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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-03Non-metallic inclusions and acicular ferrite in carbon-manganese steel오영주; 이상윤; 변정수; 심재혁; 조영환; 심재동
1999-07Nucleation of intragranular ferrite at Ti₂O₃ particle in low carbon steel심재혁; 조영환; 정순효; 심재동; 이동녕
1997-03Numerical analysis of electromagnetic force distribution in rotational magnetic field by FEM정순효; 오영주; 조영환; 심재동
2000-07Numerical analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer in molten zinc pot of continuous hot-dip galvanizing lineYong Hee Kim; 조영환; 정순효; 심재동; Hyung Yong Ra
2000-04Numerical analysis of fluid flow and solidification in DC casting of aluminum alloys under travelling magnetic field정순효; 하헌필; 변지영; 조영환; 오영주; 심재동
1998-06Numerical analysis of magnetic field, fluid flow, and heat transfer induced by traveling magnetic field in a round DC casting mold정순효; 조영환; 심재동
1996-01Numerical analysis of molten metal shape in cold crucibles by 3D FEM.정순효; 조영환; 오영주; 이경우; 심재동
1999-03Numerical study of fluid flow and heat transfer in a CGL pot조영환; 심재동; 김용희; 나형용
1995-01Preparation of salt coated magnesium powders by emulsification process.변지영; 김경태; 정순효; 심재동
1984-08Rate of oxidation of liquid Fe-Ni and Fe-Cr alloys with pure oxygen.萬谷志郞; 井口泰孝; 심재동; 布袋屋道則
1980-12Rate of oxidation of liquid iron by pure oxygen萬谷志郞; 심재동
1983-06Shape control of non-metallic inclusions in Al-deoxidized steel by calcium treatment김경식; 심재동; 이원재; 윤종규
1993-01Simple and quick characterization of thermoelectric modules.변지영; 하헌필; 심재동; 조영환
2003-02Simple preparation of AZ91 magnesium alloy slurries for rheofoming권순일; Seon-Jin Kim; 변지영; 하헌필; 심재동
1989-08Simultaneous dephosphorization and desulfurization in carbon saturated pig iron by CaO based fluxes containing Fe₂O₃ and CaF₂이상호; 김경식; 심재동; 백영현
1989-06Studies on the continuous refining process of hot pig iron by slag/metal counter-current flow.심재동; 현도빈; 정순효; 오영주; 김경식
1980-01Study on properties of self-fluxing sinter at various levels of basicity and with varying amounts of coke.심재동; Akira Ohba; Minoru Tanaka
1990-05The carbothermic reduction of Nb-oxide and refining of Nb metal with Ar/Ar-H//2 plasma.오영주; 정순효; 심재동
1997-01The development of theoretical backgrounds for analysis of plane induction MHD-seal. 1J. Valdmanis; A. Shishko; 조영환; 심재동
1997-01The development of theoretical backgrounds for analysis of plane induction MHD-seal. 2J. Valdmanis; A. Shishko; 조영환; 심재동
1981-10The distribution of oxygen between liquid iron and Fe//tO-SiO//2-CaO-MgO slags saturated with MgO심재동; 萬谷志郞
1995-10The effect of coil shape on the electromagnetic force in the cylindrical electromagnetic pump using linear traveling magnetic filed이경우; 정순효; 오영주; 조영환; 심재동
1994-01The effect of excess tellurium on the thermoelectric properties of Bi//2Te//3-Sb//2Te//3 solid solutions.변지영; 심재동; 하헌필; 조영환
1995-06The effect of Te segregation on the thermoelectric property of bismuth telluride based materials.하헌필; 현도빈; 조영환; 심재동
2000-01The effects of the growth conditions on the thermoelectric properties of n-type 90% Bi2Te3-10% Bi2Se3 single crystals grown by the zone melting method하헌필; 현도빈; 황종승; 심재동; 오태성
1994-01The reduction mechanism of NdF₃ with Ca in the presence of CaCl₂변지영; 심재동; Yeun Shik Kim
1982-05The simultaneous dephosphorization and desulphurization of carbon saturated liquid iron by CaO flux조대영; 윤종규; 심재동
1981-10The solubility of magnesia and ferric-ferrous equilibrium in liquid Fe//tO-SiO//2-CaO-MgO slags심재동; 萬谷志郞
1989-04The thermoelectric properties of the Bi2Te3-Sb2Te3 solid solution compound심재동; 성태연; 김준명
1998-07Thermodynamic criterion of separated eutectic phenomenaCao Zhiqiang*; Jin Junze; Lin Dong; Zheng Xianshu; 조영환; 오영주; 심재동