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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11Fabrication of granular activated carbons derived from spent coffee grounds by entrapment in calcium alginate beads for adsorption of acid orange 7 and methylene blue안규홍; 정태운; 최브라이언현; 정경원; 황민진
2016-01Fabrication of porosity-enhanced MgO/biochar for removal of phosphate from aqueous solution: Application of a novel combined electrochemical modification method정경원; 안규홍
2017-12Facile one-pot synthesis of imidazole-functionalized poly-(vinylbenzyl chloride) and its study on the applicability of synthetic dye removal from aqueous system안규홍; 이상협; 최재우; 최브라이언현; 정경원; 이영재
2016-11Facile synthesis of magnetic biochar/Fe3O4 nanocomposites using electro-magnetization technique and its application on the removal of acid orange 7 from aqueous media안규홍; 정태운; 최브라이언현; 정경원
1999-01Factors affecting nitrite build-up in an intermittently decanted extended aeration process for wastewater treatment안규홍; 박기영; 이형집
2007-02Factors controlling carbon isotope ratios of dissolved inorganic carbon in two major tributaries of the Han River, KoreaKwang-Sik Lee; Jong-Sik Ryu; 안규홍; Ho-Wan Chang; Dongho Lee
2004-09Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) Technology for Diagnosing Nocardia Foaming in Activated Sludge이재우; 김일규; 이석헌; 안규홍; Daniel K. Cha
2003-03Feasibility of sludge ozonation for stabilization and conditioning박기영; 안규홍; 맹승규; 황종혁; 권재현
2006-12Geostatistical Analysis for Hydrogeochemical Characterization of the Han River, Korea: Identification of Major Factors Governing Water ChemistryJ. S. Ryu; K. S. Lee; J. H. Kim; 안규홍; H. W. Chang
2018-11Green synthesis of aluminum-based metal organic framework for the removal of azo dye Acid Black 1 from aqueous media정경원; 안규홍; 최브라이언현; 이선용; 이영재
2002-04Hyperlayer separation in hollow fiber field-flow fractionation: effect of membrane materials on resolution and selectivity민병렬; 김석진; 안규홍; 문명희
2003-10Improvement of denitrification by denitrifying phosphorus removing bacteria using sequentially combined carbon조을생; 안규홍; Alan H. Molof
2005-03Improvement of drainage material for attached algae growth control in sedimentation basin전대영; 임병란; 유현선; 조진우; 황종혁; 안규홍
1997-01In situ surfactant flushing of contaminated site염익태; 안규홍
2007-05In vitro bioassay를 통한 탄천유해오염물질 Monitoring김은애; 표희수; 안규홍; 유영숙
2005-08Influence of Extracellular Polymeric Substances on Membrane Fouling and Cleaning in a Submerged Membrane Bioreactor채크릿 누엥잠몽; 권지향; 조진우; 안규홍; 종락 폴프라서트
2016-01Influence of pyrolysis temperature on characteristics and phosphate adsorption capability of biochar derived from waste-marine macroalgae (Undaria pinnatifida roots)정경원; 김기팔; 정태운; 안규홍
2004-02Investigation of biological and fouling characteristics of submerged membrane bioreactor process for wastewater treatment by model sensitivity analysis조진우; 안규홍; 이용훈; 임병란; 김재영
2003-03Investigation of biological and fouling characteristics of submerged membrane bioreactor process for wastewater treatment by model sensitivity analysis.조진우; 안규홍; 이용훈; 임병란; 김재영
1999-11Investigation of effects external carbon source injection and mixing for biological nutrient removal안영미; 안규홍
2007-05Investigation of estrogenic activity in the effluents of tancheon by in vitro assay김은애; 표희수; 안규홍; 유영숙
2015-11Investigation of microbial adaptation to salinity variation for treatment of reverse osmosis concentrate by membrane bioreactor장덕수; 문정만; 안규홍; 신항식; 황유훈
1986-05Investigation on source strength to Acid rain in the Seoul area신응배; 이상권; 안규홍
2015-10Kinetic study on phosphate removal from aqueous solution by biochar derived from peanut shell as renewable adsorptive media정경원; 황민진; 안규홍; 옥용식
2015-07Lead and copper removal from aqueous solutions using carbon foam derived from phenol resin이창구; 전준우; 황민진; 안규홍; 박찬혁; 최재우; 이상협
2011-06Low impact of fouling in MBR process using non-woven fabric filter followed by micro-porous membrane and chemical addition이정열; 오해석; 송경근; 맹승규; 안규홍
2001-10Manganese removal by chlorine dioxide and ultrafiltration정지훈; 이석헌; 이용훈; 안규홍
2008-10Mathematical tool for predicting extraction yield and rate of extracellular polymeric substances by cation exchange resin from activated sludge조진우; 김재영; 정태학; Slawomir W. Hermanow; 안규홍
2007-11Media configuration and recirculation of upflow anaerobic floating filter for piggery wastewater treatment이승환; 이홍신; 이성옥; sukhuma chitapornpan; chart chiemchaisri; chongrak polprasert; 안규홍