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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04Nano-graining a particle-strengthened high-entropy alloy서진유; 이동현; 박정민; 양광휘; 준양헤; 자오핑루; 메구미가와사키; 라마무티; 장재일
2015-09Nanomechanical behavior and structural stability of a nanocrystalline CoCrFeNiMn high-entropy alloy processed by high-pressure torsion이동현; 최인철; 석무영; Junyang He; Zhaoping Lu; 서진유; 메구미 가와사키; T Langdon; 장재일
2017-10Nanometer-scale phase separation and formation of delta ZrH2 in Cu-Zr binary amorphous alloys조영환; 김긍호; 서진유; 심철휘; 줄리앙; 에릭 플러리
2020-08Nanoscale light element identification using machine learning aided STEM-EDS서진유; 천동원; 조민경; 김홍규; 배지환; 김긍호; 김주영; 한정우; Heon-Young Ha; Tae-Ho Lee; Jae Hoon Jang
2010-03Numerical simulation of long-term precipitate evolution in austenitic heat-resistant steels심재혁; Ernst Kozeschnik; 정우상; 이승철; 김동익; 서진유; 이영수; 조영환
2011-05On the Formation and the Structure of the First Bimetallic Borohydride Borate, LiCa3(BH4)(BO3)2이영수; Yaroslav Filinchuk; 이현숙; 서진유; 김지우; 유종성; 조영환
2004-01Orientation Rotation Behaviors in Aluminum Alloys during Dissimilar Channel Angular Pressing한준현; 서진유; 오규환; 이재철
2014-02Phase dependent magnetic properties of Ni-Au alloy nanowiresRaghupatruni Prasad; Boo Hyun An; 신영민; In Tak Jeon; 서진유; Young Keun Kim; 최인석
2014-06Phase transformation and mechanical properties of as-cast Ti41.5Zr41.5Ni17 quasicrystalline composites박규현; 홍성환; 김정태; 박혜진; 서영호; 서진유; 홍석무; 박진만; 김기범
2012-01Prediction of elastic properties of precipitation-hardened aluminum cast alloys서진유; 이영수; 심재혁; 박훈모
2013-03Prediction of hydrogen permeability in V-Al and V-Ni alloys심재혁; 고원석; 김기현; 이흥순; 이영수; 서진유; 조영환; 이병주
2019-05Properties of a rare earth free L10-FeNi hard magnet developed through annealing of FeNiPC amorphous ribbons서진유; 김지혜; 김수민; 김용진; 김영근; 임혜인
2016-02Reassessing the atomic size effect on glass forming ability: Effect of atomic size difference on thermodynamics and kinetics한형섭; 박나영; 서진유; 남호석; 석현광; 김원태; 김유찬; 차필령
2010-07Rehydrogenation and cycle studies of LiBH4-CaH2 composite임재학; 심재혁; 이영수; 서진유; 조영환; 이준호
2017-07Resistance of CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy to gaseous hydrogen embrittlement서진유; 조아개; 이동현; 석무영; 이정아; M.P. Phaniraj; 하헌영; 김주영; Upadrasta Ramamurty; 장재일
2012-10Role of alloying elements in vanadium-based binary alloy membranes for hydrogen separation이영수; Chuying Ouyang; 서진유; 에릭플러리; 조영환; 심재혁
2021-01Role of hydrogen and temperature in hydrogen embrittlement of equimolar CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy서진유; 김한진; 이정훈; 박한지; 김명현; 강남현
2019-10Self-healing behavior of Inconel 617B superalloy서진유; 김한진; 강석현; 이석진; 이영국
2016-05Spherical nanoindentation creep behavior of nanocrystalline and coarse-grained CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloys서진유; 이동현; 석무영; 조아개; 최인철; Junyang He; Zhaoping Lu; U.Ramamurty; M. Kawasaki; T.G. Langdon; 장재일
2020-01Stacking fault energy analyses of additively manufactured stainless steel 316L and CrCoNi medium entropy alloy using in situ neutron diffraction서진유; 우완측; 정재석; 김동규; 이철민; 최시훈; 이수열; S. Harjo; T. Kawasaki
2001-06Straining hardening of the Al alloy sheet during cold rolling and equal channel angular pressing이재철; 석현광; 한준현; 서진유; 이호인
2013-01Strengthening mechanism of hot rolled Ti and Nb microalloyed HSLA steels containing Mo and W with various coiling temperature박대범; 허무영; 심재혁; 서진유; 이규호; 정우상
2002-03Structural evolution of a strip-cast Al alloy sheet processed by continuous equal-channel angular pressing이재철; 석현광; 서진유; 한준현; 정영훈
2018-08Structural homogeneity and mass density of bulk metallic glasses revealed by their rough surfaces and ultra-small angle neutron scattering (USANS)홍경태; 서진유; 김만호; 한수경; Eric Fleury
2018-08Synthesis of Mg2FeH6 by hydrogenation of Mg/Fe powder mixture prepared by cold roll milling in air: Effects of microstructure and oxygen distribution조영환; 서진유; 이영수; 줄리앙 파도누보; 정지윤; 허주열
2021-02Tailoring the equilibrium hydrogen pressure of TiFe via vanadium substitution조영환; 서진유; 이영수; 정지윤; 허주열
2001-05Tailoring the hypereutectic Al-Si-Xs composites as a structural material requiring high young's modulus석현광; 서진유; 신돈수; 이호인; 이재철
2019-10Tensile and fracture behaviors of austenitic high-manganese steels subject to different hydrogen embrittlement test methods서진유; 심재혁; 김한진; 이상인; 이지민; 이승용; 백운봉; 남승훈; 이준호; 황병철
2001-05Texture evolution of the Al sheet processed by continuous confined strip shearing based on equal channel angular pressing이재철; 석현광; 한준현; 서진유; 이호인
2002-11The effect of friction between Roll and STS on the roll cladding behavior of STS/Al/STS sandwich sheet정영훈; 지광구; 서진유; 신명철