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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08EBSD microstructural analysis of AB-type TiFe hydrogen storage alloys조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 김동익; 이영수; 이상인; 하태준; 황병철; 이준호
2016-01Effect of aging treatment on microstructure and intrinsic mechanical behavior of Fe-31.4Mn-11.4Al-0.89C lightweight steel이근호; 박성준; 이재은; 문준오; 강전연; 김동익; 서진유; 한흥남
2014-03Effect of Co on the Degradation of the Hydrogen Permeability of Ni-Nb-Zr Amorphous Membranes김민현; 묵타; 왕영임; 서진유; 에릭플러리; 김도향
2001-03Effect of compressive stress on inoculated acicular ferrite microstructure서진유; 변정수; 심재혁; 조영환; 심재동
2021-05Effect of Cr addition on room temperature hydrogenation of TiFe alloys조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 이영수; 무함마드 파이살; 이상인; 김하영; 정지윤; 허주열
2012-02Effect of creep deformation on the microstructural evolution of 11CrMoVNb heat resistant steel이규호; 박대범; 권숙인; 허주열; 서진유; 심재혁; 정우상
2003-06Effect of deformation histories on texture evolution during equal- and dissimilar-channel angular pressing서진유; 한준현; 오규환; 이재철
2001-12Effect of die shape on the deformation behavior in equal-channel angular pressing박종우; 서진유
2020-10Effect of gaseous hydrogen embrittlement on the mechanical properties of additively manufactured CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy strengthened by in-situ formed oxide서진유; 김영균; 이기안
2014-10Effect of hydrogen on the yielding behavior and shear transformation zone volume in metallic glass ribbonsYakai Zhao; 최인철; 석무영; 김민현; 김도향; Upadrasta Ramamurty; 서진유; 장재일
2015-04Effect of Nb addition on Z-phase formation and creep strength in high-Cr martensitic heat-resistant steels이규호; 홍성민; 심재혁; 서진유; 허주열; 정우상
2013-09Effect of Nb and Cu on the high temperature creep properties of a high Mn-N austenitic stainless steel이규호; 서진유; 허주열; 박대범; 홍성민; 심재혁; 정우상
2016-10Effect of oxygen and nitrogen on microstructure and mechanical properties of vanadium서진유; Phaniraj P. Madakashira; 한흥남; 조민구
2020-02Effect of post-weld heat treatment on the microstructure and hardness of P92 steel in IN740H/P92 dissimilar weld joints서진유; 심재혁; 서위걸; 이한상; 유근봉; 최시훈
2015-12Effect of preexisting plastic deformationon the creep behavior of TP347 austenitic steel홍성민; 민동준; 정용근; 김주헌; 김동익; 서진유; 심재혁; 정우상; 최인석
2017-02Effect of thermal charging of hydrogen on the microstructure of metastable austenitic stainless steel서진유; 심재혁; 김동익; 이영수; 김한진; M.P. Phaniraj; 김주헌; 이준호; 박성준
2013-10Effect of vanadium addition on the creep resistance of 18Cr9Ni3CuNbN austenitic stainless heat resistant steel박대범; 허무영; 정우상; 서진유; 심재혁; 이승철
2014-01Effective thermal conductivity of MgH2 compacts containing expanded natural graphite under a hydrogen atmosphere심재혁; 박미래; 이영효; 김상곤; 임연호; 서진유; 조영환
2004-08Effects of the deformation history and the initial textures on the texture evolution in the Al alloy strip during the shear deforming process한준현; 서진유; 오규환; 이재철
2020-10Electrically assisted solid-state joining of CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy서진유; 조민구; Thi Anh Nguyet Nguyen; 박시욱; 홍성태; 한흥남
2011-10Enhanced desorption and absorption properties of eutectic LiBH4-Ca(BH4)2 infiltrated into mesoporous carbon이현숙; 이영수; 서진유; 김민우; 유종성; 조영환
2016-04Enhanced high temperature hydrogen permeation characteristics of V-Ni alloy membranes containing a trace amount of yttrium오주영; 고원석; 서진유; 이영수; 이병주; 윤우영; 심재혁
2020-12Enhancing the hydrogen storage properties of AxBy intermetallic compounds by partial substitution: A short review조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 이영수; 안드리 리스; 쥴리앙 파도누보; 모함마드 파이살; 박지혜
2012-06Estimation of the shear transformation zone size in a bulk metallic glass through statistical analysis of the first pop-in stresses during spherical nanoindentation최인철; Zhao, Yakai; 유병길; 김용재; 서진유; Ramamurty, Upadrasta; 장재일
2008-03Evaluation of formability and planar anisotropy based on textures in aluminum alloys processed by a shear deforming process한준현; 서진유; 지광구; 이재철
2021-10Exploring the hydrogen absorption and strengthening behavior in nanocrystalline face-centered cubic high-entropy alloys서진유; Yakai Zhao; 박정민; Kotaro Murakami; Shin-ichi Komazaki; Megumi Kawasaki; Koichi Tsuchiya; Upadrasta Ramamurty; 장재일
2001-07Ferrite nucleation potency of non-metallic inclusions in medium carbon steels심재혁; 오영주; 서진유; 조영환; 심재동; 변정수; 이동녕
2001-03Finite element analysis of material flow in equal channel angular pressing서진유; 김희수; 박종우; 장준연
2018-02Flaw-Containing Alumina Hollow Nanostructures Have Ultrahigh Fracture Strength To Be Incorporated into High-Efficiency GaN Light-Emitting Diodes서진유; 최인석; 강성규; 문대영; 장정환; 김주영; 윤의준; 한흥남
2020-01Formation of needle-like MC carbide at or near incoherent twin boundary in IN740H Ni-based superalloy정우상; 서진유; 심재혁; 김동익; 김병규; 이상혁; 이승용