bimodal Size of B2 TiCu Compounds on Plasticity of Ti-Cu-Ni-Zr-Sn-Si Bulk Metallic Glass Composites홍성환; 김정태; 이민우; 박진만; 이민하; 김범성; 박준영; 서용호; 서진유; Peng Yu; Ma Qian; 김기범
2020-05Comparative study of hydrogen embrittlement of three heat-resistant Cr-Mo steels subjected to electrochemical and gaseous hydrogen charging서진유; 유일; 이지민; 임현석; 이진희; 황병철
2001-03Controlling the mechanical properties of the metallic sheet via the continuous confined strip shearing process이재철; 석현광; 서진유; 정영훈; 이호인
2005-03Controlling the textures of the Al alloy sheet via dissimilar channel angular pressing한준현; 허무영; 서진유; 이재철
2010-05Correlation between fracture surface morphology and toughness in Zr-based bulk metallic glasses서진유; R. Dale Conner; C. Paul Kim; Marios D. Demetrious; William L. Johnson
2021-12Deciphering the role of multiple generations of annealing twins on texture evolution in cold-rolled high entropy alloys during annealing서진유; 김동익; 고윤석; Lalit Kaushik; Jaiveer Singh; 강주희; 최시훈
2021-06Deformation mechanisms and texture evolution in high entropy alloy during cold rolling서진유; Lalit Kaushik; 김민성; Jaiveer Singh; 강주희; 허윤욱; 최시훈
2014-08Design of sustainable V-based hydrogen separation membranes based on grain boundary segregation고원석; 오주영; 심재혁; 서진유; 윤우영; 이병주
2021-09Design of V-Substituted TiFe-Based Alloy for Target Pressure Range and Easy Activation조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 이영수; 무함마드 파이살; 김준형; 장재일
2020-07Determining the effect of added zirconium on the bond character in TiFe alloys using scanning Kelvin probe force microscopy서진유; 심재혁; 김하영; 김한진; 한휘준; 손소담; 신형준
2015-05Development of high strength hot rolled low carbon copper-bearing steel containing nanometer sized carbidesPhaniraj Madakashira; 신영민; Joonho Lee; Nam Hoon Goo; 김동익; 서진유; 정우상; 심재혁; 최인석
2015-03Development of nano-crystalline cold sprayed Ni-20Cr coatings for high temperature oxidation resistanceM. Kumar; H. Singh; H. Singh; 홍성민; 최인석; 서진유; N.M. Chavan; S. Kumar; S.V. Joshi
2008-12Development of tough, low-density titanium-based bulk metallic glass matrix composites with tensile ductilityHofmann, DC; 서진유; Wiest, A; Lind, ML; Demetrious, MD; Johnson, WL
2013-06Direct measurement of hydrogen diffusivity through Pd-coated Ni-based amorphous metallic membranes왕영임; 서진유; 이영수; 심재혁; 에릭플러리; 조영환; 고성웅
2002-09Dynamic recrystallization and work softening of the Al alloy during equal channel angular pressing이재철; 서진유; 안재평
2021-08EBSD microstructural analysis of AB-type TiFe hydrogen storage alloys조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 김동익; 이영수; 이상인; 하태준; 황병철; 이준호