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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11Bimodal neural probe for highly co-localized chemical and electrical박현미; 우지완; 조일주; 최낙원; 남민호; 조약돌; 지미정; 김강환; 신효근; 채의규; 양슬기; Soo Hyun Lee; Hyun-Yong Yu
2018-06Combined Rho-kinase inhibition and immunogenic cell death triggers and propagates immunity against cancer권익찬; 우지완; 김인산; 양유수; 조약돌; 안동준; 남기훈; 최윤정; 홍연선; 김윤경; Eun Jung Lee; Myung-Jeom Ryu; Seung-Yoon Park
2021-09Discovery of G Protein-Biased Antagonists against 5?HT7R금교창; 추현아; 우지완; 김정진; 전병선; 조약돌; 김도영; 염미영; 곽리나; 이지언; 이하은; 김학중
2021-06Discovery of G Protein-Biased Ligands against 5-HT7R추현아; 우지완; 김정진; 전병선; 조약돌; 김도영; 곽리나; 이지언; Soyeon Lee; 김학중
2015-08Integrated miRNA-mRNA analysis in the habenula nuclei of mice intravenously self-administering nicotine이상준; 우지완; 김용식; 임혜인
2015-03Intrathecal RGS4 Inhibitor, CCG50014, Reduces Nociceptive Responses and Enhances Opioid-Mediated Analgesic Effects in the Mouse Formalin Test윤서연; 우지완; 박준오; 최의주; 신희섭; 노대현; 김기선
2019-08Multifunctional multi-shank neural probe for investigating and modulating long-range neural circuits in vivo우지완; 조일주; 최낙원; 조약돌; 손유진; 채의규; 신효근; 김정연; 이현주; 양수현; 이창준
2015-08Neural probes with multi-drug delivery capability신효근; 이현주; 채의규; 김휘영; 김정연; 최낙원; 우지완; 조약돌; 이창준; 윤의성; 조일주
2015-05Real-Time Imaging Reveals Glioblastoma Suppression Effects of Curcumin in Mouse Brains김웅; 김혜연; 우지완; 임후정; 강보람; 이용덕; 김세훈; 김정용; 최은주; 김기선; 김동진; 김영수
2004-05Regulator of G protein signaling proteins : multifunctional drug targets최연수; 우지완; 이승은; 김찬기; 신희섭
2020-12Rhizolutin, a novel 7/10/6­tricyclic dilactone, dissociates misfolded protein aggregates and reduces apoptosis/inflammation associated with Alzheimer’s disease우지완; 박근완; 조약돌; Yun Kwon; Jisu Shin; Kwangho Nam; Joon Soo An; Seung-Hoon Yang; Seong-Heon Hong; Munhyung Bae; Kyuho Moon; YoungSoo Kim; Byung-Yong Kim; Kyeonghwan Kim; Dong-Chan Oh; Jongheon Shin
2008-02Targeted disruption of RGS11 in mice김종현; 우지완; 김찬기; 신희섭
2014-12Taurine in drinking water recovers learning and memory in the adult APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease김혜연; 김현진; Jin H. Yoon; 강보람; 조수민; 이세진; 김지윤; 김주원; 조약돌; 우지완; 김영수
2020-07Xenogenization of tumor cells by fusogenic exosomes in tumor microenvironment ignites and propagates antitumor immunity권익찬; 우지완; 김인산; 양유수; 조약돌; 남기훈; 김기범; 홍연선