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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-10Green Emitting Fluoride Nanophosphor with Core/Shell Structure김수연; 우경자; 이광렬; 장호성
2013-10Highly bright multicolor tunable ultrasmall β-Na(Y,Gd)F4:Ce,Tb,Eu/β-NaYF4 core/shell nanocrystals김수연; 우경자; 임기필; Lee Kwangyeol; 장호성
2014-04Highly photoluminescent superparamagnetic silica composites for on-site biosensors박우영; 김미정; 최유리; 김상경; 우경자
2014-10Highly Sensitive Immunoassay for the Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction Using Silica Spheres Encapsulating a Quantum Dot Layer한효정; 변재철; 유혜인; 서홍석; 정병화; 유영숙; 우경자; 강민정
1999-01Hydrolytic depolymerization of chitosan using organic acids to oligo-chitosaccharides최광진; 김현상; 심상준; 김영대; 우경자; 조영상
1998-09Hydrothermal synthesis of BaTiO3 and its characteristics이상균; 최광진; 우경자; 조영상
2016-01Immobilization ofsilvernanoparticle-decoratedsilicaparticles on polyamidethin film compositemembranesforantibacterial properties박상희; 고영선; 박성준; 이종석; 조진한; 백경열; 김일태; 우경자; 이정현
2018-09Inactivation of influenza A virus via exposure to silver nanoparticle-decorated silica hybrid composites우경자; 고영선; SungJun Park; Su Jin Lee; Cheonghoon Lee; GwangPyo Ko
1993-01Intramolecular hydrogen-bonding from heme carboxylic acid side chains to axial ligands.우경자; D. A. Sweigart
2010-07Ion-Permselective Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Membrane Installed with a pH-Sensitive Oxazine SwitchPennakalath Jousheed; Kim, Tae-Hyun; Kim, Kyuwon; 우경자; 박종구; Hong, Jong-Dal
1999-08Iron removal process in highly polluted ground water: bench-scale of pilot plant test심상준; 강창덕; 이지훤; 곽명화; 김영대; 최광진; 우경자; 조영상
1998-12Lewis acid catalysts and solvents effects on the alkylation of naphthalene김영대; 김주희; 심상준; 우경자; 최광진; 조영상
2011-11Luminescent and Magnetic properties of Gd-substituted β phase-Na(Y,Gd)F4:Yb,Er up-conversion nanoparticles for bio-imaging장호성; 임기필; 우경자
2013-06Magnetic hybrid colloids decorated with Ag nanoparticles bite away bacteria and chemisorb viruses박혜헌; 박성준; 고광표; 우경자
2012-05Magnetic Silica Composite with Satellite Ag Nanoparticles: Magnetically Recyclable Nanocatalyst and Antibacterial Material박혜헌; 우경자
2013-04Multicolor Tunable Tb and Eu Co-doped NaYF4-based Nanophosphor김수연; 우경자; 임기필; 이광렬; 장호성
2013-08Multifunctional green-emitting core/shell nanophosphor doped with lanthanide ions장호성; 우경자; 임기필
2000-01Near-stoichiometric barium titanate synthesis by low temperature hydrothermal reaction우경자; 최광진; 조영상
2000-04New ba precursors for the synthesis of BaTiO₃ nanopowder by gas phase reaction신정애; 우경자; 최광진; 조영상
1997-12Nitrate removal and recycling technique이경희; 심상준; 최광진; 김영대; 우경자; 조영상; 최의소
2002-08Novel titanium complexes for MOCVD of titanium dioxide films with ultra-high deposition rate.우경자
2003-04Novel titanium compounds for metal-organic chemical vapor deposition of titanium dioxide films with an ultrahigh deposition rate.우경자; 이완인; 이종성; 강상욱
1997-01Nucleophilic addition reactions and functionalization of (3-methoxyestrone)- and (3,17-dimethoxyestradiol)manganese tricarbonyl complexesYang Cao; 우경자; Lee K. Yeung; Gene B. Carpenter; D. A. Sweigart
2014-08Optically pumped distributed feedback dye lasing with slide-coated TiO2 inverse-opal slab as Bragg reflectorSung Gu Han; Jongchul Lim; Jinsub Shin; Sung-Min Lee; Taiho Park; Jongseung Yoon; 우경자; Hyunjung Lee; Wonmok Lee
1999-08Precipitation of titanium complexes and their conversion to fine BaTiO3 particles by the hydrothermal reaction이상균; 최광진; 우경자; 김영대; 심상준; 구기갑; 조영상
2009-02Preparation and Cellular Uptake of Hydrophobic Quantum Dots Encapsulated in Poly-L-Lactic Acid Film이지숙; 우경자; 정혜선
2005-04Preparation of cathode materials for Li-ion cells by acid dissolution오시형; 정운태; 조원일; 조병원; 우경자
2005-01Preparation of Maghemite Nanoparticles for Clinical Applications우경자; 이호진
2006-11Preparation of organic-inorganic composite containing single quantum dot우경자; 구동현
2006-10Preparation of Water-Dispersible and Biocompatible Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for MRI agent이윤택; 우경자