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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-04A study on the preparation of 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene for the development of 2,6-naphthalenedicarboxylicacid manufacturing process김주희; 김전태; 김영대; 심상준; 우경자; 최광진; 조영상
1998-04A study on the synthesis of 2,6-DMN(dimethylnaphthalene) using nafion as a catalyst김전태; 김주희; 김영대; 심상준; 우경자; 최광진; 설용건; 조영상
2013-09Acute toxicity and tissue distribution of CdSe/CdS-MPA quantum dots after repeated intraperitoneal injection to mice권오승; 우경자; 마흐법하산; 마무눌 하크; 임혜연; 서지은
2009-07Aggregating behavior of quantum dots with varying numbers of mercaptoundecanoic acid ligands이종훈; 우경자
2009-04Aggregation-Free Process for Functional CdSe/CdS Core/Shell Quantum Dots문지형; 최규실; 김병주; 윤권하; 성태연; 우경자
1997-05Alkylations of functionalized organozinc reagents with allylic epoxides catalyzed by a cyanocuprateBrice H. Lipshutz; 우경자; Tim Gross; Daniel J. Buzard; Raymod Tirado
2014-04Antibiral Properties of Silver Nanoparticles on a Magnetic Hybrid Colloid박성준; 박혜헌; 김성연; 김수정; 우경자; 고광표
1998-10Ba : Ti ratio effect on BaTiO3 particle size and crystallinity. II. Drying temperature effect on crystal structure구희정; 우경자; 최광진; 조영상; 이상균
1999-04Ba:Ti ratio and pressure effect on stoichiometric barium titanate김헌; 우경자; 최광진; 조영상; 이상균
2021-11Bactericidal activity of immobilized silver nanoparticles on silica substrates with different sizes우경자; 고영선; 박성준; 고광표
2011-11Bifunctional silica sphere encapsulating CdSe/CdS quantum dots and maghemite nanoparticles박우영; 장호성; 우경자
2012-07Bright dual-mode green emission from selective set of dopant ions in β-Na(Y,Gd)F4:Yb,Er/β-NaGdF4:Ce,Tb core/shell nanocrystals장호성; 우경자; 임기필
2012-12Bright green-emitting nanophosphor for dual-mode up/down-conversion luminescence장호성; 우경자; 임기필
2009-04Cellular uptake of folate-conjugated lipophilic superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles우경자; 문지형; 최규실; 성태연; 윤권하
1998-12Characteristics of BaTiO ₃ particles prepared by spray-coprecipitation method using titanium acylate-based precursors최광진; 이상균; 우경자; 구기갑; 조영상
1991-01Complex formation of transition and post-transition metal ions with 1,15-diaza-3,4 : 12,13-dibenzo-5,8,11-trioxacyclooctadecane김시중; 이명재; 구창현; 우경자
2013-04Control of Morphology in Lanthanide Ion Dooped NaYF4 Upconversion Nanophosphors and Their Polymer Composites나혜진; 우경자; 임기필; 장호성
2002-08Coordination polyhedra of bis(hexafluoroacetylacetonato)copper complex derived from T-butylamine우경자
2003-10Coordination polyhedron and chemical vapor deposition of Cu(hfacac)₂(t-BuNH₂)우경자; 백호정; 이완인
2005-10Coordinatively Induced Length Control and Photoluminescence of W18O49 Nanorods우경자; 홍장원; 안재평; 박종구; 김강진
2013-03Core-Shell Bimetallic Nanoparticles Robustly Fixed on the Outermost Surface of Magnetic Silica Microspheres박혜헌; 우경자; 안재평
2001-09Design and synthesis of the novel titanium precursor with a diolate and two β -ketoesters as ligands우경자
2002-06Design systhesis, and application of new Ti precursors compatible with Ba and Sr precursors for BST thin film by MOCVD우경자
2018-04Direct Hybridization of Hydrophobic Nanocrystals with Colloidal Silica via van der Waals Force우경자; 유혜인
2016-07Direct incorporation of silver nanoparticles onto thin-film composite membranes via arc plasma deposition for enhanced antibacterial and permeation performance우경자; 김상훈; 이종석; 박상희; 박성준; 류성민; 김택승; 박희덕; 박호식; 박유인; 조진한; 이정현
2017-12Disinfection of various bacterial pathogens using novel silver nanoparticle-decorated magnetic hybrid colloids우경자; 박성준; 박혜헌; 고영선; 이수진; 이태선; 고광표
2018-06Disinfection of waterborne viruses using silver nanoparticle-decorated silica hybrid composites in water environments우경자; 고영선; SungJun Park; Haeyong Jung; Cheonghoon Lee; GwangPyo Ko
2012-11Dual Mode Luminescence from Core/Shell Nanophosphors장호성; 우경자; 임기필
2004-07Easy Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles우경자; 홍장원; 최성문; 이해원; 안재평; 김철성; 이상원
2013-10Effects of folic acid and polyethylene glycol coated quantum dots on toxicity and tissue uptake to precision-cut spleen slices of rats마무눌 하크; 임혜연; 서지은; 마흐법하산; 우경자; 권오승