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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983-11A research and development programme on steel sheets for Korean automobile industry김순광; 심재동; 문인기; 김인섭
2011-12A state of art on research and development of biomedical titanium alloys심재동; 석현광
1982-02A study on the direct reduction of zinc sulphide by hydrogen in presence of calcium oxide김진태; 심재동; 윤종규
1996-12A study on the high frequency inductor for the surface shape control of the liquid metal (I).오영주; 강경하; 정순효; 심재동
1994-01A study on the preparation of Sm metal by reduction distillation process.변지영; 심재동; 조기상; 백영현
1990-01A study on the RE-Fe direct alloying process.변지영; 심재동; Yeun Shik Kim
2000-12Acicular ferrite microstructure in titanium bearing low carbon steels서진유; 변정수; 심재혁; 오영주; 조영환; 심재동; 이동녕
2000-04Acicular ferrite transformation in Ti-bearing low carbon steel변정수; 심재혁; 조영환; 심재동; Dong Nyung Lee
1997-05Analysis of electromagnetic processes in MHD-seal for hot dip galvanizingJ. Valdmanis; A. Shishko; 조영환; 심재동
1982-01Application of the regular solution model for the equilibrium of distribution of oxygen between liquid iron and steelmaking slagsShiro Ban-Ya; 심재동
1981-03Application of the regular solution model to the partitioning of oxygen and phosphorus between liquid iron and steelmaking slags심재동; 정순효; 萬谷志郞
1988-04Application of the subregular solution model in evaluating activity of iron oxide in steelmaking slags.현도빈; 심재동
1984-02Behaviors of hot pig desiliconization by adding solid iron oxide현도빈; 심재동; 송규섭
1985-03Behaviors of oxygen and distributions of phosphorus and manganese at LD end-point손재웅; 변선민; 심재동; 양철기
1997-01Behaviour of hydrogen removal from recycled secondary magnesium한정환; 이주한; 김석범; 변지영; 심재동
1993-01Carbothermic reduction of tantalum oxide and refining of tantalum by Ar-H//2 arc plasma.변지영; 오영주; 정순효; 심재동
2003-03Control of acicular ferrite in Ti-killed C-Mn wrought steel조영환; 변정수; 심재혁; 심재동
1998-04Design of cold crucible and melting of titanium정순효; 김경태; 조영환; 오영주; 심재동
1992-06Development of a phosphorus sensor in high temperature slag-metal systems.조영환; 심재동
1995-10Development of a three dimensional numerical simulation program for the analysis of electromagnetic processing of metals using cold crucible.정순효; 오영주; 조영환; 이경우; 심재동
1997-01Development of recycling technology for light metal scraps심재동; 변지영
1998-10Effect of alloying elements on the iron solubility in molten magnesium alloys변지영; 문제현; 심재동; 백영현
2001-03Effect of compressive stress on inoculated acicular ferrite microstructure서진유; 변정수; 심재혁; 조영환; 심재동
2000-06Effect of electromagnetic vibration on melt flow and solidified structure정순효; 변지영; 김경태; 심재동
2001-03Effect of excess Te addition on the thermoelectric properties of the 20% Bi₂Te₃-80% Sb₂Te₃ single crystal and hot-pressed alloy현도빈; 오태성; 황종승; 심재동; Dow-Bin Hyun
2003-07Effect of gas bubbling and impeller agitation on degassing kinetics during magnesium alloy (AZ91D) melt recycling - water model approach한정환; 김동진; 유병돈; 변지영; 심재동
1993-01Effect of processing parameters on thermoelectric properties of p-type Bi//2Te//3-Sb//2Te//3 solid solutions.변지영; 하헌필; 심재동; 조영환
1994-01Effects of Ca and CaCl₂ amounts in preparation of Nd-Fe alloys using NdF₃-Ca-CaCl₂-Fe reaction system변지영; 심재동; Yeun Shik Kim
1994-08Effects of composition and process parameters on the thermoelectric properties of n-type Bi2Te3-Bi2Se3 solid solutions하헌필; 현도빈; 조영환; 심재동
2001-01Effects of Si and Al on acicular ferrite formation in C-Mn steel심재혁; 변정수; 조영환; 오영주; 심재동; 이동녕